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  1. I"m surprised the article didn't say at the end, Grey's suck, watch ER on NBC at 10 pm central time.LMAO
  2. Umm, notice who wrote this article, yeah like they don't have an agenda. NBC is shameless.LMAO
  3. I love Eric Dane, I think his storyline got screwed with because Addison is leaving. I think I would love McSteamy to hook up with Meredith next season because I think they get each other unlike Mere/McDreamy. Plus Eric Dane has alot of female fans, so I doubt he's going anywhere, you should of seen those women on oprah screaming for him.
  4. I get it but then I don't. She's had multiple times to break it off with burke and she didn't. Its not like he was abusive or something, I just felt like her saying I'm free was very extreme.
  5. I think whether Isaiah will be returning or not is a cliffhanger. An what about George failing his intern exam and whether he will be returning to medicine. Plus we learned that the girl derek was talking to at the bar was Meredith's sister(I think that was the same person) and she will be an intern next season. It might not have been that great of an season finale but there were cliffhangers.
  6. What was up with yang and that, "I'm free," crap. If she didn't want to be with burke she should of just left him. But the scene was great. I'm actually glad Meredith broke up with Derek, he was being a jerk, hello idiot Meredith almost died, her mother died, her step mom died, and her father disowned her he could of been more understanding about her feelings. Its so not about him.
  7. I'm watching V-Spot on Vh-1.com and Saaphyri is dissing Larissa calling her a dumbass repeatedly from the show where they made the perfume. I thought Saaphyri was Larissa's friend????
  8. Because after tonights show its all about who can create the most drama which equals high ratings. Courtney didn't do anything special and didn't add any drama so she had to go.
  9. If Courtney did go home I'm picking that sneaky biotch hottie to win or saprhire(sp.).
  10. Okay about the spin-off episode, I think it was more just to introduce the characters and give the audience a little preview of whats to come, it wasn't suppose to be a great episode and I think they accomplished what they wanted imo. An I can't wait till next week, "Mama shaved my eyebrows." LMAO I can't believe yang is gonna let Burke's mama shave her eyebrows off.
  11. Something tells me Larissa goes home when NY comes on the show. I don't know what Buckwild did though.
  12. Larissa must be out of her damn mind trying to throw down with monique, thats not even a competition because Monique will mop the floor with her. She should have been eliminated just for that. I'm very shocked that she is still there, and I agreed with cristal about Larissa she does have some anger management issues.
  13. I hope private practice comes on before boston legal on tuesdays, but they will probably put it on before Lost on wednesdays.
  14. He was the surrogate mother's boyfriend(the blonde guy), I know his role was small but he's hot.
  15. OMFG, Please let David Anders stay on the new grey's spinoff he's smoking hot! I'm lovin this spinoff cast.
  16. Hottie was a hot mess again, I was laughing when she fell down.lol
  17. Thank god Thela or however you spell her name go sent home, shes so annoying.
  18. Hoopz is a video ho, I knew she wasn't feeling flav you could tell from the looks on her face.
  19. Hottie needs to give that weave back to the horse she stole it from.
  20. New York is suppose to be on an episode. I find it funny that New York is going to be a guess star on that show, when she's the main one that needs to be there.lol
  21. I had a feeling it would be meredith's mom who died, but I have to say this, "WHO THE HELL CARES." This character was on like 5 times total, it was a huge letdown, they acted as if a main character would die. I'm sorry but fans just weren't that invested in Meredith's mom, she wasn't on long enough for us to really care. The episode was very anticlimatic, but it wasn't a terrible episode.
  22. But like I said before, meredith is not dead, her time of death was never called. Its obvious we aren't going to agree on this issue, to each his or her own.
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