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  1. 49 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    David Forsyth, Anna Holbrook, Robin Christopher, John Bolger, Diego Serrano, Grayson McCouch. I'm sure there were more lol 

    Inspired by this post I went back through the AW home page.  John left in 1997, but his exit story is not covered in detail in the synopsis.  Kirkland had just been hit by a car driven by Paulina, while she was addicted to drugs.  John diagnosed that Paulina was an addict, while Shane did the surgery on Kirkland.  Meanwhile Felicia broke up with John to be with Alexander (the nefarious Lucas look alike), and Michael is busy with Nick's trial for Toni's rape.

    On John's final air date, the synopsis includes one sentence that John, Michael, and Felecia bound over his kindness.  But, what was his exit story?

    I also seem to remember that Morgan Winthrop just disappeared from Bay City around the time of Toni's rape trial, does anyone recall the details of his exit?


  2. For me, (and I don't know if this is attributed to the acting or the writing), but prior to Watros it was often difficult for me to differentiate Nina from Ava, as they are both bad girls who are trying to gain sympathy based on romantic pairing (gross over-generalization, but true to my experience as a casual viewer). 

    However, I think Watros adds complexity to Nina by playing her loss, both in maturity and experience, over the years she spent in coma.  She seems less unhinged and more damaged, which is really what made this story work for me.  It was as if Nina saw a shared partner in Sonny because they both missed a part of their past, and she was desperate to create a new life for herself. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

    How long will it take for anyone to realize they are possessed? It shouldn't take long since it's happened before but you know they're going to dumb down the characters.

    Given that people in Salem are still surprised whenever someone returns from dead, wears a mask, meets their doppelganger, or finds their lost child, despite the fact that it has previously happened to most of their relatives, I think it's going to take a while.

    Meanwhile for a 94-year-old man Doug is surprisingly spiritedly, so maybe possession does a body good.

  4. 1 hour ago, Marissa Gallant said:

    I'm rewatching the entire Mary McKinnon storyline. And I love it so much. I got to her memories returning today. Part of me wishes that Mary and Vince had stayed on the canvas longer. But the other part is happy that they were allowed to go off and live happily ever after.

    I always think about the missed opportunities of these plot driven stories that did not take the time to explore the motives of the characters.  Mary was around long enough that we could have gotten one or two scenes about what was broken in the McKinnon's relationship and what attracted her to Reginald.  The portrayal of Reg is just short of Snidley Whiplash, so there is no viable triangle.  Mary never has regrets giving up her way of life in South America, filled with philanthropy, nice clothes, and a full household staff to go live behind a restaurant.  Her refusal to take any money from Reginald is supposed to convey some moral high ground, when in fact not only was she owed half of his fortune, but also payment for the pain and suffering of her family who thought she was dead for years.  At the very least he could have paid for her education. So, while I thought it was fun at the time, in retrospect, I only remember all of the plotholes and missed story beats.

  5. 5 hours ago, Joseph said:

    Hi people I was on the Elena Nikolas/Eleanor Norris storyline and while I didn't finish it yet the YouTube recommendations showed that she'll be dead soon, why?????? The storyline wasn't popular? It's very interesting

    Elena was written into a corner without any redemption possible,  nor any potential love interests. Her death brought Pamela back to town, and the casting of Pamela was one of the reasons cited by the Dobsons for their fight with the production which got them locked out of their offices. 

    So, it marks the end of the line for the first rein of the Dobsons and a newfound creative period for the show. 

  6. There is some ironic justice in the CA recall election.  Catilyn Jenner's campaign raised about $747,000 and spent some $910,000, leaving her campaign with about $156,000 in unpaid bills in order to achieve 56,016 total votes, barely cracking the top 20 candidates. 

    Just for comparison Larry Elder, the top GOP candidate raised 18 million to get 2,386,710 votes. 

    However, she can claim victory over erotic billboard star Angelyne who got 26,552 votes, and RHOC's Vicky Gundelson's fiance Steve Lodge who only got 12,693 votes.

  7. 1 minute ago, amybrickwallace said:

    Oh, I didn't know you are in CA. I'm glad that the recall failed.

    It makes me wish that recall elections were like civil lawsuits, if you loose you have to pay the costs. 

    Instead almost 300 Million will not be used for programs for the poor, schools, or infrastructure.  All because some fool didn't want to wear a mask in the supermarket, allow the unemployed to survive during a pandemic, or stop evictions from real estate companies that were already getting tax subsidies to offset losses.

  8. The CA-GOP wasted 276 Million Dollars on a campaign that was never able to articulate why a recall was necessary.  Elder and others noted their opposition, but those same arguments could be made at the time of re-election.  They failed to find one good reason why Californians needed a special election today rather than in two years.

    My only hope coming out of this farce is that the losers won't be able to maintain support in 2024, and maybe we will see a some new ideas in that campaign.  Although, to be honest, I will never vote for a GOP candidate in California, because I think Democratic leadership is needed in state with the 5th largest economy in the world, to maintain the civil rights that I value.

  9. 3 hours ago, victoria foxton said:



    I'm a bit surprised by the response to this article.  I understand that people on this thread don't like the Ben/Ciara story, but the article itself is remarkable. 

    It seems like there are frequent requests amongst the fandom for DAYS to get coverage in mainstream press, so calling these rather artful pictures sacrilege seems to conflict with those desires.  Paper Magazine is known for their provocative photo shoots, (they're the ones who published Kim K's "break the internet" pics with the champagne bottle on her bootie).  The article itself was written by Micky Boardman, the main editor for Paper, and it avoids all of the mainstream soap articles tropes that call it a dead genre.  Both actors look very sexy in the photos, and the recreation, (which includes a spot-on digital background image of the Horton living room from the 70's), seems cheeky and fun. 

    It may be that people forget the original context.  Susan and Bill Hayes posed for the original Time cover with parody in mind.  The original Time article was about the increasing sexuality of soaps in the 1970's and and the cover pose was meant to convey the kind of overwrought passion being played in daytime.  Susan's cleavage and Bill's gestures are meant to be over the top, even camp.  It wasn't a screenshot, nor was it a profile of the actors, it was just an essay questioning the morals of portraying love in the afternoon.

    I don't know if people would have preferred that Paper cover Mary Beth Evans' pies or Judi Evans' sartorial choices, but it would not have been a good fit with that magazine's audience. 

  10. I may be gullible, because I was honestly surprised at the reveal of Marlena both as the Desecrator and the Melaswen Serial Killer. 

    However, it is endlessly amusing to me how people in soap towns have such short memories.  I am certain that everyone will first suspect Ben (I assume something evil will befall Ciara), yet Marlena has a much higher kill rate (Alice, Maggie, Jack, Doug, Abe, Tony, and Roman). 

  11. @Cat & @Taoboi  so now the question becomes will it still take them a day to pack for a two hour car drive?

    40 minutes ago, Cat said:

    Jen Shah briefly toned down the aggression and thirst with a soft-spoken, vulnerable opening turn -- which means she probably hired a PR firm during off-season to change up her image.

    She may have hired a firm, but I bet she didn't pay them

    41 minutes ago, Cat said:

    Mary is such an odd bird, which is what I perversely enjoy about her. One of her podcast minions later shows up in the trailer telling Lisa Barlow that, yes, Mary is running a cult. I believe it -- she is now saying God practically birthed her.

    Did anyone else notice that those podcast mikes were not plugged in, nor is her podcast available on Apple or Spotify?

    43 minutes ago, Cat said:

    Brooks had been a little too eager right off the bat, but Jen Shah's social media response was pretty homophobic and instigated the crazies.

    The idea that Brooks is still figuring out his sexuality was a little hard to swallow, but introspection and self-awareness are not the strong suits of either Housewives nor their families.

    45 minutes ago, Cat said:

    Yassssss I love thahhhht. Amaaaaaaayzeen.

    Both sons were wearing Off White sweaters to shabbot, (the knitwear goes for $800 on the Neiman Marcus website) love thahhht

  12. 48 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    It may have been campy and OTT, but every character involved was terrified, which was the way it needed to be done  

    It probably goes without saying, but camp (as defined by Susan Sontag) is produced in earnest, without a wink and nod.  Stefano in a cravat with an undetermined European accent, Marlena and her fancy peignoir sets while being exercised, and the blind priest who can't sense when others are in the room were camp.  Middle aged actors doing stunts was camp.  And the cheap sets, special effects, and stock music were camp.  If those things were planned, it would seem silly and take us out of the drama.

    Overt camp is not usually well received, because it takes away the audience's agency when we are being told what is funny, rather than being allowed to decide for ourselves.

    I liked the self-parody of Rinna's scenes in Beyond Salem, but I think a writer can't force humor on soap fans without getting some pushback.  So, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  13. RHOBH - in the promo wasn't there another trip (maybe to the far east)?  There are three more episodes before the end of the season, and they filmed the reunion on Friday?  But, wasn't there a trip out of the country (which admittedly seems odd given that the season was filmed at the second height of the pandemic)?  If so, they'd better go already, we know it usually takes them a full episode to pack.

  14. I think what's exciting is that between this and Beyond Salem, they are doing a great job of keeping Days in the pop culture zeitgeist. 

    Soaps have such a rich history of promos that rile up excitement, it feels like Days of old.

    Also, as I recall, the possession in 1994 was one of those stories that was consistently interrupted by the OJ trial.  Here in Los Angeles, it seemed like every third commercial during the trial was for the storyline.  And it felt both endless and repetitive because there were so many delays and disruptions that it extended the plot. 

  15. It does make one wonder if Shane's death in a car accident was karmic retribution or just new writers forgetting that he was once a race car driver.

    Although, given that Shane took on Bobby's persona after meeting in prison, maybe Shane never actually raced cars?

  16. Upthread I noted that I read the entire history on an SOD Tumblr and enjoyed it.  However, these promos are not doing it for me.  You know a show is bad when you feel the urge to FF at 30 second video.  It seems like Rituals was much better on paper than in production.

    And, all that fur... 

  17.  The neglected/unexplored Augusta detail that I've been thinking about when watching the first year episodes was the idea of how beholden she was to Minx.  Lionel did not have job, he spent a lot of money on his travels, and Minx held the purse strings.  As we saw when Augusta seduced Joe, she didn't live in the owner's suite, that was reserved for her mother-in-law.  So, really Augusta's life was bought and paid for by Minx.

    When Lionel was thought to be dead, there wouldn't have been a large inheritance for Augusta because Minx was still alive.  Julia never made it seem like they were born into generational wealth.  And when Bunny died, I don't think there was a lot of his money left to go around.   

    So, it seems like a missed opportunity to tell the story of a woman who always had to depend on the kindness of others to survive.  In contrast to Sophia, who had men throwing money at her left and right, or Julia, who made a good salary as a lawyer, or even a hustler like Gina who came up with a million get rich quick schemes; Augusta had nobody to rely upon. I wish they had explored the effect of her need to please Minx, and others, in order to afford the life she had become accustom to, as well as her anxiety over whether they would continue to fund her needs.

    It would have created more motivation to oppose Brick, as he stood in the way of her getting more cash from Minx.  It also would have been an interesting source of conflict with Lionel and created motivation for him to aspire to have his own source of income.  Or allow Augusta to have her own base of power, like a boutique to sell Gina jeans.

  18. I guess what we'll never know is whether they wrote Mary into a corner and then had no choice but to kill her off, or did they start writing into a corner with the desired outcome to write her off?

    Because, one could argue that once Mark was introduced, and provided context for Mary's entrance into the nunnery, there was further background to explore. Why Mary chose men like Mark and Mason after growing up with abusive men in her family?  What did she gain from relationships of trying to fix broken men? And, how could she have emerged as her own woman after learning those lessons?  But, that's not very SB, which was a little too caught up in fantasy romances, wish fulfillment, and the idea that the rich are more screwed up than the rest of the 99%.

  19. Thanks @Wendy

    I was also thinking about the lack of balance, in terms of the focus on the Capwells at the expense of every other family in town and I would propose that it was due to the fact that they had too many children. 

    If each Capwell heir represented an archetype then we have Mason (the ne'er-do-well), Ted (the romantic hero), Kelly (the damsel in distress), and Eden (the sob looking for her daddy's approval).  By the time you add a love interest for each kid, and a person to serve as a spoiler to true love, that's 12 characters, not including CC, Sophia and their spoilers.

    Not many one hour soaps could balance more than 14 characters, leaving very little room for other families or settings.  Coupled with the huge expense of the Capwell living room, which meant that most of the interactions had to take place somewhere within that set, there wasn't a lot of literal room left.

    It may have been poor planning, (who knows if Eden was part of the original pitch or if she was added once Marcy Walker was cast?), or just the result of the need to make changes on the fly after the initial ratings failed to attract a large audience.  However, it goes without saying that the lack of expansion of stories beyond the Capwells damaged the potential longevity of the soap.  For example, look at Y&R, they pivoted to new families after their debut and it sparked years worth of stories.   Yet, I've come to believe that SB was never able to successfully expand because they were stuck with too many Capwells.

  20. 2 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    Honey.. Can I call you honey?

    Sure, what the heck, you can call me honey, just don't call me late for dinner (yuk yuk)

    However, according Variety, since 2008, DVD sales have declined more than 86%.  So an N of 1 is not a great indicator of need

    2 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

    You didn't read my back and forth with @dragonfliesover Shane's twin Drew? 

    Poor Shane not only had a doppelganger twin, but his ex-partner Gabrielle also had a doppelganger, identical twins were popping up like flies.

  21. 13 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

    I wonder if Peacock or whoever is in charge would release Beyond Salem on DVD? News just came out of redux punky brewster is being released on DVD.

    I'd buy the DVD.

    All they would need is a time machine back to a period when people had DVD players and purchased physical media (lol)

  22. It was amusing that they showed clips from the first season (when they re-used the set from The City) because it looked like they were sitting on top of each because the table was so small.  The new table is huge, but it is also way too high for Whoopi and Joy who seem to struggle to get up in their chairs, and and Whoopi needs a box under her feet.

    Also, Whoopi noted that three hosts have left and came, Sara and Joy being two, but she refused to say Rosie until Joy clarified the record.

  23. 11 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

    I still wonder exactly why Harley Kozak was fired. She was clearly popular and the Mary character still had so much untapped potential. 

    All that said, those final scenes were absolutely incredible. It's no wonder people still remember them over 35 years later.

    It seems like it has been always been a debate whether or not she quit or she was fired, because she certainly went on to high profile work in films soon after her departure.  I've read people say that she didn't want to come back and that was why the ending was so final.  But, as all fans are well aware, we never know how those decisions are truly made, and whether the actor or the production initiates that discussion.

    However, from a structural point of view the character of Mary had been written into a corner.  I vaguely recall that she was pregnant by either by Mason or Mark after her rape.  Given the times, a paternity story for a nun would have been unseemly and that child would have extended Mark's story which rightfully ended after his trial.  The much later comeuppance for Mark was a creative failure and very unpopular in the soap press.

    Her family was mostly written out by the time she died and given that they could hardly balance the Capwells and Lockridges, there was little need for a third family..  There were no church characters to create conflict with her religious background.   CC liked her, so there was no conflict to mine with the Capwell family. 

    If they had expounded upon her nursing background and made her a medical professional, there may have been some story potential, given how often people fell into comas in Santa Barbara.  Yet, Kelly and Eden cornered the market on women in peril stories, so she was redundant in that regard.

    So, the only story would have been Mason constantly sinning and repenting, which would have gotten very old very fast.  And, Mason would not have survived as a source of conflict if he settled down in the second year of the show.

    Thus, it seems like there was no where else to go, but off the roof.

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