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ANOTHER WORLD 189 Carl has a clandestine meeting




Carl has a clandestine meeting

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproductions, beebs, DRW50

AT THE BLAKES - A fully dressed and seemingly focused Felicia (Linda Dano)blogentry-14971-0-98354100-1419827340_th walks into the living room and grabs her laptop. Mitch (William Espy)blogentry-14971-0-97817600-1419827358_th greets her.

Mitch: Headed out?

Felicia: Yes I have a meeting at Cory Productions.

Mitch: To discuss your movie deal.

Felicia: Yes.

Felicia does not look at Mitch. She looks around, and sees her bracelet on the table. She goes to grab it and puts it on. Mitch comes up behind and starts to kiss her on her neck. Felicia starts to slow down and enjoy the kisses, but she refocuses and pulls away.

Mitch: Can’t your agent go in your place?

Felicia: I told him not to. I want to discuss this in person.

Mitch: Well...okay, but hurry back. I want to spend some quality time with my lovely wife.

Felicia: Of course.

Mitch: Good luck.

Felicia: Thank you honey.

Felicia leaves and Mitch goes to his cell phone and makes a phone call.

Mitch: Hey it’s Mitch. Just checking on you. I know you had a lot to drink at Kirk and Charlie’s wedding reception. Call me back.


HUDSONS HOUSE - Sharlene (Anna Holbrook)blogentry-14971-0-52127800-1419827388_th comes downstairs as someone rings the doorbell. She puts her cell phone on the coffee table, closes her robe and opens the door for Frankie (Alice Barrett) blogentry-14971-0-84897400-1419827410_th

Sharlene: Frankie!

Frankie: Hi.

They hug each other warmly.

Sharlene: I’m so glad you came.

Frankie: How’s my favorite aunt?

Sharlene (sighing): I’m good. Come in. Do you want some tea?

Frankie: No not right now.

Sharlene: Are you sure?

Frankie: I just came to see how you were doing.

Sharlene: After my drunken rant at Charlie and Kirkland’s wedding. I owe you and Charlie a huge apology.

Frankie: No no no it’s okay.

Sharlene: I had a Sharly Watts moment.

Frankie: Thank God she’s gone. Where’s John?

Sharlene: He went to the hospital.

Frankie gets up and walks toward the kitchen.

Sharlene: I know what you’re going to make.

Frankie: Do you have chamomile or green?

Sharlene smiles.

Sharlene: Chamomile.

As Frankie walks away, Sharlene’s cell phone vibrates, alerting her of a voice mail. She listens to it and makes a phone call.

Sharlene: Mitch its me. I’m doing fine. Really? She’s back? I’m gonna talk to Frankie about it. Oh Matthew’s back. You must be thrilled.

Meanwhile, Frankie, unseen by Sharlene, is holding a tray with tea cups looking at Sharlene.


CORY MANSION – Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) blogentry-14971-0-57140400-1419827457_th is in the living room as Matt (Matt Crane) blogentry-14971-0-34134900-1419827489_thwalks in, and notices something…

Matt: Mom.

Rachel: Hiii honey. Nice of you to drop in.

Rachel goes up and hugs Matt.

Matt: Sorry I’ve been busy at the office.

Rachel: When did you get back?

Matt: A couple of days ago.

Rachel: And you’re just now coming to see me? What kind of son are you?

Matt: You’re sculpting.

Rachel: You’ve always had a keen eye for the obvious.

Matt: You only do that when something’s on your mind.

Rachel: Something is on my mind actually.

Matt: Care to talk about it?

Cory (Drew Tyler Bell)blogentry-14971-0-11383000-1419827519_th walks in and interrupts.

Cory: It’s because of me.

Matt: Cory. Hey little bro.

Cory: Hey Matt. Can I…talk to mom alone for a minute?

Matt: Um I…may have an idea of what this is about.

Cory: You do?

Matt: About your dad.

Rachel: Yes I…I told Matthew and Paulina where I was taking Carl.


CORY PRODUCTIONS – Paulina (Judi Evans)blogentry-14971-0-90233600-1419827552_th walks into Amanda’s (Sandra Dee Robinson) blogentry-14971-0-83019900-1419827581_thoffice, while Amanda is engrossed with whatever is on her computer. Paulina nervously approaches her with papers.

Paulina: Amanda.

Amanda (not looking at Paulina): Hey.

Paulina: You…need to see these. I was gonna wait until Matthew came back, but this can’t wait.

Amanda still does not look at Paulina.

Amanda: Okay leave them on my desk and I’ll take a look at them.

Paulina: I got these off the printer. They didn’t do well at all.

Paulina gives Amanda the papers.

Amanda: These are the ratings for the show we produced for Webflix?

Paulina: Yeah unfortunately.

Amanda: This isn’t good at all.

Paulina: The board is getting very antsy.

Amanda: Oh they’ll be fine. I’m expecting Felicia to come by.

Paulina: About the movie deal?

Felicia knocks on the open door. She walks in but does not shut the door.

Amanda: Hi Felicia. Come on in. Please have a seat.

Felicia: Hi Paulina. Amanda.

Paulina: Hi.

Felicia: How’s Rachel doing these days? I’m sure she’s been great since Carl’s returned.


Rachel: I had to protect you and your sister.

Cory: So everybody knew that my dad was in Monticello except for me?

Rachel: No honey it wasn’t like that.

Matt: Reginald Love was still out there, and he didn’t want anyone to know that he was alive, so mom couldn’t tell you where she took Carl. It would have put all of us in danger.

Cory: But she told you and Paulina.

Rachel: I could not have you coming to see him at the Cavanaugh Clinic. He had to get well. There’s no telling what Reginald would have done.

Cory: You lied and said that he was in Springfield.

Rachel: I never said that Carl was in Springfield. Wherever did you get that idea?

Cory: We went there to look for dad, and we couldn’t find him.

Rachel: We? Who did you go with?

Cory: Iris.


Amanda: Mom seems fine, but you never really know with her.

Felicia: I know…well let’s get down to business shall we? Do…you want to wait for Matthew to come?

Paulina: No. Let’s get right to it.

Amanda: I’ll inform him when he comes back to the office.

Iris (Catherine Hickland) blogentry-14971-0-54939600-1419827618_thwalks up to the door and decides to listen as she notices Felicia in the office.

Felicia: Okay. Just so we’re clear, this is about me selling you the rights to three of my books, and make them into movies.

Amanda: Yes of course.

Felicia: Normally my agent would speak to you, but since we’re all friends I…I thought I would come here myself and talk terms. We got your initial bid, but my agent and I thought that your price was too low.

Iris now listens intently.





Rachel: I didn’t discuss Springfield with anyone except Matthew and Paulina.

Cory: I don’t know how she found out.

Rachel: She probably overheard us somehow.

Matt: I’m surprised you would even be spending any time with Iris.

Rachel: Me, too, given how she feels about your father.

Cory: She really helped me get through that. You weren’t even returning any of my phone calls.

Rachel: Honey, listen, I didn’t mean to make you worry, but I’m not going to apologize for protecting you.

Matt: All that matters now is that your dad is home. Reginald is in Tanquir and everybody’s safe.

Rachel: Are you still angry about it?

Cory (smiling): No. Like you said, dad is back home and he’s well.


Carl (Charles Keating)blogentry-14971-0-63793600-1419827723_th is upstairs on his cell phone.

Carl: I need to see you. I’m on my way.

Carl hangs up the phone, grabs a tissue, and blots it against his right nostril, and he looks at the blood on the tissue.

Carl: This can’t be happening again.


Frankie gently places the tray on the coffee table and sits next to Sharlene.

Frankie: Who was that?

Sharlene: That was Mitch.

Frankie: Hmm.

Frankie takes a sip of her tea.

Sharlene: He was just checking on me.

Frankie: That’s nice of him. Seems like you two have become friends.

Sharlene: He helped me through the whole Janice thing, even when John didn’t. I’ll be forever grateful to him for that.

Frankie: Yeah. You mentioned Matthew.

Sharlene: Mitch said he was back in town.

Frankie: Talk about gratitude.

Sharlene: I bet you wanna talk to him.

Frankie: He saved my life.


THE CENTER - Felicia is walking when Iris walks up behind her.

Iris: Felicia.

Felicia turns around.

Felicia: Hi Iris.

Iris: Do you have a minute?

Felicia: Thirty seconds.

Iris: Oh this won’t take long.

Felicia: I hope not.

Iris: I hear you’re looking to turn three of your novels to movies.

Felicia: How did you find out about that?

Iris: I have my ways.

Felicia: I have to leave.

Iris: I’ll double what Cory Productions is paying you. Let KBAY produce your movies.

Felicia laughs.

Iris: Is something funny?

Felicia: Rachel is one my dearest friends. Do you really think I would align with you on anything?

Iris: This is business. This has nothing to do with Rachel.

Felicia: But it has everything to do with you wanting to hurt Cory Productions, and I’m not going to be part of that.

Felicia turns around to walk away…

Iris: Triple.

Felicia turns back around to face Iris.

Iris: I will triple whatever Cory Productions is offering you. Talk to your agent. I’m sure he’ll tell you take my offer.

Felicia: Forget it Iris. I’m not going to take your offer.

Felicia walks away and Iris takes out her cell phone and makes a phone call.

Iris: I need papers drawn up, and delivered to Felicia Gallant.


Rachel and Cory hug.

Cory: Well I’m headed out.

Rachel: Okay honey. I’ll see you later.

Cory leaves Matt and Rachel in the living room.

Matt: I’m gonna go to the office.

Rachel: Matthew wait.

Matt: What is it mom?

Rachel: You were right about one thing. I am a bit worried.

Matt: I thought it was about Cory.

Rachel: No, it’s about his father. He hasn’t been quite himself since he’s been back.


ROOM - Carl sits on a chair and someone wearing a lab coat walks in walks in with x-rays.

Carl: Thank you for making time for me doctor.

The doctor turns the lights on, and places the x-rays on them. On the pocket of the lab coat, there is an ID tag that reads: Russell Matthews, MD (Jed Allan).blogentry-14971-0-77402200-1419827315_th



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Wow!!! What a powerful episode! So, much is being set up. I enjoyed the Frankie/Sharlene scenes. When you write them as scene partners you stay true to their characters. I LOVED how Felicia stood her ground in this episode. Felicia is such a jammed pack character. She stood her ground with Michael, Cory Productions, and especially Iris. Iris trying to reel in Felicia was great. It shows that this bitch will never win!!! The Rachel/Matt/Cory scenes were nice. I like how you capture the family aspect of the soap. It really keeps the show at this whole normal aspect. Everytime you play a family or a friendship card it shows that these people are at least as human as it can get. Fianlly, Carl. I can't believe you are beginning to spell the end for this character. It is gonna be so hard to see him go. I even started to cry when blood came on the napkin. I knew that scene was going to truly start it all. But, then the whole Russ thing. Good re-introduction to a fan favorite. I'm happy to see you are going to do this goodbye Carl storyline in true ANOTHER WORLD fashion! Keep up the good work Cary! Can't wait to see more!!!!

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  • Members

Poor Carl :/ Its getting to be a realistic life turn for him.

You do such a remarkable job and character driven stories and scenes and everything is FELT. Its fantastic!

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I realized I never left a comment on some of these...

Loved Iris trying to get to Rachel and the Corys through Felicia. Great writing.

Having the bond between Sharlene and Mitch grow, as those close to them struggle with it, is a very smart choice.

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