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  1. The writing for them is night and day. Like, they're not even the same character...
  2. She was terrible in the role. Bland, low energy and weak and she had chemistry with no one. They should rest the character if Kate Mansi doesn't want to be on contract.
  3. The utter failure of DAYS is embarrassing but not surprising.
  4. I liked Zoey for dragging Rafe's family to his face lol.
  5. Maggie trying to kill herself is a lot for this show. And I don'tthink they will address it properly. And I hate Victor will think that he was right about her not being able to handle the truth. NuZoey and Evan are both bad actors. I wish Kelly could have stayed in the role, she made the Evan actor appear semi-alive in his scenes.
  6. Today's episode was really hard to get through. Richard Culliton wrote today's terrible episode.
  7. I honestly can't stand Ciara. What a pathetic mess of character. Ben's proposal was dull.
  8. The good: History, family scenes and strong actresses. The bad: Writers pushing longterm characters under the bus for theeir new pet/creation. The Ugly: The handling of rape and sexual assault and the inevitable "redemption" of the rapist.
  9. Today was very boring. What does Kayla always look like she's smelling fart? She just comes off as very unpleasant.
  10. Kate Mansi is incedible. I'm so annoyed this show is losing her again, when I don't think any of the other younger actresses on the show are anwyhere near her level. The difference today between her masterclass and whatever the hell Linsay Godfrey was doing in her "Paris" scenes couldn't have been more stark. The Kristen/Lani friendship doesn't work for me. I just don't buy it.
  11. I've catching and my main takeaway is Kate Mansi is doing some amazing workright now. I'm going to miss her as none of the other younger women currently on the show are as good as she is. I'm very bored by the stabbing story. Kristen is annoying.
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