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ANOTHER WORLD 184 Jake and Vicky reach an important decision




Jake and Vicky reach an important decision

Created By: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, DRW50


Michaelblogentry-14971-0-25028900-1413683023_th, Donnablogentry-14971-0-79010200-1413683037_th, and the McKinnonsblogentry-14971-0-16497000-1413683056_thblogentry-14971-0-61047800-1413683070_thblogentry-14971-0-95904900-1413683094_thblogentry-14971-0-93070100-1413683111_th walk in. Jakeblogentry-14971-0-16497000-1413683056_th walks in carrying about five suitcases. Michaelblogentry-14971-0-25028900-1413683023_th is carrying two.

Jake: Come on Michael you could have grabbed a couple of these.

Michael: Jake I’m too old to be carrying heavy bags.

Donna: Girls you can all go upstairs and get comfortable in your rooms.

Bridget: We know where they are Grandma Donna.

Bridget goes upstairs while Michele walks past everyone and looks around the living room. Vicky, Jake, Donna and Michael follow her slowly.

Michele: Wow. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been in here. I forgot how big this place is.

Vicky: Yes honey, and if these walls had mouths.

Donna: The stories they’d tell us.

Michael: Right...uh...where’s Bridget?

Vicky: She probably went upstairs with Jake.


ROOM - Jake brings in a suitcase for Bridget as she sits on the bed. Jake sits beside her with their backs to the open bedroom door.

Jake: My goodness you’re only gonna be here a couple days. What did you put in there?

Bridget: A gal has to always be prepared dad. I’m sure you know this dealing with mom.

Jake: What is a guy supposed to do? Carry your bags?

Bridget: Well certainly I couldn’t lift that heavy thing.

Jake: And I wouldn’t let you, or your sisters.

Bridget: I still can’t believe Michele’s back.

Jake: I got all...three of my daughters.

Michele walks up to the door unseen by Jake and Bridget.

Bridget: Come on dad. Are you gonna mention Lindsay and that whole situation now?

Jake: Kiddo, whether you like it or not, Lindsay is your sister. I talked to her at the wedding, and....

Bridget: No, dad no tell me you didn’t…

Jake: I told Lindsay that I wanted us to be close, and I want you and Michele to get to know her, too.

Bridget: I don’t wanna be friends with that lying bitch.

Jake: Hey...

Bridget: And you shouldn’t wanna be either, after what she, Stacey, and mom did to you.

Michele walks in.

Michele: Dad?

Jake: Hi honey.

Michele: What is Bridget talking about? Who’s Lindsay?


IN THE LIVING ROOM - Donna and Michael talk to Vicky, as Vicky plops onto the couch.

Vicky: Wow! What a day!

Michael: Like a rollercoaster ride.

Donna: I still can’t believe...that Michele was the one who ransacked the living room. She did a lot of damage.

Michael: From what you all tell me, Michele was never a violent person.

Vicky: I wonder what Reginald did to her while he was nursing her to health.

Donna flashes back to the shattered glass on Bridget’s picture frame, and Donna begins to secretly wonder about Michele.

Michael: What’s on your mind honey?

Donna: I was...thinking about what Vicky was saying. We all forgot that my grandson got married today.


TOPS - All the guests are shocked, but Cassblogentry-14971-0-80618000-1413683264_th, Frankieblogentry-14971-0-75383100-1413683285_th and Feliciablogentry-14971-0-51043900-1413683306_th are horrified to see Christyblogentry-14971-0-54990400-1413683327_th, who has just stepped off the elevator with her son, Eric Stenbeckblogentry-14971-0-55443700-1413683475_th. Grantblogentry-14971-0-25891400-1413683497_th is nervously quiet, hoping that Christy does not tell everyone that he assisted in her release. Christy slowly makes her way toward Charlieblogentry-14971-0-03547900-1413683524_th and Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-05922700-1413683553_th, who are both staring at Eric.

Charlie: My God you...work at the coffee shop.

Kirkland: I knew something about him was creepy.

Christy: Charlie, you look so beautiful. Congratulations.

Cass quickly jumps in front of Charlie to shield her from Christy.

Cass: Don’t you ever go near my daughter!




Jake: Um…

Bridget: Lindsay came to Bay City and lied to all of us. She tried to be my friend, knowing all the while that she was my sister.

Michele: Our sister?

Jake: It’s a long story honey, but it turns out that Lindsay Winthrop is my daughter.

Michele: My goodness.

Bridget: And she’s a deceitful lying little bitch, and I want nothing to do with her.

Michele looks at Bridget, then looks at Jake.

Michele: Well...I’d like to meet her.

Bridget: Why? After everything she’s done?

Michele: Everybody’s lied one time or another...right Bridget?

Jake: Michele honey why don’t we go in your room and...get you settled.

Michele: Dad I’m a big girl. I may have had a brain injury, but I still know how to get a room together.

Jake: Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

Michele: I’m gonna be fine.

Jake: If you girls need anything I’ll be right downstairs.

Michele: Thanks dad.

Bridget: Thanks dad.

Jake: Michele, I’m so glad you’re back. I love you both...so much.

Bridget: We love you, too dad.

Jake walks out and Michele follows him. Bridget, also sensing something, quickly shuts the door behind them.


LIVING ROOM...Donna is with Michael. Michael is sitting on the couch and Donna is pacing back and forth in front of him.

Michael: Okay Donna what’s on your mind?

Donna: Nothing. Whatever would give you that idea?

Michael: I’ve only known you most of my adult life. I think I know when something’s bothering you.

Michael gets up, stops Donna’s pacing, and rubs her shoulders.

Michael: What’s going on my love?

Donna: You...weren’t around when this happened.

Michael: When what happened?

Donna: Marley was disfigured in a fire, and they had to do plastic surgery on her face.

Michael: You told me about that.

Donna: I didn’t...tell you what happened after that.

Michael: Well let’s sit down and talk about it.

Donna: I’m afraid Michael. It’s happening again, just like it did between Marley and Victoria.


DOWNSTAIRS...Jake approaches the foyer and Vicky meets him there. Vicky folds her arms as if she’s a bit nervous.

Vicky: Umm...how are the girls?

Jake: They seem fine. It’s been a full day. Kirkland got married, and our daughter came back in our lives.

Vicky: Yeah it’s...it’s a miracle.

Jake: I’m gonna….go.

Vicky: So you...you’re not gonna stay.

Jake: You gave me an ultimatum before we went to the wedding, remember?

Vicky: Yeah I know, and you’re deciding to not fight. We watched Kirkland begin his marriage today, and you’re ending ours.



Christy: Oh Cass, don’t you know I would never hurt Charlie.

Cass: You’re capable of anything.

Frankie approaches Christy.

Frankie: Christy. How could you do this? Today of all days. It’s my daughter’s wedding day. And who is this guy with you?

Frankie has a flashback as she sees Eric.

(Episode 164 at Bay City Center)

Eric approaches Frankie…

Eric: Hi. Your name’s Mary Frances right?

Frankie becomes a bit concerned and stands up to face him.

Frankie: Yes, but I don’t believe we’ve met.

Eric: I’ve heard so much about you.

Frankie: Is that right? From whom?

Frankie flashes back to the present, and focuses on Eric.

Frankie: You said you...heard so much about me? Christy told you. How do you know each other?

Christy: That’s...really why I came. I...wanted everyone to know.

Felicia: Know what?

Christy: This is my son. Eric Stenbeck.

Jack Snyderblogentry-14971-0-20852800-1413683678_th quickly approaches them.

Jack: Did you say...Stenbeck? As in…

Eric: Yes. James Stenbeck. I am his youngest child.

Frankie: My God. A son? You never mentioned…

Christy: Douglas forced me to give him up when he was a baby.

Felicia: I believe I asked you a question. What the hell are you doing here Christy?

Christy: As if I owe you any explanation. I came to see Mary Frances. She’s the only friend I’ve got.

Felicia: Now you’re really crazy. Jack, throw this lunatic in jail!

Cass: She’s obviously escaped!

Jack: I called the station. She’s a free woman.

Cass: That’s impossible!

Jack: She was released. She’s been free for a while now.

Felicia: So what were you doing all this time? Planning to crash Charlie and Kirkland’s wedding?

Christy: Again, Felicia, what is it that I borrowed from you, that I owe you anything?

Cass: Listen I think you need to get outta here. Now!

Christy: Come on son.

Christy then makes eye contact with Grant as the elevator doors open. Kirkland notices the exchange between Christy and Grant as the elevator doors shut on Christy and Eric.

Eric: Mom. We shouldn’t have done that.

Christy: There was a purpose to that. Bay City now knows that we’re here.



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Gosh where do I begin! Cary each week I give you praise for your amazing outlook on Another World. And this week is not any different. I keep imagining your blog on TV. You bring it to life every week. These family scenes have really captured classic soap opera. You are really letting us know the happiness that Jake and Vicky are feeling by having their daughter back in their lives. On the flip side, you are letting us see the struggle it is going to take. Michele has so much to know that it will be a struggle for her as the year comes to a close. I wonder how she will react to Lindsay and how Lindsay will react to her. I wonder if Bridget will go a little crazy because of the direction her life is going in. I loved the scene between Michael and Donna. It captured the reason why they have stayed with one another through decades and decades. Finally, Christy's last line. I was like oh no what is she going to do? You are making this stry extremely interesting and very much worth my while. To sum this up I would say keep up the good work. You have just begun to find that balance between family, friendships, and relationships. Hold onto that, it will serve for that classic soap formula. Keep up the great work!!!

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Cary, again, props to you. You keep me engaged every week. I can't wait to see Michele let loose at Bridget. It's gonna be absolutely delicious.

The confrontation at TOPS i know will just be the beginning for Christy's reign of terror. Looks like Eric is gonna cause some major damage! Can't wait to see it!

Donna recalling what happened with Vicky and Marley is great use of history, and I really love the McKinnon house scenes. All worked so well to get that story going.

All in all, another excellent episode for you. I can't wait to read more!

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Michele seems like she's going to do her best to put the hurt on her family, especially Michele. It will be interesting to see where Lindsay falls into this.

As mentioned above, I love Donna bringing up Marley's breakdown.

Love seeing Felicia bulldoze into the middle of the confrontation at the wedding too. So Felicia.

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I just love the exchanges between Felicia and CHristy. I loved that entire scene.

ALso love the drama at the Love Mansion.

THis was a well constructed episode.

Kirk senses something. I was team Christy. it was nice to see Jack get in on some of the action esp where Stenbeck is concerned. nice that you pulled him in though it was only natural.

Each show pops bro. Something happens, everything moves fwd yet you capture all the moments. Great job.

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