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Life in Salem, which has been slowly searching for a Co-Head Writer/Executive Producer for months and months, is proud to announce that it has finally found one! One who will greatly help, and Daysfan is assured he shall write fantastic stories. Now without further adeu, devoted SON member and once a writer of his own SONBC soap Jay will be joining the Life in Salem staff as Co-Head Writer/EP.

"I am so excited, I knew he read Life in Salem and he was interested in writing but not his own soap, and he is an avid OLTL fan so I just thought he was perfect for the job." Daysfan commented "I just really feel he and I will work good together because we were already good freinds, so it is just all great."

"I never saw myself returning to writing, but after being a fan of Life in Salem and being absolutely in love with it's HW and EP, I couldn't resist returning. I am honored to be apart of this show." Jay commented

So we proudly welcome Jay to Life in Salem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Glad to be here. Welcome Days of our Lives (to live)----Kidding. :) Like I said I am honored to be here, and can not wait to begin. You guys probably wont see my work for a few weeks, but I plan on coming strong! I've got some studying to do on 1 or 2 characters, but otherwise, I've got ideas flowing already.

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Congratulations Jay. I think you and daysfan will make a great team, and I look forward to seeing what you can do to enhance this already great blog.

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