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  1. Happy Birthday 70th Love of Life! So many wonderful memories! I wish more episodes of this show were available to view on Youtube. I could only watch when I was home sick from school and summer holidays but I loved what I saw!
  2. Thank you so much Forever8! That brought a tear to my eye! What a wonderful woman and actress. I miss her and the show very much.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble with The Doctors website? I hadn't been for quite a while but when I go to https://watchthedoctors.com/home, I get a message saying it's not a safe site. I've attached a picture below. This site used to work so that I could see subscription options and episodes available. Has something changed? I am getting an Amazon Fire Stick this weekend. I hope it will be available there but I will still need to be able to subscribe. Thanks!
  4. Very sad to hear. God bless you Forrest!
  5. I agree.... CBS was the best bet. If we could turn back time! Who are your favourite heroines from Edge? Mine were Nancy Karr, Nicole Travis Drake, Liz Hillyer Fields, Laurie Ann Karr, Phoebe Smith, April Cavanaugh Scott, Deborah Saxon, Jody Travis and with her transformation.... Raven Alexander Whitney! Oh..... I don't know if you would consider her a heroine but I loved Babs Micelli. Leslie Ann Ray really playes Babs so well. I cried when Babs was murdered. Oh! And Lucy Martin. Loved her as Tiffany Whitney!
  6. I wish Terry Davis had stayed longer. I was hoping that April and Raven could have been like Viki and Dorian on OLTL or Jill and Katherine on Y&R. The loss of Terry Davis, Tony Craig, Denny Albee and Frances Fisher weakened Edge in my opinion. I was thrilled that it pushed Sharon Gabet and Larkin Malloy front and center but with the loss of Henry Slesar as head writer the show lost it's backbone. Given time and shoring up affiliates I think Edge would have survived.... but we will never know.
  7. I agree... not great ratings on NBC. I don't think NBC would have picked it up though. They had a full slate in the afternoon. Another World was an hour form 3:00 to 4:00 and Somerset was still on at 4:00 to 4:30. I think the 4:00 time slot was doomed for any show... soap or game show because of less expensive syndicated shows. I guess we will never know. Edge never recovered from the 1972 time slot change debacle.
  8. I thought the actors from the Mansion of the Damned storyline were all just short term contracts for that specific storyline. I read that Kim Hunter and Bruce Gray signed contract extensions because Henry Slesar wanted to use them for the Deborah/Steve/Owen triangle and the Margo Huntington murder. My memory is fuzzy but I think that is how it went. Part of me wishes that CBS hadn't cancelled Edge and just moved it to 3:30 again. With the affiliate clearance issue getting worse every year it was on ABC, I don't think it really ever had a chance. I think considering it's low clearance in many markets Edge performed very well. I asked Lois Kibbee about the ratings in a letter many years ago and she said that the markets that carried Edge, it's ratings were very good.
  9. I'm looking forward to all your ratings info! Thanks for the above clipping too. That finally puts to bed the "Guiding Light hit #1 in 1984" debate. I love this site!
  10. I had forgotten that Days was doing so well in 1986! Thanks so much Vanessa Reardon for posting these!
  11. That's interesting! I have Mary Stuart's book in paperback somewhere. I'll have to reread it. I do love me some Anthony George! I read back in the day that Mary Ellis Bunim was wanting to kill off Jo and Mary Stuart went above her head and was spared by P&G so Mary Ellis spitefully killed off Ann Williams because Ann and Mary Stuart were good friends. Interesting!! I always wondered what happened with Marie Cheatham! A foolish move on the part of the higher ups! I love Louise Shaffer but she was never Stephanie for me. I wonder Marie would have stayed until the end of the show if she hadn't been fired...... Thanks for sharing!!
  12. I loved HBS and Gregg Marx too on ATWT. They were magic. Sorry to see both of them leave the show. Does anyone remember anything about Donald May (Adam Drake - The Edge of Night) being difficult at the end of his "Edge" run and was fired? It was big soap news in 1977. I remember him being very vocal about not pairing up Adam and Nicole (Maeve McGuire) again. He wanted Adam to stay with Brandy Henderson (Dixie Carter). I think Donald and Dixie were dating at the time. I don't know if there were other issued behind the scenes. Where there any divas on Search for Tomorrow, Love of Life or The Edge of Night?
  13. Well... I for one am looking forward to the Christmas episodes. I love the Horton Christmas tree tradition. It always makes me tear up. Thanks for sharing Jason. I think Days has been very good this week. I know Days isn't what it used to be but Salem is still a town I like and choose to visit Monday thru Friday. Considering the budget they have to work with I think the actors and folks behind the scenes are doing the best they can.
  14. I would have loved to have seen Edge stay on CBS! In 1975 Match Game was huge at 3:30 and maybe the kids would have stuck around for Edge. It was only 3 years since the move to 2:30 for Edge I always wondered why CBS kept it at 2:30 it's ratings dipped so badly.....
  15. I wonder what might have happened if The Edge of Night had moved to ABC in September 1975 instead of December 1975 and had secured the 3:30 time slot with the same affiliate clearances as the other ABC soaps. Where might they have been in 1981-1982? They were almost neck and neck with As the World Turns and Search for Tomorrow in January 1982.
  16. Funny but I didn't think that Richard Guthrie was gay. I had hoped but when I saw the picture of the ballerina in his article I thought my gaydar was off. It's such a shame that back then and even now somewhat, that gay actors need to be concerned about coming out. I'm sure rereading these old articles (Thanks again!) we can read between the lines.
  17. Chandler Hill Harben was so hot! He also was kind enough to post episodes of Love of Life on YouTube. So happy to see their last opening credits. I thought it was so classy.
  18. Thanks so much! I can lose myself on YouTube for hours watching old soap credits.
  19. Thank you so much! Your posts bring back many happy memories! I too got rid of all my soap magazines from the 1970s and 1980s. The Edge of Night was my first love! I wish there were episodes for all the shows as they have for The Doctors and rerun them on TV. What a shame that the episodes were "wiped". I wish private collectors would make them available some how. Thanks again!
  20. Is there any video footage of the opening and closing credits for Lovers & Friends? I've heard audio and it's the same theme as For Richer For Poorer but I have never seen video footage. I wish I could see the first episode. Surely P&G saved that!
  21. Thrilling to see Edge of Night at a 6.3 in October 79. Imagine how much higher their ratings could have been with a higher station clearance.
  22. I loved it when Playgirl used to do spreads with soap opera actors. Victor Webster (Days) was divine! Robert Kelker Kelly (Days & AW) too. I wanted more out of the Jean LeClarc (AMC). Some magazine was supposed to have nude pictures of George Reinholt too but I never did track them down.
  23. Thanks for that about Gregg Marx. I had always hoped he would return to Days after he finished on ATWT. Phillip Brown was a hunk for sure! I didn't see him when he was on SFT but there were great shirtless pics of him with Maree Cheatham. Joseph Barbara and Hank Cheyne on AW also curled my toes! I hope they found fulfillment in their lives as well. I think in the 60s and 70s soap stars lived more privately without the glare of the media. I hope that helped.
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