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  1. So why do some characters get full on love scenes and others (Nik and Ava) can’t even kiss?? I’m assuming the male component of that couple isn’t vaccinated in real life. But all the broohaha over CD being anti vax I’d say he’d have to be full vaxxed to do the love scenes he’s done.
  2. I wish there were subtitles. This person uploaded a couple of other episodes, too, but without knowing the dialogue it’s not as enjoyable to watch.
  3. Ooh, this I’ll like. Early 90’s GL was the best, IMO.
  4. Big Harley and Mallet fan but 1993 was rough. All she did was utter “my father” a thousand times and episode and look for him and then found him and everything was about Buzz from that point on.
  5. Mark Derwin interview from this week:
  6. Bummed Sherry couldn’t make it but it was nice to see the other ladies and Jerry. Kimberley was very emotional. His daughter is lovely. Well done.
  7. Not yet. I plan on watching it this weekend.
  8. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/guiding-light-online-reunion/?fbclid=IwAR0bBgU9Xqvb_0S2QbZLkoBSe4lSii0MuahNRPn9NzuUZA3dL58frFJhOH4 Bryan Buffinton and Rachel Miner will be back on The Locher Room next week! They have both grown up so nicely and I’m looking forward to hearing them reminisce.
  9. Anybody listening this FAAD? Ive got to say it’s definitely improving. Is it as polished as it could be? No. But they are finding a groove and each episode gets better and better. Right now there is a cartoonish sounding character named Lucinda who really needs to tone it down bc it’s cringe-worthy. Some of the actors are better at audio acting than others. Beth Ehlers is still awesome and, perhaps, they should ask her to mentor some of the other actors. I realize audio acting is different than face to face acting but Beth is just as natural as ever. Quite a few still sound like they’re reading from a script. They need to memorize their dialog so it sounds more conversational in tone. Still hoping for some Beth and Frank Dicopolous scenes to satisfy my GL loving heart.
  10. I maintain that Frank’s best female relationship was with his sister, Harley. That’s the role his character worked best in.
  11. I thought Harley and Mallet had tons of chemistry. Harley grew up leading up to their pairing and throughout it. It’s funny to watch the early 91 episodes where they’re chem-testing Harley and (Rick Hearst’s) A-M, Mallet and Mindy, Bake and Frank, Eleni and Dylan, Eleni and Frank, Eleni and A-M, Harley and Mallet.
  12. Sherry and Beth Ehlers are only a year apart in age and when I see scenes now between the two from the late 80’s/early 90’s, Harley looks her age and Blake looks like a 40 year old business woman.
  13. Alan has said he’s still in touch with her but she’s not interested in doing a reunion.
  14. That was great! Wish Jean, Beth and Frank had a longer segment and interacted with some other folks but I found it to be such a soothing, trip down memory lane. And Bryan and Rachel! How great was that? And Melissa Hayden is apparently still in touch with “baby Peter”. I love knowing that. And Rachel and Peter! The well runs deep. The affection they all have for each other is heartwarming. And, of course, Jerry closing it out brought all the feels (pretty sure it brought a tear to Grant’s eye). I wish it had been longer. Say what you want about Alan but he was the driving force behind all these reunions and he has brought such joy to so many fans. He got me interested in revisiting GL and YT episodes are my guilty pleasure. Watching it again like it’s the first time has been a much needed distraction during these crappy nine months.
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