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ANOTHER WORLD 190 Grant and Christy arouse suspicion




Grant and Christy arouse suspicion

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, DRW50

AT THE WINTHROPS - Someone knocks on the door and Cassblogentry-14971-0-17521100-1420511428_th opens it. It’s Charlie.blogentry-14971-0-75511600-1420511495_th

Cass: Heeeeey!!! You’re back!

Charlie: Yep.

Frankieblogentry-14971-0-51150400-1420511520_th walks in.

Frankie: Hey honey!

Cass: How was it?

Charlie: Oh come on. You guys know how honeymoons go.

Frankie: We sure do.

Charlie: It was magical.

Frankie: You didn’t wanna come back did you?

Charlie: Kirkland and I could have laid there forever. It was like there was no world outside. Just us.

Cass: I know that feeling.

Frankie: You must have had a long flight. Are you hungry?

Charlie: Not really. Thanks mom.

Cass: Where’s Kirkland?

Charlie: He went to see his father.


GRANT’S HOUSE - Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-94220300-1420511542_th rings the doorbell and Christyblogentry-14971-0-48427700-1420511561_th answers.

Christy: Hi Kirkland.

Kirkland walks past Christy looking around.

Kirkland: Where’s my dad?

Christy: He’s getting dressed. You can wait for him.

Kirkland: Are you dad’s housekeeper or something Christy?

Christy: Far from that my dear.

Kirkland: What are you doing here anyway? Especially after you crashed me and my wife’s wedding reception.

Christy: Look I...I owe you an apology.

Kirkland: You’re damned right. You and your creepy son.

Christy: Eric is not creepy, and he had nothing to do with it. It was all my idea. I shouldn’t have done it.

A fully dressed Grantblogentry-14971-0-88425400-1420511589_th walks in.

Grant: Hey son! When did you get back?

Kirkland: Couple hours ago. Dad can I speak to you for a minute?

Christy: I’ll...go into the study.

Kirkland and Grant look to make sure she’s out of sight, then Kirkland turns his attention to Grant.

Kirkland: Dad what is she doing here?

Grant: Can’t I be charitable?

Kirkland: Charity? So you just gave this woman, who tormented Charlie’s parents, a place to live?

Grant: Are you saying that I am not giving? I’ll have you know that I give to a lot of organizations.

Kirkland: Yeah, especially to the ones that you can get a big tax write off for.

Grant: Did you learn comedy on your honeymoon?

Kirkland: Dad you never answered my question? What is Christy Carson doing here? I noticed you two made eye contact when she showed up uninvited at Tops.

Grant: Son I can’t get into that right now.

Kirkland: Come on dad. Are we gonna go down this road again? I read that her parole was denied. After that she gets out, and now she’s living here. What’s going on?

Grant: She’s....helping me to get Paulina back.

Kirkland: Are you on that again? Why would Christy help you to do that?

Grant: Because I love Paulina. I never stopped.

Kirkland: Nahhh there’s something more to it than that.

Grant: I’ll have to tell you later son. Hey why don’t you go see your mother. I’m sure she’d be happy to see you.


AT THE MCKINNONS - In front of the house, Jakeblogentry-14971-0-67057400-1420511617_th, Vickyblogentry-14971-0-08253100-1420511646_th, Michaelblogentry-14971-0-25663900-1420511669_th and Donnablogentry-14971-0-50601400-1420511691_th are all discussing Micheleblogentry-14971-0-84689000-1420511716_th

Jake: Vicky are you serious?

Vicky: Are you telling me that Reginald isn’t capable of poisoning her mind?

Michael: He held me prisoner for over twenty years. He sure can brainwash my granddaughter.

Donna (turning to Michael): For some reason, though, I don’t think that’s the case. Bridget did some questionable things that lead to Michele’s accident.

Vicky: Yeah, she did.

Michael: So that’s why you think Michele might be angry at Bridget. What do you think she’s gonna do?

Donna: I have no idea, but I have a very bad feeling.

Vicky: So you think that...Michele is gonna do something to Bridget, just like Marley did something to me?

Donna: Yes, and we’ve got to stop it.

Vicky: Michele is not gonna hurt her sister.

Jake has a flashback..


Jake: It’s a long story honey, but it turns out that Lindsay Winthrop is my daughter.

Michele: My goodness.

Bridget: And she’s a deceitful lying little bitch, and I want nothing to do with her.

Michele looks at Bridget, then looks at Jake.

Michele: Well...I’d like to meet her.

Jake flashes back to the present…

Jake: Wait a minute. I know exactly where Michele is.

They all follow Jake, and Bridget comes out, and follows everyone else.


HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM - Michele is with Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-41033800-1420511748_th and Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-70141200-1420511774_th

Gregory: Thank you.

Michele: She looked she was in a lot of pain. I’m just glad I was here for you.

Lindsay: And it was really sweet of you to stay with me. Thank you.

Gregory: Hey I’m Greg.

Lindsay: And my name’s Lindsay. It’s nice to meet you...uh…

Lindsay extends her right hand to Michele, and Michele has a flashback (EPISODE 184).

Jake: Um…

Bridget: Lindsay came to Bay City and lied to all of us. She tried to be my friend, knowing all the while that she was my sister.

Michele: Our sister?

Jake: It’s a long story honey, but it turns out that Lindsay Winthrop is my daughter.

Michele: My goodness.

Bridget: And she’s a deceitful lying little bitch, and I want nothing to do with her.

Michele looks at Bridget, then looks at Jake.

Michele: Well...I’d like to meet her.

Michele flashes back to the present.

Michele: I’m Michele.

Lindsay: Oh...nice to meet you.

Gregory: I appreciate you being here for Lindsay.

Michele: Oh it’s not problem.

Michele tries to walk past them and Lindsay stops her as she approaches the door.

Lindsay: Wait Michele. You said that John was your uncle.

Gregory: My dad?

Lindsay: Yeah. Who are you? Jake had a daughter named Michele..

Michele: I really need to go.

Lindsay grabs her arm before she can open the door.

Lindsay: What kind of game are you playing?




Cass: He went to see Grant? What’s the matter with him? He doesn’t wanna shoot the breeze with his in-laws?

Charlie: He wants to see parents just as I want to see mine.

Frankie: I’m sure we’ll all catch up later. When did you get back?

Charlie: About a couple of hours ago.

Cass puts his arm around Frankie’s shoulder.

Charlie: So have you heard anything from Christy Carson since she showed up at the reception?

Frankie: I’ve...I’ve seen her.

Cass: What do you mean Frankie?

Frankie: She asked to meet with me the other day.

Charlie: Why?

Frankie: She apologized for crashing the reception.

Cass: I can’t believe you would even meet with her. Come on you’re not falling for this!

Frankie: That’s what Felicia said.

Cass: Christy is pulling you into her web.

Frankie: I’m giving her a second chance Cass. Who am I to hold a grudge?

Charlie: I wasn’t born yet when Christy did all those things to you, but, from what I heard, it was really bad mom. I think you need to be careful where she’s concerned.

Cass: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her, but she won’t listen.

Frankie: Come on I wasn’t born yesterday. You think I don’t have questions myself? Her parole was denied, and then she was miraculously released.

Cass: Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Frankie: Of course it does, and you guys are just gonna have to trust me. If Christy is up to something, I’m gonna find out what it is.


Christy creeps up to the living room and listens as Kirkland and Grant continue their conversation.

Kirkland: I’ll see mom later. We’re talking about you and Christy.

Grant: Listen I’ve told you everything that I’m going to tell you. The less you know, the better.

Kirkland: You called in a favor didn’t you? You got the governor to pardon Christy of her crimes so she can help you get Paulina back? That’s a crock dad.

Christy, while listening, has a flashback.


Christy: Eric, I’m so glad to see you! Did you do it?

Eric: Yep. I got everything out of there. It wasn’t easy though.

Christy: Oh my sweet boy. You sure know how to make your mama proud.

Then she has another flashback...(EPISODE 155)

Grant: I’m gonna ask you again, what happened to Scooter?

Christy: He and I were good friends, and I’m gonna miss him dearly.

Grant: What the hell are you talking about? I just talked to him about an hour ago.

Christy: Well, Scooter had an unfortunate…occurrence. From what I heard, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand the pressure of knowing what he knew, so he killed himself. Luckily for him, he had a friend like me, so what he knew, I now know.

Grant: And just what is it that you think you have knowledge of?

Christy: I know that it’s something you’ve been looking for, but that’s not all.

Grant: I don’t think you have any idea who you’re trying to play games with.

Christy: Oh. I know exactly who you are. You’re the very powerful, very wealthy, Grant Harrison. If you want something to happen, it usually does.

Grant: I’m leaving.

Grant turns to leave and then...

Christy: I also know about your connection to Mary-Frances’s twin brother, and I know where the dossier is.

Grant: It was you. Who did you order to break into my house?

Christy: Now I’ve got your attention. I’m not gonna ask you for much...just one small favor...get me the hell out of here.

Christy interrupts Grant and Kirkland’s conversation.

Christy: Oh I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but overhearing. I am very grateful for your father helping me to get out of that facility. The least I could do is to help him get back the woman he loves.

Kirkland looks back and forth at Grant and Christy.

Kirkland: No...something’s not right here. This isn’t over dad.

Kirkland leaves.

Grant: He’s getting suspicious.

Christy: That much I gathered.

Grant: You’re gonna need to move out.

Christy: I’d like a suite downtown.

Grant: Whatever. I’ll make a call.

Christy: You better throw Kirkland off our trail, because if you don’t, this could blow up in all of our faces. Where did he go anyway?

Grant: I presume he went to tell his mother’s side of the family that he’s back in town.


Lindsay: I asked you a question.

Gregory: How do you know my dad?

Michele: I told her he was a friend of the family.

Lindsay: You said he was your uncle, and you have the same name of my dead sister. Whatever game you’re playing, it’s very cruel.

Michele: It’s not a game!

Lindsay: Then what is this? Who are you?

Jake, Vicky, Donna, and Michael walk in.

Lindsay: Jake, what are you doing here?

Jake goes directly to Michele.

Jake: I knew you’d come here.

Lindsay: You knew what? What’s going on?

Donna and Michael also slowly approach Michele.

Donna: Honey, what did you say to Lindsay?

Michele: Why is everyone treating me like I’m fragile?

Michael: Baby we’re just concerned.

Michele: Nothing is wrong. I just came to see…

Lindsay: Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Jake: This is your sister Michele. Reginald changed her face. She knew who you were all along.

Vicky: Why is everyone ganging up on her? You are acting as though she committed a crime. All she came to do is see Lindsay.

Lindsay: No wonder she said John was her uncle.

Gregory: My God...you’re...you’re alive. Wow.

Lindsay suddenly doubles over in pain as she grabs her stomach. She notices blood on one of her thighs...and so does Gregory.

Gregory: Lindsay?

Jake: My God.

Gregory: We’re going to see a doctor.

Lindsay: I’m...fine.

Gregory: This isn’t gas.

Jake: What’s going on?

Gregory: She’s been having stomach pains.

Gregory, Lindsay, and Jake leave as Donna, Michael and Vicky continue to talk to Michele.

Donna: Why don’t you come with us? We’ll take you home.

Vicky: Why don’t we all go...and see if Jake needs anything.

Michael: Honey we’ll be waiting by the elevators for you.

Vicky: I love you.

Donna: We all do.

Michele: I’ll be right behind you.

Michael, Vicky and Donna leave the exam room. Michele takes a deep breath, and walks to the door, but before she approaches it, Bridget walks in and locks it.

Michele: I was leaving.

Bridget: No...not yet.

Michele: Everybody’s waiting for me.

Bridget: You’re gonna tell me what you’re up to.

Michele: Are you sure you wanna do this now?

Bridget: Yes Michele...now.



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What a fantastic episode!!! This episode was very interesting. I cannot believe you only have 10 more to go before your 200th! So, let's get started dissecting this episode. Cass/Frankie/Charlie were very good family scenes. It held up who they truly are, and how the characters operate. I can't wait until Charlie finds out about Kirk!!! I LOVED Christy in this episode!!! Her character his kick ass. And how she eavesdropped on Kirk/Grant was classic. Kirk tries to figure his father out, but it always seems to blow up in his face. Jake/Vicky/Donna/Michael had a reasonable discussion. They dissected what is really going on in the whole family at the moment. Finally, Lindsay/Michele/Gregory/Vicky/Jake/Donna/Michael scenes were very well done! And I wonder what Bridget is going to do to Michele.

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I've said it before, but you have a terrific ear for dialogue. When I was reading the argument between Kirkland and Grant, I "heard" Grant's voice throughout. That's not easy to do.

Also a great choice to have Michele meeting Lindsay dovetail into everyone finding out about Lindsay's illness.

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