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ANOTHER WORLD 185 Grant puts his dastardly plans into motion




Grant puts his dastardly plans into motion

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: ML Cooks, A. Washington-Beeby, DRW50

Special Appearance by Maura West as Carly Snyderblogentry-14971-0-24908100-1414246698_th

STACEY’S APARTMENT...Staceyblogentry-14971-0-25006900-1414246719_th is in the living room with Cassblogentry-14971-0-77827100-1414246740_th and Frankieblogentry-14971-0-04457500-1414246760_th.

Stacey: You two must be so happy. I’ll be feeling the same way when Lindsay ties the knot.

Frankie: You will, and we’ll be right here helping you just as you helped us.

Cass: And you gotta make sure she marries the right guy.

Frankie: Cass, your niece is strong and smart. I’m sure she’ll make the right decision where that’s concerned.

Stacey: I want the best for Lindsay.

Cass: Of course you do.

Stacey: I want her to be happy...happier than I am.


AT THE HUDSONS...Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-48103000-1414246793_th comes downstairs while Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-08745300-1414246819_th gets up from the couch and faces Gregory.

Lindsay: How’s your mom?

Gregory: She’s out cold.

Lindsay: Bet she’s gonna have a killer headache in the morning.

Gregory: She had a lot to drink. I’ve never seen mom go off like that.

Lindsay: A lot of people seemed surprised.

Gregory: I guess she’s just...tired of...everything.

Lindsay: How do you mean?

Gregory: That whole thing with dad and Felicia.

Gregory puts his arms around Lindsay’s waist as Lindsay looks up at her boyfriend.

Lindsay: It’s taken a toll on all of you.

Gregory: I can’t help but think that I had a part in it, too.

Lindsay: You wanting to protect your mother?

Gregory: You think I went too far?

Lindsay: I...do think you overreacted a bit. You didn’t have any solid proof that John and Felicia were having an affair.

Gregory: I just don’t wanna lose my mom again. I don’t wanna see her sad anymore, like she was the first time dad cheated on her.

Lindsay: Guess we...both have that in common. We both worry about our moms.

Gregory: Is Stacey okay?

Lindsay: She puts on a brave front. She stays busy with work and then we were in Charlie’s wedding, but deep down, I see a sadness in her, too. Ever since she broke up with Derek.


Cass: Stace you’ll find it. Just as Frankie and I have.

Stacey: From your lips.

Frankie: That’s right. Cass and I are not gonna let anything come between us this time.

Cass: Not even Christy Carson.


GRANT’S HOUSE...Grantblogentry-14971-0-80986200-1414246873_th undoes his bowtie and when Christyblogentry-14971-0-52763300-1414246897_th walks in, he turns his attentions to her.

Grant: What the hell do you think were doing? Showing up at my son’s wedding reception!

Christy: Relax Grant! You’re not half as concerned about Kirkland as you are about yourself.

Grant: What are you talking about? Of course I’m concerned about my son’s happiness.

Christy: Oh please. I wasn’t going to tell everyone that you were the one who got me out of prison. I saw you sweating bullets when you saw me and my son.

Grant: You never mentioned that you had a son.

Christy: You never asked.

Grant: With James Stenbeck no less.

Christy: Wasn’t it you who said this was a business arrangement?

Grant: Some things you should disclose to the people you’re working with.

Christy: I owed you no explanation about Eric. The only thing I need to tell you is that the recipient of your delivery should be seeing its contents as we speak.

Grant smiles.

Grant: Good work, and let the destruction of Jack Snyder begin.


IN FRONT OF PAULINA’S HOUSE...Jackblogentry-14971-0-32056000-1414246956_th and Paulinablogentry-14971-0-19179100-1414246982_th walk arm in arm toward the door and stop. Paulina is holding the bouquet in her other hand.

Paulina: What a reception that was. Never a dull moment.

Jack: I still can’t believe that James Stenbeck had a fourth son.

Paulina: I think you mentioned that to me once.

Jack: Let’s see he’s got David Stenbeck, Paul Ryan, Henry Coleman, and now Eric.

Paulina: From what I’ve heard he was really evil. Were any of his sons like him?

Jack: Only David, so far.

Paulina (sighing): Why don’t we talk about something positive?

Jack (smiling): Like what?

Paulina: The great time we had tonight. I’m glad you took me to the wedding.

Jack: And to think you were hesitant when I asked you to go with me.

Meanwhile, a mystery person watches them from a real short distance.

Paulina (smiling): I’m sure you understand my apprehension.

Jack: You just need to relax a bit.

They face each other, give each other a look, and as they lean in to kiss, Carly Snyderblogentry-14971-0-24908100-1414246698_th, the mystery person, stops them by appearing and gets their attention, and she walks directly up to them.

Carly: Wow Jack! The ink isn’t even dry on the separation papers yet, and you’ve moved on?

Jack: What are you doing here Carly?

Carly: I knew something was happening between you two, and this confirmed it.

Carly shows Jack a picture of him and Paulina in the Center when Paulina put her right hand on Jack’s left hand on the table (taken by Eric), and Jack and Paulina are shocked.





Christy: Wow you really hate him don’t you?

Grant: I don’t hate anyone Christy.

Christy: What did Jack Snyder ever do to you?

Grant: He’s got what I want. He’s got who I want.

Christy: Paulina Carlino. From what I’ve heard about her I don’t see the appeal.

Grant: She’s a lovely, sweet, good person.

Christy: She came to Bay City to get her cut of Mac Cory’s money, and she shot Jake McKinnon. What makes her so wholesome all of a sudden. Nobody’s using those adjectives about me.

Grant: You poisoned your husband to death. You shouldn’t expect people to welcome you with open arms,

Christy: And by people, you mean Cass and Mary Frances.


Cass: Come on sis don’t talk like that. You’ll find happiness, too.

Frankie: Look at what you have. You have your brother, you have me, you have a wonderful daughter, and Charlie.

Stacey: You guys are so sweet, and it’s true. I have all of that, but what I don’t have; what I’m devoid of, is the man that I love.

Cass: Stacey, honey, you’ve gotta try to move on. The wedding probably brought up all these emotions for you, but he’s not available.

Frankie: Who are you guys talking about?

Stacey: I might as well tell you. I’m still in love with Lindsay’s father.

Frankie: Jake? My God. He’s very married.

Stacey: You don’t have to tell me twice, and I’m very well aware of that, but the heart wants what it wants. That’s what I mean about Lindsay. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I did. I want her to live a happy, prosperous life.


Gregory: Our parents think that they’re the only ones who worry.

Lindsay: I thought my mom and Derek would be together forever.

Gregory: I thought the same about my parents. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to them.

Lindsay: One of the things I love about you.

Gregory: Ohh what’s that?

Lindsay: That you’re crazy. You followed your dad when he went to see Felicia?

Gregory: I’m not proud of that.

Lindsay: I’m kidding.

Gregory: Oh...the comedienne has delivered one of her jokes.

Lindsay: Hmmmm.

They kiss and then Lindsay starts wincing.

Gregory: What’s wrong?

Lindsay: I think I got an upset stomach. It won’t settle down.

Gregory: Something you ate at the reception?

Lindsay: I dunno. Might be just gas.

Gregory: I think we got some antacid. I'll get it for you.

Lindsay sits down on the couch as Gregory goes to the kitchen.


Grant: You didn’t know anybody else in Bay City when you were here before did you?

Christy: No I didn’t. I thought they were my friends.

Grant: Are you really gonna play the victim here? You were obsessed with Cass back then, and you still are.

Christy: Well Mary Frances forgave me.

Grant: Come on I know you’re smarter than that. Do you really think Frankie just forgot everything you’ve done; that you carefully planned to get her out of the way so you can have a clear path to Cass?

Christy: I didn’t want that.

Grant: Sure you did Christy. You were fixated on Mr. Winthrop over twenty years ago, but what gives now? You got released from that mental health facility. You and your son could have left and started over in another place, but you decided to stay in Bay City. What are you up to?

Christy says nothing, but she looks at Grant in a way that answers his question.

Grant: My God. You’re trying to get revenge. How do you plan on doing that?

Christy: My plans for Cass are none of your concern. You need to worry about Paulina, and your fixation on her.

Grant: For the record, I am not obsessed with anyone.

Christy: Right. You're too self absorbed for that.

Grant: Jack is the one that needs to worry. Thanks to you, I’ve begun the process...of bringing him down.


Jack: This picture doesn’t prove anything.

Paulina: Who took this?

Carly: Does that matter? You two have been sneaking around.

Paulina: Jack had just gotten the separation papers from you when this picture was taken. He was devastated! Jack and I are friends.

Carly: From the looks of things it seems like it’s going to be a lot more.

Jack: You’re jumping to conclusions.

Paulina: There’s nothing going on between me and Jack. I’m sure Jack has told you that a hundred times.

Carly: Are you proud of yourself Paulina? Frolicking around Bay City with someone else’s husband!

Paulina: Jack is a decent man, and you take him for granted!

Carly: He is still married!

Paulina: You wanted a separation!

Carly: You need to butt the hell out!

Jack: Ladies! This isn’t getting us anywhere. Paulina let me talk to Carly alone please.

Carly: Oh no need for that. I had to see for myself how close you two have gotten, and I’ve seen enough. When I get back to Oakdale, I’m gonna call Jessica Griffin and file for divorce. This marriage is over! Happy homewrecking Paulina. You can marry Jack since it looks like you caught the bouquet.

Paulina: Bitch!

Carly walks off. Jack calls for her and begins to go after her, but Paulina stops him.

Paulina: Jack wait. Don’t go.

Jack: I gotta talk to her.

Paulina: She’s made up her mind. Don’t chase after someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Stay with someone who does. I love you Jack.

Paulina pulls Jack into a passionate kiss.



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Wow what an episode! Great story discussion and build up all the way through. So, let's begin! Stacey/Cass/Frankie was a good idea to have this show. Love is in the air. But, Stacey needs to realize that Jake has to deal with his own stuff. Love probably is not in the cards for him at the moment. Lindsay/Gregory have become really nteresting now. It is going to be interesting to see how they connect with their parents. To tell you the truth they are both in some pretty awkward situations at the moment. Christy is starting to worry me LOL. She is planning a dangerous period of time for the residents of Bay City. What's even scarier is that Grant is going right along with all of this. Is it possible Grant wants revenge more than Christy? Interesting. Finally, Jack/Paulina/Carly was extremely interesting exchange. I adored how you wrote Carly. You not only stuck true to an age old love story, but you also stuck true to Carly's guns!!! I am totally caught up in Paulina and Jack. Cary... you are setting up a good finish to the 2014 soap opera blogging year. Keep up the good work!!!

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  • Members

Ohhhh Paulina just went for it! She's been fighting this for awhile, I guess!

Great show, a very chill show with lots of family moments and showing what AW is about, FRIENDSHIPS. You captured that this time around. I won't speculate what's going to happen with a lot of the stories, but I know they're gonna be killer. Some literally (Christy, LOL).

Her plans for Cass are gonna be SO good, and teaming with Grant will get messy fast. Love it all.

Great work!

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I love seeing that feisty, aggressive side of Paulina again.

I don't think Grant is a match for Christy.

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Wow another power house.

I love that each show moves the story.

Frolicking LMAO. I loved it. Paulina wasn't Carl's door know. Im glad she grew a pair. though I was expecting Paulina to be more reserved.

I SO LOVE Christy. The best casting move ever .I can hear RM reading those lines in my head. She has the best ones.

The episode construction was also great. You really showcased how intermingled and inter generational your show is. Its about family, love and relationships and you show case that so damn well.

I do enjoy Linds and Greg..

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