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  1. omg luvv ur avi and your banner TnT are AWESOME..only thing thats good on soaps right now..IMO :I

  2. havent watched the show in a WHILE but gotta bump the thread
  3. soo stoked for Julie Pinson..AND Michael Park & Maura West.what a night for ATWT.my faves on the show all won!!! <3

  4. gotta bump this thread again today was awwwesommme!!
  5. bumping this thread. ive posted here alrdy but ive gotta say again, that Tracy Quartermaine[sp?] is the chiz
  6. i dont know how to post links nor do i have the energy to try [LMA0] but i like Ke$ha's unreleased stuff, Rihanna,Aerosmith. anything that'll help me get into that party mood!!
  7. im not into this show anymore. - but i have to say its shown me a lot of things, when i did watch it and was actually enjoying it.I was hooked,i adored every character & every s/l..it was my fave soap for a while & during a hard time was the only thing i looked forward to....It kept me going for some time and introduced me to amazing actors/actresses that i will never forget and i cant fathom the thought of not knowing who they are.. so thank you World Turns, ill never forget this show & will be grateful for what its helped me w/-your beautiful!
  8. growing up i would watch the figure skating w/my mom.. my favorite was Nancy Carrigan[sp?] but i dont much for it nemore..
  9. i agree, i think Tracy is great fun to watch
  10. omg i like this song. in artsy way i get this video. but when youre just looking at it and watching it...teh vid and the song really doesnt make sense to me...
  11. i loved this show too. i was but 8 yrs old wen it first aired!! LOL but i love[d] the edgy-bitchy EVE Lambert played by the gorgeous Julie Pinson <3. I find myself watching old clips of this show on youtube sometimes . Eve was my fave. I loved Chris & Eves relationship [woo Martini's lmao]. my fave relationship was Ian and Eve
  12. This is my first blog post. Its a Saturday afternoon. Since we just met..I will just shortly talk about me and my SOAP knowings.. I am young, but i grew up w/ALL my Children. I grew up in the time when Tad and Dixie & i fell in love w/them. Of course like great loves I fell in and out of love but i always knew where my heart was on this soap. It belonged to them. Romantically for a while to Tad . and everything that Dixie has been through, she's my ALL TIME fave soap character!!! My heart broke for her evryday i saw the pain in her eyes.... Which in conclusion explains my USERNAME.. i believe Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain have the best chemistry i have ever seen. They are just amazing off the charts and crazy beautiful when they have scenes together. They could read the phonebook and i'd be moved HAHA [prolly]. UGH i just ADORE THEM TOGETHER!!! Tad and Dixie are the BEST SUPERCOUPLE on AMC!! jmho
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