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  1. 1 hour ago, redontop4 said:

    Nadine's exit actually bothered me more than Maureen's. At least Mo was given a big, very dramatic, exquisitely written, beautifully produced send-off. Nadine's was quick and cheesy and ultimately macabre

    My recollection is slightly different.  Nadine's murder was shocking because it raised the stakes in Brent's plot to where it felt like any character could be at risk.  Most soap serial killers only kill off superfluous characters, so when someone that close to Lucy died it had a great deal of impact. 


    Although, your point is well taken that Mo's family got better written, (and performed), grieving scenes.  The exception is that most of her family of origin wasn't around to watch grieve by the time she left this mortal coil.


    Also, I vaguely recall that SOW did not have spoilers that the actress was leaving, which contributed to the surprise.  However, I think that the SOW editors did not approve of either the violence or the loss of the character.

  2. 18 hours ago, Eboneece said:

    The criticism of Bell was oddly personalized in retrospect. Much different than Brad Bell. I suspect some sexism at play here.

    I considered whether or not to call out the sexism in my original post, but then I remembered that Ken Corday gets a lot of the same criticism at DAYS.


    I would add that one of the flaws in her storytelling were the exposition dumps required by characters to explain the plot to the audience.  I recall when Phillip came back to Genoa City, he spent days explaining to Nina et all where he had been and why.  I enjoy an emotional monologue, but those scenes seemed written to answer the viewer's concerns rather than the other characters. 


    Didn't she also undo Jill as Kaye's daughter and made her a Fenmore?  I always felt the dive into Jill's parentage seemed unnecessary.  It only seemed to annoy the audience that had been introduced to Jill with her family intact.  Which begs to the tangential question - Why wasn't Jill more interested in nail-care at Jabot after her training as a manicurist?

  3. @BillBauer I agree that not all Bauers were good guys.  Upon reflection, I don't even think Rick was very virtuous.  He had multiple affairs, he cheated in med school with Claire, and he practiced while under the influence with Annie.  It is a flaw in my writing/posting style that I always wind up comparing characters which causes more a focus on the comparison as opposed to the original comment.  


    @Mitch I never noticed how much I didn't enjoy Peter Simon's characterization until I watched Springfielder's YT profiles.  He was so stiff and stuffy, and not at all sexy. 

  4. The beginning of her tenure seemed so focused on correcting historical Y&R plotholes that I've always wondered how much of the criticism should be attributed to her co-writer Hogan Sheffield who tended to more grandiose storylines.   I also think she was oddly the subject of a lot of negative fan projections because of her last name.  


    I always recall the detail that Brad Bell's first storyline proposal at Y&R was Lauren's stalker culminating in her being buried alive.  Although Y&R had previous women-in-peril stories, that one seemed tonally different at the time.  So, perhaps it was not that unexpected that newer generations would want to stretch the genre based on other fictional interests with the expected reactive pushback from fans who had grown used to another type/pace of story.

  5. RHONY - I know we will see some poor behavior from Luann this week, given the preview, however, I don't get Bethanny's beef with her?  Bethanny keeps misinterpreting Lu's social niceties as personal attacks.  It seems natural that when a friend is leaving a room you express that you wish they would stay, even when you don't mean it.  When people say, "sad to you go", does Bethanny expect that they will literally cry upon her departure?  I don't think Luann is questioning her parenting, in fact, it is such a superficial comment that I'm certain she forgot that she said it.  I feel comically terrible for Luann that every time she enters a room she expects applause but she only gets heckled.

  6. I associated Maureen's death with the eradication of the Reardons.  I know they are not as historic, but I think it is a shame that the Reardons didn't survive as a family.  I was just watching Kassie DePaiva's Chelsea Reardon, arguably the least revered Reardon girl, and she was so charming (you can hear her trying to suppress her southern accent in all the early scenes).  Tony, Jim and all of the sisters were adventurous and romantic.  I adore the idea of a boarding house as a soap setting.  Especially with new nurses and doctors at Cedars.  Along with Matt and Bridget Reardon, they were one of those families that could have produced endless cousins and nephews. 


    We all know that if the internet was around at the time, every jumbo and their sister would be screaming about how this new family overtook the show.  But isn't that the course for every new family on a soap?  Personally, I think that every writer should get a crack at a new family, some stick and some don't, like the Norris family.  They owned an airline, one would think that there would be a stray cousin.  Otherwise, Holly's inheritance must have been huge.  I know she bought WSPR, but how did she wind up in that tiny apartment at the end?  Also, I forget if Ken got anything in Stanley's will, or if he wound up with Janet, or if they had any kids because I never liked Janet.


    I guess the Bauers were all "good guys" and that is the characteristic feature of the family?  I would also hazard to guess that the Coopers made them redundant (because it is forbidden by the soap gods to have more than one lower-middle-class family at a time).  Also, who names one kid Harley Davidson and the other one Frank?  However, I thought the Reardons were more worthy of regret upon their demise as a unit, so I decided to bring them up again.

  7. On 5/24/2019 at 8:21 AM, MichaelGL said:

    Who knows that might be changing, I have a feeling Callum/Whitney are going to be swept up into the Ben drama, one way or another. 

    Good Prediction, although with a twist


    Has there ever been a young lovey female character with as tragic a love life as Whitney?  She's been sold into prostitution, married a guy with an anxiety disorder, then she kissed his father.  Poor Whitney had yet to find a true love in the E20.

  8. Which begs the question - When did Cass become a lawyer? 


    He came to town working for a rival publisher and trying to sign Felicia Gallant away from Cory Publishing.  Then he helped run Nicole's fashion business and a coffeehouse.  However, when was he first established as a lawyer, and what was his first case?

  9. 5 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:

    Holly even brought up the fact that it was hard to believe that Roger would use the pseudonym "Adam," considering the bad blood between Roger and his father...which resulted in more exposition.

    I was just reading Roger's wiki bio and I thought the same thing about his choice to masquerade as Adam Malik, given that his father was one of only two people in attendance for two of his weddings.  It is always good to hear when writers try to tie up loose ends like those mentioned.  I am a sucker for any scene when a vet character sits down with a newbie to discuss the history of the town.


    5 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:

    I don't think soap fans, particularly veteran viewers, mind how long a character has been gone, as long as the story surrounding his return is well-written and his former ties to the other characters on canvas are explained.


    One of the best-received decisions TGL made in 1996 was to bring back Aunt Meta, who by that point had been off-screen (and largely unmentioned, except for twice) for a whopping 22 years. Soap fans love history.

    It's an excellent point, however, Meta had ties to Rick and Ed, I don't think they could have brought back the long lost child of Dr Sarah McIntyre in 1996 and expect most of the audience to remember her.


    The erratic quality of young Holly (Maureen Garrett's not the other one) was really captivating to watch.  Her despair at being a housewife and her difficulties controlling her sexual desires were such 1970's stories.  Today's young female characters want to have a baby as soon as they are married, and nobody ever plays with the ambivalence.  That was a much more sophisticated time of storytelling, when writers appreciated that the audience could understand and relate to a character with more than one motivation


    It was also remarkably sexier.  Not only was there more skin being shown than we see today, but also everyone was talking about sex and the quality and quantity of sex they were having.  I don't think I've heard DAYS Hope and Jennifer discuss the quality of their orgasms, despite a plethora of ads about erectile dysfunction and vaginal mesh that play between the shows every hour. 

  10. A few months ago we discussed the origins of Blake and how she may not have been originally slated to be Christina Thorpe.


    It made me wonder if there was ever a concern that people might not remember Roger?  He left more than a decade before Blake arrived.  Holly was not around to provide exposition on his past.  There were few opportunities for flashbacks to the character, given the recastings of other characters.  And he wasn't like Alan where his namesake Spaulding Industries continued even if he was off-screen.  


    There has to be some threshold of time when writers figure that the audience will remember a past character and those that could not be resurrected because too much time had passed.

  11. As much as I don't enjoy old full episodes, for some reason, I got pulled into watching ep 198-200 today.  It is the introduction of Julia, right after Augusta is blinded in the tunnel collapse.  


    The first thing that struck me was the forgotten character of Jackie Parks, Ted's teacher at Lyman Academy and Amy's friend from childhood.  Jackie had an inappropriate relationship with Ted when she became his confidant during his break up with Laken.  In ep198, they are asleep in Mason's apartment after talking all night.  Jackie has a flashback to being told that her husband died in the Navy (oddly the flashback took place in the Lockridge living room).  Ted consoles her and against Mason's wishes drives her home in ep 199.  Then, like all other non-essential SB characters, she disappeared.  It is odd enough that Mason has no interactions with Julia when she first hits town, but it is especially odd to have so much focus on this character, in her final two episodes, only to be totally forgotten a week later. 


    Eden and Cruz want to have sex but everyone keeps bothering them about the Channing murder investigation so they put up a sign on the front door to go away.  They're not shown but Warren, Maggie, and Santana all comment on the sign, which was funny.


    Santana #2 (Margaret Micheals) and Gina #1 (Linda Gibboney) are remarkably alike.  They both play their roles with constant tension and neuroticism.  It is a shame that neither had a talk-to who could calm them and help them focus,  They are both a hair trigger away from nuts and it is some big 80s hair.


     Warren and Lionel were the most charismatic father-son duo in daytime.  Their wardrobe is so chic compared to CC, who always looks dressed for yachting, and Mason, whose suits did not fit well.  They both do this hand gesture across their face when being coy with women.  I will never understand why Sophia didn't pursue anything with Lionel, except for that time when their makeout tape got erased by Santa Clause, but that's Santa Barbara...

  12. 15 hours ago, SamandWillowFan said:

    I only saw the character of Skye on GH, so could someone fill in some questions from her backstory for me? From a few clips I've seen, Skye thought Adam was her father long before she knew Rae was her mother. How did that situation come about? Also, I know Skye was an alcoholic as they continued that thread on GH. How did her drinking problem start?

    Skye Patterson came to Pine Valley as an Australian singer, not a pop star, more of a lounge singer like Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys at Tom's club (when she was introduced by Aussie actress Antoinette Byron there needed to be some explanation of her accent).  Her motive in moving to PV was that she had found out that her mother, also a singer, had an affair with Adam which resulted in her birth (according to the AMC history coffee table book). 


    There was actually not a lot of exposition about it at the time.  It was after the mystery of Adam's first wife in the forbidden wing with Stuart, (and Skye was not the first wife's child), so the details were murky.  By the time the role was recast, she was no longer Australian, or a singer, she was just a socialite bigot who moved into the Chandler house.  The focus was more on her first relationship with Tom, and her arguments with Stuart about Cindy, rather than her history.  She was very close to her Uncle Stuart, which is why some may having thought that she was Adam's first wife's daughter, but that is not how she was introduced.  The whole Rae storyline was a retcon due to Linda Dano and Robin Christopher's prior success on Another World.


    After her marriage and divorce from Tom Cudahy, she became an alcoholic to cope with the mounting pressures of trying to date Jeremy Hunter, who was also pining for someone else.  I recall that she sought treatment after hitting Natalie with her car while drunk driving, but I could be wrong because I couldn't verify it.  Her drinking made her an initial suspect in the murder of Will Cortlandt (Dixie's brother), much like half-sister Hayley (whose drinking was for some reason more of a concern for their father Adam).  So, she left Pine Valley, before the murder trial, to recover further out of town.  Also, at the time, the character was clearly made redundant by Hayley, who shared a lot of character details, and Adam didn't need two drunk daughters.

  13. 27 minutes ago, Aback said:

    The way the show was written and staged, it was like the best NYC theatre you could ask for. I still watch random episodes every now and then and I'm mesmerised. The actors had it all. Sometimes I wonder how many takes they would require to nail a scene because every scene seemed perfectly flawless from every point of view. Staging, blocking, dialogue. It was top notch.

    Was it dubbed or subtitled?  Did they start with the return of Cass from his honeymoon to Kathleen, as they did on Soapnet?

  14. Marilee Stone, member of the oil cartel, CEO of Hurst Oil, was always one of my favorite side characters.  It was always a fun episode when Marilee showed up.  She was a great shoulder padded cougar with Casey Denault, and an interesting foe for Cliff.


    She is how I wish Lucy had grown up, classy, bi-atchy, and a little snobby.

  15. I adore these clip packages and storyline summaries that Springfielder has put together.  I find entire episodes too slow and often difficult to track.  Also, the lighting and sound quality of old episodes tend to exhaust me.  However, content like this that is curated, smart, and funny really makes me appreciate all that YT provides.  For example, a decade ago, we were listening to tiny audio clips WOST, and now someone has edited together the complete set of openings, for almost every show, in historical order.  It is a great time for vintage soap lovers, and I am truly grateful for the creativity of these edits.  I know it is old thinking to wonder how they can be monetized, and that might not be the only motivation, but it is remarkable what fans have been able to achieve.   

  16. RHOP - I still don't get where Candace's mother is getting the money?  Isn't she a therapist?  How is she so rich that Candace is planning her life around an inheritance (especially next to Katie who has actual familial wealth)? 


    RHOBH - I want more details on Camille's relationship with her new stepsons who don't like her.  Did David's kids go to the wedding? 


    Also, we know the husbands aren't paid (which is why they're all allowed to shill their companies), but are friends like Camille and NYC's Barbara paid commensurate to a first year housewife or were they paid per episode?  Prior to their season's photoshoot, did they know they weren't carrying an apple or a diamond?  When and how do you think they find out their non-wife status?

  17. 28 minutes ago, Khan said:

    I love the fact that RYAN'S HOPE resisted SORASing any of their kids for a very long time.

    Johnno Ryan is a good example of SORASing.  He had attributes of both of his parents (which after multiple recasts was a clever way of resetting the family).  He had been off screen for a sufficient amount of time for any backstory to be credible.  And coming back from an out-of-state college was a good excuse that made more sense than Delia sending a kid off to boarding school.

  18. 4 hours ago, Eboneece said:

    Spauldingfield just posted a character profile of Mel Boudreau on YouTube. I remember how promising the Boudreau family seemed at first. I wish they had linked Felicia to Vivian Grant. Anywho, I was reminded of how Mel went from doctor to attorney within the course of a few weeks during the Rauch to Conboy transition. Forget the big decisions like Maureen’s death and the clone that made viewers flee... details like Mel’s ridiculous career transition (and the XXXL sorasing of Leah Bauer) and the Caruthers story that made no sense left me with zero trust in this show.

    My thoughts exactly when I was watching the video


    I was no longer a regular GL watcher by the time Mel debuted, but I thought the actress was absolutely charming.  However, the doctor into lawyer thing, SORASing her kid, and placing her in Harley's orbit seemed like such odd dramatic choices.  Also, it was amusing that there was dialogue that referenced Mel and Rick's age difference, then they SORASed their kid and made him even older (which would make Blake's twins middle-aged).   I guess her one redeeming factor as a character is that she ended up with Cyrus.

  19. I'm betting LVP doesn't make it to the reunion with anybody who will take the wager.  


    One would imagine that if contractual issues were going to be enforced then LVP would have been required to be at the cast photo session, and she didn't.  I think the producers want to play up this rivalry.   Maybe she'll have a tape piece like Brandy did a couple of years ago just to stoke the anger of those ladies sitting for half a day in beaded cocktail dresses.    

  20. 1 hour ago, Franko said:

    The same could be said for Little Billy. But would he have been a juvenile Ugly American?

    Or some of that Chamberlain DNA could have set in and he might have worn more tweed blazers and grown an appreciation for soccer...


    1 hour ago, Franko said:
    1 hour ago, Franko said:

    Maybe Brava had a special family issue each year, with updated portraits of Mac, Rachel, Amanda and Matthew?

    That would only have led to more arguments between Mac and Rachel over whether or not to include Sandy and Jamie.  And you know Iris would have wanted her own page...


    1 hour ago, Khan said:

    I think Pam Long got around the fifth rule by having GL's Phillip Spaulding get kicked out of prep school.

     "I want to have a normal life, with normal kids." I don't think Nick ever said that, but surely it hung in the air for himself and other soap brats.


    Those soap boarding schools don't play around, one infraction and it is straight home, just ask Matt Cory.  Also, rich soap kids have never heard the song - How ya keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paris? - because they all long for small-town life after the drudgery of a European education. 

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