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ANOTHER WORLD 188 Vicky is in denial




Vicky is in denial

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: beebs, aMLCproduction, DRW50

BAY CITY CENTER...The Coffee Shop…

K.C. (Saleisha Stowers)blogentry-14971-0-45980800-1419202256_th walks in, and notices Eric (Jason Shane Scott) blogentry-14971-0-28672400-1419202308_th, who is wearing his green smock, working behind the counter. K.C. smiles and walks up to it, and Eric approaches the register.

Eric: May I help you?

K.C.: You sure can. May I have a hot chocolate please?

Eric: Sure.

Eric rings it up…

Eric: 2.45

K.C. looks inside her purse, which has no money in it.

K.C.: Oh I...I’m a little short. Can you put it on the house...handsome?

Eric smiles.

Eric: Is that how cute girls like you get over?

Suddenly, Allen (Sean Blakemore) blogentry-14971-0-41256600-1419202424_th comes from behind K.C., puts a five dollar bill on the counter, and slides it to Eric.

Allen: Keep the change.

Allen then takes K.C. by her arm and escorts her to a table off to the side.

K.C.: Let go of me!

K.C. angrily tries to free herself, but doesn’t get free until Allen releases her, and when he does, K.C. slaps him.

K.C.: What the hell do you think you’re doing? You embarrassed me!

Allen: Look I know we’ve been father and daughter for two minutes, but I gotta tell you, don’t think about getting involved with that guy!

K.C.: What?

Allen: He crashed Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding reception; he and his crazy ass mother. You’d do good to stay away from him.


GRANT’S HOUSE - Christy (Robin Mattson) blogentry-14971-0-67965700-1419202471_th picks up the house phone and makes a call.

Christy: I was wondering if we could meet.


MCKINNONS HOUSE - Out front, Donna (Anna Stuart) blogentry-14971-0-48090600-1419202505_th and Michael (Kale Browne)blogentry-14971-0-22513700-1419202536_th approach the door, and Michael puts his arms around Donna’s waist.

Michael: Wait a minute.

He kisses the mother of two of his children and the woman he married four times, and makes her smile for a moment.

Donna: I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not gonna work.

Michael: Come on we wanna bring...some cheer to Victoria. You don’t want her to know that you’re worried.

Donna: I can’t help it Michael. I saw this all happen sixteen years ago with Marley and Victoria, and it’s like I’m watching history repeat itself with our granddaughters. I’ve got to warn her.

Vicky (Jensen Buchanan) blogentry-14971-0-99502700-1419202576_th opens the door and walks up to her parents.

Vicky: Warn me about who? Michele?

Michael: Donna thinks there might be a problem.

Donna: That’s because there is a problem Michael. Is she here?

Vicky: No.

Jake (Tom Eplin) blogentry-14971-0-05892400-1419202613_th walks up to them.

Donna: Well where did she go?

Jake: That’s what I’d like to know.

Vicky: Are you here to get some of your things?

Jake: I’m looking for Michele.

Donna: You, too?

Jake: I gotta talk to her.


HOSPITAL - Lindsay (Kate Mansi) blogentry-14971-0-06639000-1419202660_th walks up to the nurse’s station, looks on the computer, and calls Gregory (Adam Gregory) blogentry-14971-0-66421200-1419202698_th.

Lindsay: Hey there. Yeah I’m looking on my list of appointments and I don’t have another one for two and half hours, and since you don’t have football practice, I was thinking maybe we could...make the most of our time. Sounds good. I’ll wait here.

Lindsay hangs up and starts walking toward the water cooler, then she stops and grabs her stomach because she starts having pains. As she winces, Michele (DENYSE TONTZ) blogentry-14971-0-74865500-1419297862_th approaches her.

Michele: Oh my. Are you okay? You look like you’re in some kind of pain.





K.C.: Who do you think you are? You think you’re gonna tell me who I can and cannot talk to?

Allen: You know what...I suppose you’re right. I have no business telling you what to do.

K.C.: I’m glad you understand that.

Allen: But it’s not my fault that we didn’t get a chance to have a relationship.

K.C.: Oh no, don’t you put this on Toni and Etta Mae. Seems like everyone played their part. You left while Toni was pregnant.

Allen: I can’t change the past. I want a chance to be a father to you.

K.C.: So is this how you’re gonna do it? You’re gonna manhandle and tell me I can’t talk to certain people.

Allen: Eric Stenbeck is not certain people. He and his mother showed up at your cousin’s wedding unannounced.

K.C.: Is there a point you’re trying to make? Party crashers are everywhere.

Allen: I don’t get a good vibe about him, or his mother. I’m just sayin’ be careful.

Allen walks away from K.C. and out of the coffee shop.


Meanwhile, Christy walks in and up to the counter. Eric approaches Christy.

Christy: Hi son. How are you?

Eric: Working.

He turns his back and starts wiping down the counter.

Christy: Why do I sense a little attitude from you?

Eric: Because I’m public enemy number one now because we went to Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding reception.

Christy: Honey I thought you understood why we did that.

Eric: I don’t wanna make enemies. I don’t wanna be like my father.

Christy: You are not James Stenbeck. You’re your own person.

Eric: I’m not so sure mom, and I think someone’s here to meet you.

Christy turns around and sees Frankie (Alice Barrett) blogentry-14971-0-57699400-1419202750_th.

Christy: Mary Frances. Thank you for coming. Mind if we sit down?

Frankie: I don’t have a lot of time Christy.

Christy: Okay. Listen I...I understand that you’d be angry with me.

Frankie: Why did you do it? Why did you crash my daughter’s wedding reception?

Christy: I should’ve...used better judgment in showing everyone I was here.

Frankie: Is that what you wanted to do? Make a splash! How could you do that? I thought you we were friends.

Christy: We are friends. I apologize. I hope you forgive me.

Felicia (Linda Dano) blogentry-14971-0-55976100-1419202795_th walks up to them.

Felicia: I can’t believe this! How could you even be talking to this woman Frankie?

Christy: I don’t have leprosy Felicia.

Felicia: No you don’t. You have something far worse.

Frankie: Felicia we’re having a conversation.

Felicia: You shouldn’t be having anything with this woman! What are you thinking?

Christy: I think I’ll leave.

Felicia: Leaving Bay City? That would be great.

Christy walks away as Felicia continues with Frankie. Eric tries to listen to their conversation as he sneaks over to wipe down a nearby table.

Frankie: What are you doing?

Felicia: I need to talk some sense into you. Doesn’t it occur to you that she might up something? I mean, she interrupted Charlie’s wedding reception.

Frankie: I know exactly what she did, and she apologized.

Felicia: My God! Frankie don’t tell me you’re falling for her act!

Frankie: I’ve known Christy since we went to college together.

Felicia: It wouldn’t be the first time she’s put on a performance.

Frankie: I’m not gonna hear this right now.

Felicia: You need to hear it Frankie. Christy is not the woman you went to school with. She is not the person she was before she met Cass. She’s a snake, and if you don’t keep an eye on her, she will bite you.

K.C. walks up to Eric, inadvertently interrupting his attempt to eavesdrop, as Frankie walks out, and Felicia follows.

K.C.: Hey there.

Eric: Umm...hi.

K.C.: I’m sorry about that my father interrupting. I think I was…

Eric gives her his cell phone.

Eric: Here. Put your number in it.

K.C. smiles.

Eric: So that guy is your father?

K.C.: Yeah. He thinks he gonna play daddy after all these years.

Eric (focused, not hearing what KC just said): He’s uh...cousins with Kirkland’s mom right?


Vicky: Why is everyone so concerned about her?

Donna: Did it even occur to you why Michele tore up the living room and smashed Bridget’s picture?

Vicky: Whatever Michele has done, Reginald is responsible. He kept her away from us, God only knows what he did to her.

Jake: I don’t think your grandfather has anything to do with this.

Michael: They think Michele is harboring some type of anger.

Vicky: Anger? Toward whom?

Donna: Bridget is the object of Michele’s anger. Come on Victoria. Wake up! We’ve gotta do something! Do you want Michele to lock Bridget in a cold basement like Marley did to you?

Jake: I think you should listen to her. Something is off about Michele.

Vicky: Donna’s wrong! And you’re wrong, too Jake. If Michele’s angry, it’s because Reginald brainwashed her!


HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM - Lindsay, is sitting on a cushioned bench as Michele brings her a cup of water.

Michele: Here take this. I hope it helps.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Michele: You looked like you were in a lot of pain. Are you alright?

Lindsay: I’m fine...just some gas that’s all.

Michele: For some reason I don’t believe you.

Lindsay: Thanks for your concern but I’ve got it handled.

Michele: I’m sorry. It just looked like you were in a lot of pain. Maybe you should see a doctor. My uncle John…

Michele turns away from Lindsay realizing she might have slipped up.

Lindsay: ...is a doctor. Dr. Hudson is your uncle?

Michele: Well...you know...in the figurative sense.

Lindsay: Where do you know John from?

Michele: He’s...a friend of the family.

Lindsay: Oh…

Gregory walks in and Michele nervously notices her cousin who hit her with his car.

Gregory: There you are. I was told I could find you here.

They kiss.

Lindsay: Hi…

Gregory: What are you doing in an exam room?

Lindsay: You know...the gas was bothering my stomach again.

Gregory: The antacids must not have helped. Maybe you can talk to my dad.

Lindsay: I really don’t think it’s that serious. Besides, I feel better, and this girl helped me.

Gregory and Lindsay turn and face Michele, but they don’t know who she is.

Gregory: Thank you.

Michele: She looked she was in a lot of pain. I’m just glad I was here for you.

Lindsay: And it was really sweet of you to stay with me. Thank you.

Gregory: Hey I’m Greg.

Lindsay: And my name’s Lindsay. It’s nice to meet you...uh…

Lindsay extends her right hand to Michele, not knowing she’s met her half sister for the first time...



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A good show. KC is hard headed and is going to run into trouble.I just know it. Its nice seeing Allen trying to est a relationship with her. SHe's going to br spitfire.

I love any scene Christy is in and when Felicia is in it too it is icing on the cake. I love that Chrsty gets so many people riled up.

Vicky is in denial about Michele. SHe needs to wake up.

ANd I wonder what this gas thing is all about for Linds....

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  • Members

Good episode in terms of character building. The slow pace this episode went at was a smart thing to do! It set up new things for these characters. So, I thought the most interesting thing was by far Lindsay. What is going on with her??? Is she pregnant? Michele is bout ready to get more shocks if someone tells her that her and Lindsay are related. I loved the Felecia/Christy/Frankie scenes. By far the easiest women to make some funny history jokes out of. I also enjoyed the Vicky/Jake/Donna/Michael scenes. They were nice and family related. Great job! Keep up the good work!

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This was a terrific chapter - one of your best. I especially enjoy how torn Frankie is between trusting Christy and turning against her. Felicia pushing her is so in character, as is the great dialogue you give Felicia (I can hear her saying those lines). Eric/KC is such a believable, character-driven pairing. And the other stories are bubbling along nicely.

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