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  1. I wanna know why Dwight keeps lying about money? is he broke or something. If he came in the last 5 days of her fashion show, theres no way he paid $30,000, majority of the people Sheree hired would of had to have been paid up front months ago. My mom has put on several small fashion shows and that takes months to plan not 5 days. I think in a way Bravo can be blamed a little for making it seem like Dwight did all the work, all he did was direct people from the footage I saw. I find it interesting that Dwight mention Kinko's for the fliers or watever, that wouldn't of cost more than $200 at th
  2. I watched the tail end of Beverly hills, and I have to say that I love Kyle and lisa. I'm definantly going to watch but not on Thursdays, it will be on sunday because I have to watch greys anatomy/private practice. Didn't Kelsey grammer dump Camille for some plain jane young girl? Kim said she was a child star, what was she in?
  3. Was it my imagination or was Dwight looking scared the whole episode because of Nene? Kandi needs to just leave this show she is too talented to waste her time on this show, unlike the other wives she actually has a career. Kim needs to quit singing altogether. Sheree needs quit getting her hair done, nails done, etc when she know she broke. Phaedra honey your man was in prison for 6 years and Dwight is hanging around you an awful lot watch your back or better yet watch your husband back. The model already bores me.
  4. I'm really loving greys the past two seasons they need to give the casting director a raise, theres not one character that I don't like okay maybe derek intern/virgin girl needs to go but she doesn't bother me.
  5. Well she better get that house sold, because that mortgage has got to be huge. There are so many clothing lines now you never know if it tanked or not. She probably needs to skip the acting lessons and save her money unless bravo is paying.
  6. I just started watching ATL version last season how the hell is Sheree broke per Phaedra when she has a clothing line and that huge house?
  7. This was the first episode in two seasons where meredith actually was interesting and had a fire about her. I really hope next season they focus on a strong meredith instead of being in derek's shadow. Loved the episode everyone rocked it.
  8. has not set their status

  9. Owen, aka military guy has gotten better in the past couple of episodes now that they are bringing his problems more to the forefront instead of us wondering whats going on. I actually like him, but still prefer burke with cristina. Meredith is a big question mark. what the hell has happened to her character, she just fades into the background, I say she is the weakest link on this show. Derek who I really don't care for has gotten 100 times better in these last couple episodes to me. George is really pointless, so I really hope the rumor is true about him leaving. Katherine really surpirises
  10. I don't think obama can even be judged right now as a president, he hasn't yet done anything. Yes his administration should of been more thorough when they interviewed people, but at least he admitted his mistake. He's only been in office three weeks. But after this stimulus gets passed we can judge by if the economy improves or not if it was a good or bad idea.
  11. I will have to say that Grey's is finally picking up in the past two episodes.imo I'm really happy to hear that the writers are addressing some of problems/concerns of the fans such as the han/callie relationship(they ended that but will put callie in another relationship they knew the character of han wasn't catching on so they got rid of her) and they said the denny/izzy thing will continue but will have an interesting ending(also they say that denny isn't a ghost). As far as the second thing, I think Izzy will go crazy, giving Katherine some good material since she cried about not having an
  12. ITA. I really like alex and Izzy together. Funny how the show got better when the focus moved away from izzy and george. I'm not feeling han and callie, it came out of nowhere. It reminds me of how all of sudden maggie was gay on amc when she was totally into guys beforehand.
  13. Izzy and George still suck together. An I'm sick of derek and meredith going back and forth. When is Joshua jackson coming on? I really hope he is for Izzy to get her out of this awful storyline with george. An they mentioned Burke like 10 times tonight, did shonda write today's script?lol
  14. I love joshua jackson too. I think I would rather see him with izzy than George, they have no chemistry at all.
  15. ^^^I think GA made a mistake getting rid of IW, and I hate to say that, to me he was the best male actor on the show. An KW was the best female actress on that show. An of course this is my opinion.
  16. I felt bad for callie, that girl has been stressed for a while now. I wouldn't be suprised if she had a nervous breakdown or something. An I have to say that GA is definantly missing something I realized what it was last night kate walsh and Isaiah Washington(you might not have liked him but he was a good actor). I think they are trying to have callie and McSteamy take their place its really not working, they just aren't as good as IW and KW. I didn't realize how many lackluster actors they had minus bailey, the chief, Izzie, alex(although he gets very little material) and chang.
  17. I enjoyed last nights episode. I was glad when Izzie put her interns in check, they were being very disrespectful. Derek and Meredith were hot also, and I don't even care if they are together or not. Cristina just makes me laugh, she is my favorite female character after Bailey. Seems like Shonda put all her effort in making the Grey's premeire great and made Private practice's premeire lackluster.
  18. I loved Sapphyri's hair during the finale, I really hope she kept that hair color. I'm glad she won.
  19. Hollywood/Anything/Kingdom Come-Jay-Z & Beyonce Umbrella/Don't Stop the Music/Breakin Dishes/Rehab/Good girl gone bad-Rihanna Cinderella/the lake/outside-Aqualung Got 2 be down/ lost without U/wanna love you girl-Robin Thicke What I've Done/Shadow ofthe day/No more sorrow/In pieces-Linkin Park
  20. I can't believe monique just realized brooke was the whore of charmschool!!!!!!!!!!! Duh, but I knew she was gone from the commercial for the that episode it totally gave that away.
  21. Yeah, I saw that. The difference between shay and larissa is shay picks and chooses her fights, Larissa fights with any and everyone whenever. Shay is very smart, she knows flying off the handle like Larissa will put her in the hot seat.
  22. I wonder if Vh-1 is trying to move charmschool and the flavor of love franchise over to mtv?
  23. ^^^I really don't know which pic is worst. An for those interested its a new episode on mtv.
  24. Yuck why did you have to show me that pic of ny/pumpkin. Pumpkin will do anything to stay on reality tv.
  25. If Larissa doesn't go home when New York comes on next week, this show sucks. There's no way Larissa will be able to keep her mouth shut with NY around. An if Goldie went home for being neutral and not adding any drama then why the hell is Shay still there??? All she does is hate on brooke when Larissa does, I don't even think she hates brooke.
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