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  1. But Denny and the other guy are still dead, which makes them ghosts. Even if its an hallucination, it doesn't make them alive, they are still dead.
  2. You don't consider a man thats dead, who is standing next to meredith while she's at her death bed a ghost??? Meredith isn't dead yet because they didn't call her time of death. I never heard of an after-person, usually its a ghost.
  3. Meredith looked like death walking. Great show. I guess I can't believe anything Kristin from E! says anymore she said that someone would die this episode and the next and that denny wouldn't come back as a ghost/twin/in flashbacks, well he came back as a ghost. Kristin also said a big event would happen that could make or break the show. I'm really starting to think they are going to kill the Grey in Grey's anatomy, her life was already threatened last season would they do the same thing with the same result? I'm having doubts, and maybe Kristin got 1 out of 3 things right. I really don't
  4. Merediths mom was a total [[email protected]#$%^&*], we need to see more of her. I was sad when she went back into her alzheimers, it reminded me of the notebook. Ellen did rock tonight, now she is worthy of an emmy nom, I was surprised that she got nominated for GG, I was like for what????lol I wish they would do more with mark, he just stands around looking hot with nothing to do.lol An when Mark does do something its usually having sex. I would be shocked if dr. Burke is back next seasons, ABC has a history of getting rid of people that get out of line or ridiculous aka michael nader, david caru
  5. Hmm, I wonder if they are writing IW out, it seems very suspect that they have him proposing plus he's still injured and now the chief is staying so he's no longer up for the chiefs job. They have created so many ways to get rid of him its hilarious. I hope no one gets married, I don't think either couple really has been together long enough to even consider marriage. An I thought meridith mom had alzheimer's, and it looks as if next week she's all better, whats going on here?
  6. I had to laugh when that guy caught his face on fire, because everyone knows that a fire can ignite when there is oxygen in a room, is that the only guy in the world that doesn't know that???? I hope McSteamy didn't sleep with callie, I like her with geore and McSteamy with addison, don't ruin those relationships please. Funny how McDreamy gave up on Meredith, and then Meredith broke it off with McVet, guess she will be McWhoring around again.
  7. Well in keeping with the title of the episode, I hope McSteamy has his shirt off in at least one scene, thats my fantasy.
  8. What was up with DC's makeup she looked pale or maybe I'm just used to seeing her in more makeup. Loved her scenes with Yang, I can't wait tell Yang attempts to tell her off, thats gonna be fire. This episode was much better than the premiere. An how did anyone buy that those were Callie's underwear, meredith is like a size 3 and callie, well I won't go there. Loved McSteamy returning with just a towel on, that was HOT!!!!! I hope Addison and McSteamy stay, I don't want them to leave.
  9. I'm glad george didn't say I love you, because it would of been a lie. He needs to say it when he actually means it. I thought it was out of character for miranda to spend that much time with a patient, but on the other hand she almost lost her husband to a car accident so I think she could relate.
  10. They should of started off the season with a bigger bang than that, they do have big competition now with CSI. I liked the episode, but I definantly think CSI won in the ratings tonight, if they didn't I'll be shocked. Next week looks great, poor christina having to go up against Burk's mom(Dianhn Caroll). YIKES!!!!
  11. Love Mr. & Mrs. Smith, brad/angie are a great duo.
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