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ANOTHER WORLD 186 Jake confronts Michele




Jake confronts Michele

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: beebs, aMLCproduction, DRW50

BAY CITY CENTER, Jackblogentry-14971-0-32289600-1417305769_th is sitting at a table, and he has one flashback…


Jack: Ladies! This isn’t getting us anywhere. Paulina let me talk to Carly alone please.

Carly: Oh no need for that. I had to see for myself how close you two have gotten, and I’ve seen enough. When I get back to Oakdale, I’m gonna call Jessica Griffin and file for divorce. This marriage is over! Happy homewrecking Paulina. You can marry Jack since it looks like you caught the bouquet.

Then another flashback (EPISODE 185)

Paulina: She’s made up her mind. Don’t chase after someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Stay with someone who does. I love you Jack.

Paulina pulls Jack into a passionate kiss.

Then Jack flashes back to the present, and takes a nervous deep breath. Suddenly, he feels a hand on his right shoulder. He looks up and smiles at the familiar face...Vickyblogentry-14971-0-73641100-1417305807_th.

Vicky: Hey friend. Long time.

Jack: Hey Vick. Have a seat.

Vicky: You look like I feel.

Jack: Torn up.

Vicky: Let me guess, both of our problems are with our spouses.

Jack: That’s the last time we talked isn’t it?

Vicky: We really should be better friends to each other.

Jack: Carly filed for a separation.

Vicky: My, I’m sorry about that. You must be devastated.

Jack: I am, but I’m torn.

Vicky: I saw you at my son’s wedding with Paulina. Wow, have you and Paulina been seeing each other?


CORY MANSION...Someone rings the doorbell and Carlblogentry-14971-0-66127200-1417305833_th answers it, and smiles.

Carl: Paulina!

Paulina: May I come in?

Carl: Of course of course.

The two hug.

Paulina: Rachel called and told me you were back. It’s great to see you Carl.

Carl: Likewise. How have you been?

Paulinablogentry-14971-0-99669100-1417305878_th smiles.

Paulina: Never better.

Carl: You look happy.

Rachel joins them in the foyer.

Rachel: I agree with Carl. You’re glowing.

Paulina: I feel..happier than I’ve been in a long time.

Rachel: What happened?

Paulina continues to smile at Carl and Rachel.


Meanwhile, Jack continues his conversation with Vicky at the Center...

Jack: No..not exactly.

Vicky: Not exactly? Your wife filed for a separation. The next step is…

Jack: Divorce? She threatened that, too.

Vicky: And it looks like you’re not gonna even fight for your marriage.

Jack: I really think it’s over for Carly and me.

Vicky: Is that what you guys do when you decide not work things out?

Vicky looks away from Jack.

Vicky: After everything you and Carly have been through together? You’re just gonna...let it go?

Jack: Are we talking about me? Or Jake?


LOVE MANSION...Jakeblogentry-14971-0-69938800-1417305905_th rings the doorbell and Micheleblogentry-14971-0-28972200-1417305935_th answers it.

Jake: Hey there.

Michele: Dad.

The two embrace in the foyer

Michele: Are you looking for mom? She went out, and I don’t know where Bridget is.

Jake: No...actually I came to talk to you. We have sooo much catching up to do.

Michele: Right.

Jake: How are you feeling? Do you need anything?

Michele: Umm...no.

Michele shuts the front door, and walks past Jake into the living room. He follows her.

Jake: Honey are you sure that you’re okay?

Michele: I’m fine. I’m just trying to get adjusted to life back at home again.

Jake: Is that all?

Michele: Dad? What are you getting at?

Jake: I know what you did at the house.

Michele: I ransacked the living room. So what?

Jake: That’s not all.

Michele: Then what is it?

Jake: You smashed Bridget’s picture didn’t you?




Rachel, Paulina, and Carl are in the living room of the Cory Mansion sitting on the couch.

Paulina: Everything seemed to fall into place after Kirkland and I talked.

Carl: So he forgave you?

Paulina: Not exactly. He never resented me for what I did all those years ago.

Rachel: Kirkland is a very mature young man. It doesn’t surprise me that he understood.

Paulina: He actually thanked me for saving his life. He said if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be able to marry Charlie, and he invited me to his wedding. I mean I thought I’d be the last person he would want at his ceremony.

Carl: Kirkland is a way better man this his father.

Rachel: Carl...so Paulina what else happened?

Paulina: I was on the phone with my daughter, and she helped me to see that it may be time for to move on, then Jack insisted, sort of, that he take me to Kirkland and Charlie’s wedding. I caught the bouquet, and Jack and I kissed. Well...I kissed him.

Rachel: That all sounds lovely but isn’t he still married?

Paulina: I was hesitant for a long time because of that, but he and Carly have been having problems ever since he got hired by the Bay City Police, and I’m tired of waiting. Sometimes you have to just go for what you want. If you wait for the right time, it’ll never come. This has been building up since he broke up a fight between me and Iris. We were friends long before Carly came into the picture. She was so awful toward him.

Carl: I’m gonna go upstairs and lie down.

Rachel: Sure honey.

Carl walks out and Rachel looks at Carl with concern, but then she turns her attentions to Paulina.

Rachel: Paulina, honey, I love you like a daughter, and I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t think you should pursue this with Jack.

Paulina: Who’s pursuing something?

Rachel: You’re getting your hopes up and I think you could be making a big mistake. Jack and Carly have been in each other’s lives for a very long time. He might not be willing just to let that go.


Vicky snaps her finger.

Vicky: Ya got me.

Jack: If you don’t wanna talk about it...

Vicky: I screwed up...big time.

Jack: How?

Vicky: I lied to Jake.

Jack: Oh no...Vicky. What did you do?

Vicky: I didn’t tell him that Lindsay Winthrop was his daughter.

Jack: Wait a minute. She was one of the bridesmaids right?

Vicky: Yep.

Jack: She’s Jake’s daughter. Why didn’t you tell him?

Vicky: Because I wanted to protect my family, and him.

Jack: Does Lindsay pose some kind of threat?

Vicky: No no no nothing like that, but we were just getting past the loss of Michele, whom we got back by the way, and…

Jack: Wait a minute...Michele?

Vicky: Yeah long story...my grandfather.

Jack: Yeah I know all about him.

Vicky: He actually saved her life, but enough about him.

Jack: Yeah about Jake. You were afraid he would neglect you and Bridget. Vicky you didn’t trust him, just like Carly didn’t trust me.

Vicky: And...we both gave our spouses reason not to.

Jack: Carly says she’s filing for divorce.

Vicky: And Jake might, too. I get the feeling he doesn’t want to fight for our marriage.

Vicky gets a text on her cell phone.

Vicky: Oh I...I gotta go.

Jack: So quickly.

Vicky: The cleaning company I hired just texted me. The living room is clean again.

Jack: Oh wow. We were just gettin warmed up.

Vicky: So we can move back in. I guess I’ll find out soon how Jake really feels.

Jack: You better keep in touch.

Vicky (smiling): Will do.


Michele: What are you talking about?

Jake: Bridget’s picture frame...on the mantle. Everybody else’s picture was intact, but hers was the only one that was smashed.

Michele: I dunno I must have hit it by mistake. It wasn’t on purpose.

Jake: Why did you even do that? Why did you tear up the living room like that? Is there something you wanna talk about?

Vicky walks in and interrupts them.

Vicky: Hey I was wondering where everybody was.

Michele: Mom hey.

Michele goes and hugs Vicky, as Vicky unknowingly saved Michele from Jake finding out why Michele tore up the McKinnons living room.

Vicky: The house is clean now. We can all move back in.

Michele: Great. I’ll go get my things.

Michele gladly goes upstairs and Vicky turns to Jake.

Vicky: I see Michele’s excited to go back to her room.

Jake: Vicky I was having an important conversation with her.

Vicky: Well I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Guess I’m just excited to be able to go back home.

Jake: I’m not going.

Vicky: What do you mean? Of course you’re coming home. We just got Michele back.

Jake: Vicky....I’m not coming home.



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Wow! I am sooo glad u posted this, when u did. I was missing ANOTHER WORLD a lot!!! So let's go ahead and break things down.... Jack/Vicky: The Jack and Vicky scenes were very nice and much needed. It kinda calm things down for the two of them. They both can relate because of what is going on with Carly and Jake. It is nice to see two stories and two characters kinda connect on the canvas. Paulina/Carl/Rachel: These were nice scenes as well. I love when vets are there to give another vet advice. Paulina seeks guidance once in awhile, and I love that quality about her. From seeking, she knows the things she has done wrong, and she can fix them. Michele/Jake/Vicky: I like how Jake in a way confronted Michele about the livingroom. It was not too harsh and it was not to lightly glossed over. He took great action in going about this. I like how mis-guided Vicky currently is on her relations with Jake. It makes for some wonderful storyline. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

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Oh Jake, stop being so bullheaded. You've done far worse, and you know it.

Good scenes with Carl, Rachel and Paulina. You're setting up some good conflict in the family around this. Wonder what's got Carl leaving so abruptly. That can't be good.

Jack and Vicky stuff was great. Good to see the friendship dynamics being played. You know how much I like that on AW.

Michele and Jake was so well-played. The convenient interruption is so soapy and you did a great job with it. Keeping people guessing. Great work all around!

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Really enjoyed this - Paulina spending time with Rachel and Carl, and Vicky with Jack. This reminded me a lot of the old Vicky, especially the finger snapping.

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Jake is still angry. He is not going home.

THings have slowd down some what but it needs to so all the beats and follow ups can play out. Again the stores still moved.

I do enjoy Vicky and Jacks platonic relationship....

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  • Members

Another episode with some strong friendship scenes.

I like how all the interactions asked a question to the viewers. Will Paulina keep pursuing Jack? Does Jack want Paulina? How will Vicky and Jake get through this? Keeps us wanting more.

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