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ANOTHER WORLD 192 Family bonds and family problems




Family problems

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50



Allen Love pays a visit. After Marley lets him in and shuts the door, he escorts her to the couch in the living room. They both sit down…

Allen: You need to close that window.

Marley: It’s a nice night. I wanted to feel the breeze.

Allen: I guess so, being that you can’t really get out.

Marley: It is so good to see you. It’s been a while.

Allen: Donna told me that you were on bed rest so I didn’t want to interrupt that.

Marley: Oh you know that you’re always welcome here.

Allen: I don’t know if my brother sees it that way.

Marley: You know I’d really would like if you two would mend fences, preferably before my son enters the world.

Allen: From the looks of things that’s gonna happen very soon.

Marley: Yeah Roman is coming. The newest addition to our crazy family.

Allen: That little one in your stomach isn’t the only one.

Marley: Vicky called and told me. Michele’s back.

Allen: That’s amazing. I’m sure Vicky and Jake are happy.



Jake, Stacey and Gregory await Lindsay’s prognosis from John.

John: We got the results of the tests. It’s not good.

Lindsay: My God. Is it...cancer?

Jake: Cancer?

Stacey: She’s too young for that.

John: We can’t tell right now, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to jump to that conclusion.

Gregory: What did you find dad?

John: Lindsay you have unusually large polyps on your uterus. I’ve scheduled you for an emergency biopsy. I’m gonna need to get you prepped.

Stacey: We’ll be right here honey. We’re not going anywhere.

John: You all can wait in the waiting area for her.

Gregory: I’m gonna be here when you get out of the O.R. okay.

Lindsay: Of course.



Stacey, Jake, and Gregory walk up to Donna and Michael.

Donna: Jake, Vicky went to see about Michele.

Michael: How’s Lindsay?

Stacey: She’s...being prepped for a biopsy. My miracle baby can’t have cancer.

Jake: We don’t know that yet Stacey. Let’s wait until after the procedure.

Donna: I...hope Lindsay’s gonna be okay.

Stacey: I’m going to the waiting room.

Gregory: I’m going with you.

As Stacey and Gregory walk away, Vicky walks up with Michele and her bandaged left arm, with Bridget right behind them.

Jake: Michele, what happened to your arm?

Vicky: Good I’m glad you’re here.

Bridget: I didn’t do anything. Michele did this to herself.

Vicky: Stop lying!

Jake: Bridget what are you doing here. I thought you were at home.

Michael: Michele just tell us what happened.

Michele: I was…gonna come out of the room when Bridget came in. She grabbed the scissors and charged at me. I put my arm to block…

Bridget: Oh my God!

Michele: And she cut my arm.

Michele beings to make like she’s going to cry.

Michele: All I want to do is be sisters. Why do you hate me so much?

Bridget shakes her head in disbelief.

Michael: Bridget honey. Did you do that? Did you attack your sister?

Bridget: Don’t tell me you guys believe her? I would never do that.

Michele: Mom can you take me home please?

Vicky: Of course honey.

Jake: Not so fast.




Marley: I need to call Vicky and get Michele’s cell phone number. I wanna talk to her. So tell me, what’s going on with you? I heard we got another addition to the family.

Allen: K.C.?

Marley: Yes.

Allen: Toni and Etta Mae lied to me and her.

Marley: I’m surprised to hear that Toni would keep you from your own daughter. Not so much from Etta Mae.

Allen: I heard about what happened back then.

Marley: She tried to keep me and Tyrone apart.

Allen: But she didn’t. He loves you Marley.

Marley: I know that now, more than ever. We almost didn’t make it.

Allen: Listen cuz, stop thinkin’ like that. We got one crazy ass family, but we’re gonna be there for each other.

Marley: You know what...positive thoughts only.

Allen: That’s it cuz. We gon’ think the best, especially for Roman.

Marley (looking away): Right.

Allen: So why aren’t you convincing me?

Marley: I can’t help but to think what our grandfather has up his sleeve.

Allen: He’s in Tanquir. He can’t do anything to us. We won’t let him.

Suddenly they hear a noise...

Marley: What was that?

Allen: That’s why I told you to close that window.

Allen opens the door and looks outside.

Allen: Who’s there?

To Allen’s right, Joy hides, unseen, behind the bushes.



Gregory is with Stacey…

Stacey: This isn’t fair.

Gregory: She had been having pains in her stomach. She told me it was just gas.

Stacey: Lindsay’s always trying to be strong.

Gregory: That’s what I love about your daughter.

Stacey: Lindsay is my miracle baby. After I lost my first baby I thought I couldn’t have children. I can’t lose her to cancer.

Gregory: We’re not gonna lose her Stacey. Whatever my dad says it is, we’re gonna get through it. We’re gonna be there for Lindsay.

Stacey: Damned right! Thank you.

Gregory: For what?

Stacey: Loving my daughter. I’m glad she has you in her life. Means a lot to me.

Stacey’s eyes begin to well up, and Gregory holds her.

Gregory: We’re gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna work out the way it’s supposed to.

Meanwhile, John walks up in his scrubs and mask, unseen by Stacey and Gregory, and sees them embrace.

John: Hi.

Stacey: Oh...uh...John. How’s Lindsay?

John: She’s in the recovery room. We got a couple of samples from the polyps. They’re running tests now. She’ll be sleeping through the night, so why don’t you guys go home, get some sleep and...come back in the morning. We’ll know more by then.

Gregory: You mean...if she has cancer.

Stacey: We’re not gonna think that way. We’re gonna wait till morning. Did you tell Jake?

John: I didn’t see him.

Stacey: He might be checking up on Michele.


Jake: I wanna know exactly what went on in that room.

Vicky: Michele just told you. Bridget attacked her.

Bridget: I didn’t do anything! She did this to herself!

Jake: She cut herself?

Bridget: Come on dad. You’ve gotta believe me. Michele has been acting weird since she got back.

Donna: This is all so strange.

Jake (looking at Michele): Very.

Michele: Dad, you know Bridget was jealous of me before the accident, and it seems like she still is.

John interrupts them all and approaches Jake.

John: I’m sorry. Jake I have news about Lindsay.

Jake: Okay.

John: Let’s go to my office.

Michael: I think we all should go home. It’s been quite a night.

Vicky: I agree. Let’s go Michele.

Bridget: I’ll be along later.

Vicky: No you won’t.

Bridget: What?

Vicky: I don’t want you anywhere near Michele.

Donna: Victoria what are you saying?

Vicky: Bridget can go home with you. I want her out of my house.



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Good Solid follow up.

Again the familial relationships you wre are so awesome. Jake is between Lindsey and cihell.

Wow now Vicky dont want Bridget at home. WOW!!

Michele is really doing a number.

I also hope Lids doesn't have cancer. It was nice to Greg and Stacy bond.

And also nice scene with marley and Allen. Also a touch of back history but I wonder what Joy is up to or who she is working for. Funny how they heard that nosie as tey were talking about reggie.

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OOO, I am loving this. Michele has really pulled the wool over Vicky's eyes. But Bridget has been asking for this for a long time. I could just see the confrontation between Jake, Vicky, Michele and Bridget playing out in my head. Really really good stuff.

Lindsay may have cancer, oh jeez. Wonder what will happen with that. Gregory's really showing his love for her. Great family moments there.

Oh Jeez Joy is back at it. Reginald is all tied up in this mess, isn't he?

Can't wait for the next episode.

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Marley and Allen were wonderful scenes!!! You had those set up wonderfully. But, what is going to go on with Joy.That I cannot wait to see. Good job on that mystery.

I hope Lindsay doesn't have cancer. If she does, it will make for some good drama! I loved Stacey in this episode. It was wonderful to also see everyone connect.

I hope that this Michele Bridget thing goes on and on and on. I am absolutely loving it!

You did good Cary! Can't wait for #193!!!

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This whole Michele vs Bridget thing is money! lol

And I really hope Lindsay is okay as well

The family dynamics have been built up so well! Its getting intense and I love every minute of it. Cant say I feel sorry for Bridget at allll tho lolol. Comeuppance!

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Laughed at Donna somewhat grudgingly being kind about Lindsay.

Poor Lindsay.

Good to check back in with Marley after her being out for a while. Now that Michele has become her I wonder how they will interact.

It's good drama to see Jake and Vicky further divided over their daughters.

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