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  1. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2020/09/exclusive-frank-dicopoulos-and-karolina.html
  2. Wasn’t going to watch the Aubrey one, but now that I know Frank appears, I will!
  3. I agree. The actors really need to be up for the task at hand (a task they probably are unaware they need to be ready for to that degree lol). Sometimes I watch nervously half expecting the guest to lose it on him. I want to give SP some tips and tricks about these virtual interviews. Does he not have the ability to share his screen? Why with the phone holding to show a clip? Do a sound check before going live with the guest. Check you lighting and angles. Basic things I know I’ve learned over the last 6 months lol. Nonethless, I’m glad he is somehow scoring these interviews.
  4. This one went well lol. No, seriously it did lol. No major technical glitches. Carl was carrying the conversation nicely. Some nice insights. I haven’t watched the Robert Newman one yet.
  5. Jerry and Liz have the patience of saints with this interview.
  6. John Driscoll (ex Coop) from GL will be guest starring on the FAAD podcast in two weeks.
  7. Seriously, based on this phone alone I’d assume it was him lol. I do wonder why killing him off seemed to be the option as opposed to recasting him.
  8. How horrible of a kid was Gary Hannoch that they thought killing the character off was the best option?? Lol. Found a photo of him from his GL days.
  9. Yes! I don’t know of your other vaults since I don’t watch those showed but yes that what we need - a classic GL vault. Please do it. I used to have stuff on tape but I moved (downsized) not too long ago and the old VHS tapes were a casualty of that. Also, I hadn’t had an desire to revisit my former love of GL until the Locher Room reunions and the lockdown. Now I’m “obsessed” with finding full episodes. Cobbling episodes together here and there on YouTube has become a challenge without Bandstandmike’s orderly videos.
  10. Yes the sound effects have helped. There has definitely been an improvement since the first few episodes. I wish they’d give Beth Ehlers scenes with the stronger actors. I think she (obviously) and Colin (Quinn VanAntwerp) are the most experienced and you can hear it. Yes, one narrator would be better but I feel like they should hire someone to do that job, too.
  11. I want to like this. I agree with much of the above poster. The narration drives me crazy. I have never listened to an old school radio soap so I don’t know of this was something that was done back then, too. But I find is unnecessary and not well read. Also, I can’t keep the characters straight. Also, are these actors reading their lines directly from a script or have them actually memorized them? Bc it sure seems like it’s an initial table read. It’s lacking the conversational tone of people engage in dialogue. I realize this is being done over Zoom and some of the actors are more polished than others but it’s coming across very amateur. I am curious what Beth Ehlers is going to do with her material. She admitted she may be rusty and that acting like this is different than face-to-face and eye to eye acting. She only had a few lines in her first episode so it’s hard to tell if she’ll be able to lift the other actors up. I suspect she still has her acting chops but will be challenged by this medium. I agree the episodes should be shorter and they need a hook bc nothing is making me want to tune in next time. I applaud their efforts and would like this to succeed.
  12. The Coopers without a Harley was an odd time to focus on the Coopers. Lucy was a poor replacement for Harley. Frank, Harley and Nadine were a great trio (I adored Frank and Harely’s relationship especially in the late 80’s/early 90’s) but with the addition of Buzz and the loss of Harley I just didn’t care anymore.
  13. On the Locher Room today with the AW people, Alice Barrett says Frankie was killed off to make room in the budget for Robert Kelker Kelly’s return. Could the same thing have happened here? The only one I can think of is Justin Deas that they would need the money for. He came on right about the time Maureen was killed off. Wasn’t JFP executive producer there at the time, too. Just a thought.
  14. Great interview. Interesting that at the beginning Alan had to ask fans to be nice in the comments. I don’t think any fans would have anything bad to say about any on the ladies. It was the leadership and the storyline most took issue with. So nice to see Rachel after all these years . Pretty sh$tty that she found out she was being replaced in a magazine. It never made sense to me since they kept Bryan Buffinton. They had a gold mine with those two kids/actors and much like losing Maureen, replacing Rachel took me out of the story. I no longer cafes about Michelle at that point. Too bad Maeve lost her connection. As always I appreciate Alan’s efforts and the actors agreeing to appear!
  15. JFP arrived in July 1991 according to Wikipedia. I thought it was later (1992) than that but my memory is fuzzy all these years later.
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