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The Mystery Woman Attacks Phyllis AGAIN!! (Friday Cliffhanger)



Avery visits Victor at his cell. She tells him she is working on his case. She is going to assemble a team of lawyers because she knows Spencer is going to throw everything in the book at him. Victor asks her does she know who the judge will be. Avery says she does not know yet but a court date will be assigned shortly my sources tell me. “Victor I must warn you there is a crap load of charges racked up against you and this is going to be very hard.”

Victor_Newman-1.jpgVictor: I’m counting on it. I just need to know who that judge will be. Hopefully it’s some one who is going to help me.

b0066faf.jpgAvery: Victor you’re not going to bribe a judge are you?”

Victor: “I’m Victor Newman. What ever I want, I get. I maybe be going to jail but I promise you it won’t be for long.”


Episode 65: Mystery Woman attack Phyllis again!!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Paul G Amos, G. Nathaniel Richardson

Neil is at Crimson Lights having a cup of Coffee. Devon walks over to him and grabs a seat and then ask Neil how are things. Neil says honestly a mess. He thinks he may have lost Sophia for good. Devon asks him how? Neil says that she is really upset that I took Cane’s kids because she thinks it came at the expense of Moses. Devon tells Neil he can kind of see her point. He tells Neil that three babies is a lot. Devon asks him what he is going to do. Neil says he doesn’t know. Neil then asks Devon what’s going on with him. Devon tells Neil that Harmony is back in town and Roxanne thinks Abby brought her here. Neil is confused at hearing the name Abby. He asks him why would Abby do something like that. Devon says because Roxanne and Abby apparently are fighting over him. Neil says wow.

Sophia knocks on Malcolm suite door at the Club. Malcolm is shocked to see his ex wife. He asks her what does she want. Sophia asks him if she can come in. Malcolm says no. Sophia is disappointed. Sophia says “ I just wanted to let you know Malcolm that I left Neil. I am so sorry for hurting you.”

malcolm-1.jpgMalcolm: You left Neil? Now you’re here?

Julia-Pace-Mitchell-JPI-Lsoapoprah.jpgSophia: Malcolm I still love you. I cannot stand seeing you with Leslie.

Malcolm: And how do you think I feel when I see you with my brother?

Sophia: Malcolm I am so sorry

Malcolm: You keep saying that. I’m sorry to. Sorry that Neil decides to destroy lives and families and you helped out. You destroyed us Sophia. You had sex with my brother and had a baby with him. You and I can never be. You are part of the past. I am moving on. Doing me. Sick of Neil hurting me. So best believe when the opportunity presents itself I’m going to return the favor. He took Lily and Moses away from me. Enough is enough. Sophia I don’t want to see you no more. Don’t think because you left Neil I’m going to take you back. I’m moving on with Leslie. And with that Malcolm slams the door in Sophia’s face.

traci.jpgthumbnail2-1.jpgTraci and Keemo sit down to lunch at the Athletic Club. Keemo tells her this is nice and it’s a good way to get to know his aunt. Traci says she is glad he is in town. Jack is very happy. Traci asks Keemo what his plans in Genoa city are. Keemo tells his aunt that he is on the same page as his father. Destroying everything Newman. Traci does not like the sound of that. She tells him that has never worked for Jack and in fact their feud has led to the death of her daughter Colleen. Keemo says that’s why he wants to continue this war. To avenge all the crimes Victor has done to their family. Traci tells him she admires he has a strong sense of family but warns him to please be careful. Keemo tells his aunt she has nothing to worry about. The smile as they continue their lunch.

Nick knocks on Avery suite door upstairs of the club. Avery opens it and is shocked to see Nick. She asks him what she can do for him. Nick leans in and kisses her passionately. She pulls back and slaps his face.

envy-1.jpgThe Mystery Woman knocks on Phyllis’s door. Phyllis makes her way to the door and asks who it is. The mystery woman disguise her voice and says special delivery from Ronan. Phyllis smiles, “special gift, I don’t know why I can’t see anything.” Phyllis opens the door. Then the Mystery Woman pulls out a meat hammer and bashes both of Phyllis’s knee caps. Phyllis screams out in pain as she collapses to the ground. The Mystery Woman says: I hope you die BITCH! You are going to pay for what you did to me and everyone else you hurt.” The Mystery Woman leaves. Phyllis continues to lay on the floor unable to move from the piercing pain in her knees and legs…..imagesCANVFXZOSoapOprah.jpg

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