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ANOTHER WORLD 191 Bridget vs Michele Round 1





Bridget vs Michele Round 1

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, Beebs, DRW50

In this episode....

Stacey Winthrop

blogentry-14971-0-85829500-1428364778_th ,

John Hudson


Lindsay Winthrop


Gregory Hudson


Jake McKinnon


Vicky Hudson McKinnon


Michael Hudson


Donna Love


Bridget McKinnon


Michele McKinnon


Part 1


Stacey is sitting on the couch on her cell phone…

Stacey: Yes that’s what she told me. Jake told her that he wanted to forge a father/daughter relationship with her.

She gets up and walks toward the kitchen as she continues her conversation…

Stacey: Of course she’s always gonna think of you as her dad Derek. Don’t be ridiculous. Hold on I got a call. (she clicks over) Stacey Winthrop. Jake? What? Oh my God. I’ll...I’ll be right there. (she clicks back to Derek). Hey I gotta go. Something’s wrong with Lindsay.



John is in his office looking on his computer, and he receives a file from the lab labeled: Lindsay Winthrop test results. He opens it and examines the results.


Lindsay is lying on a bed dressed in a gown as Gregory holds vigil, and her hand.

Lindsay: What could be wrong with me? I really thought it was just gas. I...I can’t figure out what’s really going on. Why was all that blood coming out? What if it’s…?

Gregory: Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Lindsay: I can’t help it. What if something is terribly wrong?

Gregory: Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it together.


Meanwhile, outside of Lindsay’s room, Jake is about to open the door when Vicky approaches him.

Vicky: Hey.

Jake: Hi.

Vicky: Has Uncle John said anything about what’s going on with Lindsay yet?

Jake: No. We’re still waiting for the results.

Vicky: You...really seem worried about her.

Jake: Why wouldn’t I be Vicky? She’s my daughter.

Vicky: Nobody said you shouldn’t be.

Jake: I love all of my children.

Vicky: Since that’s the case, don’t forget about Michele.

Jake: Vicky I’m not doing this right now. Lindsay needs me right now.

Jake walks into Lindsay’s room and leaves Vicky standing where she is. Vicky folds her arms in when Michael and Donna approach her.

Michael: Any news on Lindsay?

Vicky: No.

Donna: Well where’s Jake?

Vicky: He just went in there with her.

Donna: Did anyone call Stacey?

Vicky: I don’t know Donna. I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

Donna: Jake should be here with you and trying to find out what’s going with Michele.

Vicky: My thoughts exactly.

Michael: Donna you’re not being fair.

Donna: Yes I’m being more than fair. Jake needs to be here for Michele, too. Lindsay isn’t the only daughter he has. We don’t know what state of mind Michele’s in right now, and she needs her mother and father.

Vicky: Once we undo what Reginald did to her, we’ll have the Michele that we all know and love back.

Donna: You’re in denial Victoria.

Michael sighs.

Michael: Listen we’re not gonna do this here okay. We need to see what’s taking Michele so long.

As Michael turns to go check on Michele, Stacey shows up.



Bridget and Michele face off.

Michele: Everybody’s waiting for me.

Bridget: You’re gonna tell me what you’re up to.

Michele: Are you sure you wanna do this now?

Bridget: Yes Michele...now.

Michele: OMG Bridget.

Bridget: What are you up to?

Michele: What are you talking about? Have you gone crazy or something?

Bridget: You come back, smash my picture, run roughshod through the living room, and then...wait a minute. You said something about me kissing your boyfriend. You saw us didn’t you? You say me and Cory kissing at Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding.

Michele: So you finally got your claws into him huh?

Bridget: How long have you really been back? You’ve been spying on us.

Michele: You’ve always wanted everything that I had. That’s why you got him drunk at the prom. It all started then didn’t it?

Bridget: I did some terrible things but…

Michele turns around, away from Bridget, and folds her arms.

Michele: You’ve always been jealous of me.

Bridget: I’m sorry about everything that I’ve done.

Michele (somewhat ignoring Bridget): And it ended with that car accident in front of the school.

Michele turns back around to face Bridget.

Michele: All because you were...and are...a selfish little bitch.





Donna, Vicky, and Michael, face Stacey.

Michael: Stacey.

Stacey: Where’s Lindsay? Do you know what’s wrong with her?

Donna: We don’t know anything. You have to check with John.

Stacey: Where is she? Where is my daughter?

Vicky (pointing to the room where Lindsay is): She’s in there. Michael: Jake’s in there, too.

Donna: Michael!

Michael: What?

Vicky: I bet you think this is your chance to make headway with Jake. After all, you are in love with him.

Stacey: Vicky this isn’t about you.

Donna: We’re not gonna let you destroy our family. Not this time.

Michael: Will you two cut it out?!

Stacey goes to where Lindsay, Jake and Gregory are as Donna turns to Michael.

Donna: You’re defending her now? After everything she’s done to us.

Michael: She doesn’t need to be attacked right now by you and Victoria. She’s obviously concerned about her daughter.

Vicky: Speaking of daughter, I’m gonna go see about Michele.

Donna: We’ll be right here honey.

Michael: I hope Lindsay’s okay. Stacey will be devastated if something was wrong her.

Donna looks at Michael wondering about the concern he is showing Stacey.


Meanwhile, Jake and Gregory are with Lindsay.

Jake: I called your mom. She’s on her way.

Lindsay: Why did you do that? I don’t want her to worry.

Gregory: You don’t have to be tough now. We’re all here for you.

Stacey walks in.

Stacey: Lindsay baby. What happened? Are you okay?

Lindsay: We...don’t know.

Stacey: Did they run any tests?

Gregory: We’re waiting for my dad to come back with the results.

Lindsay: Jake if you wanna go see about Michele, please go ahead.

Jake: Not until I know that you’re okay.

Lindsay: No. Go. I’ve got mom and Gregory here.

Jake: I’m not going anywhere. Not until John comes back with the results.

Stacey: Is it Bridget? What’s going on?

Jake: No...it’s Michele.

Jake turns around, and John appears, which gets everyone’s attention, and they all focus on him.

Jake: What’s going with my daughter?

John: Lindsay are you okay with having Gregory and your mother and father here?

Gregory clenches Lindsay’s right hand, and Stacey clenches her left hand on the other side of the bed, seemingly bracing themselves for what John might say.

Lindsay: Umm sure. Just tell us what’s...going on.

John: We got the results of the tests. It’s not good.

Lindsay: My God. Is it...cancer?


Meanwhile, Donna and Michael continue their conversation.

Donna: Stacey will be fine. Let her family take care of her.

Michael: Stacey and I were friends.

Donna: Even after she took Mikey from us, and represented Jamie in Steven’s custody case. I can’t see the concern that you have for her.

Michael: Donna what if it was Victoria or Marley in there? You would want someone to show you the same compassion.

Donna: Oh come on Michael. I have a heart. I don’t want anything bad to happen to Lindsay.

Michael: But you still hate Stacey.

Donna: This isn’t about her. It’s about our family. Our children, and grandchildren. I’m very concerned about Michele. Marley had a psychotic break after that fire and almost killed Victoria. I’m not gonna let the same thing happen to Michele and Bridget.


Michele turns around, and walks to the counter slowly. She secretly grabs a pair of gauze scissors and starts digging them into her left arm until she draws blood.

Michele: I was going to Harvard, but of course, you wanted to sabotage that my stealing my acceptance letter. If I didn’t respond in time, I would have gone on their lonnnng waiting list.

Bridget: Look I know what I did was wrong, it took me a long time to forgive myself for it.

Michele: My brain injury; spiking Cory’s drink at the prom; kissing him at the wedding; the fact that I have to learn how to read again..and you somehow made it...about you forgiving yourself. How fitting.

Bridget: Cory helped me to come to terms with what happened.

Michele: Cory? Ha! Not only are you a selfish bitch, you’re a manipulative bitch, too.

Bridget: You have every right to be angry.

Michele: You’re damned right I do.

Bridget: But I’m not gonna sit by and watch you carry out whatever it is you’re plotting.

Michele: I don’t care what you try to do sis, because you are going to pay for what you’ve done.

Bridget: You need help.

Michele: The only one who’s gonna need help...is you.

Vicky knocks on the door asking if Michele is in there and suddenly…

Michele: Bridget stop it! Mom help! Don’t hurt me!

Bridget: What? I’m not doing anything!

Michele races past Bridget, unlocks and opens the door, and hugs Vicky.

Vicky: What’s going on?

Michele: Mom she tried to attack me with these scissors! She cut me.

Michele shows Vicky her left arm as Vicky turns around, with her back now to Bridget, which has blood on it.

Bridget: She’s lying! I didn’t do that!

Michele: She’s still jealous of me just like before.

Bridget: My God she’s such a liar!

Vicky now turns to face Bridget...

Vicky: Shut up!

Bridget: Mom please tell me you’re not falling for this act!

Vicky: You snuck up here to attack your sister! Have you lost your mind?

Bridget: She’s the crazy one!

Vicky: How could you do this to your own sister?

Vicky hugs Michele.

Vicky: It’s gonna be okay honey. I’ll make sure Bridget never hurts you again.

While Vicky is hugging Michele, Michele flashes a devious smile toward Bridget, and Bridget starts to realize just how unstable Michele is.



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OOOOOO Michele is a smart one. I LOVE her new attitude. Bridget's world is gonna come down SO hard. Amazing work.

Really loved the tension in all the family scenes at the hospital. It was tight and focused. Very awesome work on all levels. Loved Donna dropping some history bombs on Michael about Stacey. Excellent on all levels. And I can't wait to see what you have planned.


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I AM SO HAPPY U R BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Wow you are back with a bang!

I am really worried for Lindsay. It is scaring me to think she could have cancer. And what is up with that crazy stunt Michele pulled? Reginald really did a number on her LOL. I think Donna is just worried. She is worried that Stacey is still playing those games. And she has every right to be worried. I did like all this family talk. It moved in a modern/traditional soap twist. These were well thought out scenes.


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WOW!! Great show. I love this story regarding Jake and all his kids. The timing is so perfect and I just love the layers and built up emotion between Michele and Bridget. This is all so bitter sweet to me esp since Ive been reading since day. This story keeps getting better and better and u got all the main layers right where they should be.

It was nice seeing Donna and Mike talk about the isues of their family. I miss those scenes. ALl the tensions and turmoil. SO great.

A very good episode Cary. This McKinnon saa is red hot. It's really driving your show

Like Alex said the story and episode was very tight.

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The McKinnons and all the wonderful and different feelings going on with them all. Both Jake and Vicky being stubborn about their kids. The tension between the whole family is just great. And Michele and Bridget is just a fantastic little rivalry. Tho it goes well beyond just a rivalry. As crazy as she seems to be atm I'm #teamMichele all the way

And the wonderful thing is how natural of a call back this is to Vicky and Marley

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Poor Lindsay.

Seeing Vicky lash out at Stacey even as her daughter is ill is horrific to read, but so in character for Vicky.

Oh Michael, you were more than "friends" with Stacey - I have the eye scars to prove it...

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