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  1. WTF? I don't mean to repeat everyone else in this, but this is just absurdly insane. Mitch, King, AND Andre???? Oh boy I hope this isn't for long and that they come back. Why...how....the mind boggles.
  2. Mmmmm, I'm having the most delicious chicken alfredo ever. I wish you guys could have this because it is SOOO good. SOOOO good. Sorry to make you guys extremely hungry.
  3. Please don't Shawn. Suicide (or talk of it) is never the answer at all. All of us are here to talk to and to help.
  4. No prob, Shawnie. I'm here to help
  5. Shawn, I'm so sorry to hear about you and your parents. *hugs* I've had issues like that with my mom over a million different things that are way too complicated to get into here, but we were able to have a great relationship before she died. I certainly hope things get better between you and your mom, but reading that makes me think it's much harder than just saying sorry. I just hopes things are better for ya, Shawn. *more hugs* If you need anything, PM me.
  6. School is absolute utter hell. Thank God I have one more week before I can (hopefully) come back here fulltime and chat with all my babies. I mean, I absolutely hate it when I can't post for long periods of time because of school and that I have no time. That's why I'm eagerly anticipating summer. Oh, and Noah's totally a top.
  7. I sure as hell will; there's no way I'm gonna lose my opportunity to get with that sexy ass.
  8. Oooh yeah! When and where, CSW?
  9. interesting question.... Do I have a willing participant?
  10. Are you willing to do sexual favors, CSW?
  11. Can y'all catch me up on the drama going on? I'm completely oblivious to all this.
  12. Eww, that looks like intestines on a bun. :barf:
  13. The weather's so good here today, I could literally weep. I've been pretty much awaiting this for the longest time, and it's here!
  14. Whoring? Ryan? I am sooo there!
  15. Hey guys, I'm back. Sorry I've been away; I've been busy with classes and everything. Well, I have a big dilemma on my hands. Last Friday night, Paul and I decided to go out to the club. We were enjoying each other's company, I was helping him get girl's numbers. Then, as the night winded down, we started dancing and having fun with each other. One thing led to another, and by the time we were in the house we were ripping each others clothes off and, you know the rest. I've been feeling extremely guilty about it and I haven't had the urge to talk to him since. Paul's my dearest friend and I don't want a drunken sexual experience to screw it up. Got any advice?
  16. Why can I not sleep? I've tried everything but nothing can get me to go back to sleep. I wish I could just snore and be out of it.
  17. Details? PM me with them all.
  18. Thanks, Shawn. This is a question for all of you here; what's your favorite 90s movie?
  19. That's great, Shawn. You deserve all the happiness in the world, you sexy fox you. You know what, one of these days we should meet up and hang out.
  20. Happy Birthday Party, SHAWNIE BABY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I can't make it, but I'll make sure to mail you a card sooner than later. Well, Paul and I had the most amazing night after I told him everything. We watched all the Scream movies consecutively and we had a heart-to-heart about what happened earlier in the night. I told him he took it better than I thought; he then said that I was one of his best friends and that you don't ditch your friends. We're going to see "Disturbia" together tonight; Paul's joking that it's "Date Night" for us. In my dreams. Short things short, all is well between Paul and I and we're already tighter than ever.
  21. Both. Intimidating and singular.
  22. Keep it; you're screename is distinctive.
  23. I like Jay. Keep your SN; it sounds cool as is.
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