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Episode#427: Knock on the Door

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Episode#427: Knock on the Door

-Robin sits in the kitchen of Maggie's house...she relishes in the fact that she's nearly succeeded in sending Laura back to the looney bin, and thinks to herself that Laura should have never tried to go up against her. Alexis suddenly barges in, and asks Robin where Jeremy's whore is! Robin says if she means Cassie, she and Jeremy are enjoying some quality time together...as they should be, and Robin remarks that if anyone's a whore, its Alexis! Alexis tells Robin to be quiet...she's one to talk, framing Laura for Robin hitting her head and all!

-Jill arrives at the hospital, and the paramedics pull her in...Lexie comes out and asks what happened to her...Megan tells her sister its too complicated to explain, but before Lexie can do anything more, she says she needs Dr. Phyliss Stansville!

-Eugenia says she's going to find out what happened to Blake once and for all! Dr.Stansville tells her she has to understand that may not happen...they may not find that tape! Eugenia screams out in frusteration and says that for over a month now, she's been trying to find out what the hell happened to her own son...she's NOT giving up now!

-Lea talks on the phone and says yes, everything's going exactly as they planned...she says soon, everything will be right!

-Jan hears a knock on the front door...and suddenly, she hears Kate's voice! Kate knocks on the door and tells Lucas to open up...she says she knows he's in there! She tells him she knows they aren't on the best terms right now but her trial is coming up very soon and she really needs SOMEONE! She continues knocking on the door as Jan wonders what to do now!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan looks around, wondering what to do...Kate continues to bang on the door, yelling for her son to open up! She says she REALLY needs him...she explains that Austin and Billie don't live in Salem, Philip's in prison, and she isn't close to Rex and Cassie...he's the only child she really could hope to speak to her again! Jan whispers damnit, and she turns to Lucas when he moans slightly and asks whats going on!

-Robin groans and tells Alexis that she's not getting into it with her yet AGAIN...Alexis sarcastically says that they could get into another fight, and Robin couild say Laura was behind it! Robin angrily turns towards Alexis and says she's lucky she didn't tell Chris that Alexis tried to kill her! Alexis says so she admits that she pretty much framed Laura....she comments that she really can't believe that Mike was once with her! They hear a voice say "And I can't believe I LET her be with him..." and Robin's eyes widen as they both turn to see APRIL RAMIREZ(Gina Tognoni)!

-Lucas slowly begins to wake up, but everything is blurry...Jan grits her teeth in anger, and she grabs more drugs and shoves them down his throat! As he falls slightly unconscious again, she puts duct tape over his mouth and drags him through the kitchen and into the backyard...Kate doesn't give up, and continues to knock on the door...she exclaims damnit, Lucas, open the door!

-Lexie asks Megan why she needs Dr.Stansville....Megan replies that Dr.Stansville is Jill's personal doctor...she's been overseeing her pregnancy for months! Lexie tells her she doesn't even know where Dr.Stansville is, it could be awhile to get her up here, and they have to operate now! Hope asks what she means by operate...and Lexie explains that Jill is losing blood from her head, specifically the front...she says Jill may be alright, but they have to perform a seasection and get this baby out NOW!

-Jan runs back inside the house, and she gets more drugs/sedatives and mutters that she has to keep him knocked out...she grabs baby Josh, and sneaks upstairs and gets Bentley....she brings them both out to the backyard, and tells Bentley to stay here...she goes back inside the mansion and grabs a gun!

-Dr.Stansville says that she understands how hard this is for her, but she's just warning her in advance...Eugenia tells her no, she doesn't think she does understand...she hasn't lost a child, as far as she knows! She exclaims that she's getting so tired of this...she wants to know what happened to her son...that may be one of the very few things that helps her achieve PEACE! She says she WON'T let this go...she is going to find out what happened to her baby tonight!

-Jan twirls the gun in her hands...she hears Kate still knocking at the door, and she says she's not ready to go as far as to SHOOT her....not yet, anyway, but she knows how to temporarily detain her! She walks out into the backyard, and continues to instruct Bentley to stay here, and she slowly edges all the way around to the front of the Spears Mansion...she hides the gun behind her back, and Kate turns to see her...she looks at her in disgust, and says she's not her biggest fan, but she wants to know where Lucas is!

-Lea tells the person on the phone that she has the tape....she then asks the person if they are sure about this...she sighs and says this all still just makes her nervous...but the person tells her to continue on with their plan and it will be over soon! Lea says fine, and she hangs up...another person is seen in another town, far from Salem, hanging up a pay phone...the person takes off their hooded coat and turns around to reveal none other than Greta Von Amberg(Julianne Morris)!!!!!

-Jan chuckles slightly and says to Kate that Lucas is a little...tied up at the moment, and he has to take care of something soon....she says in fact, he has to take a little trip...she tells Kate that she's sorry, but she doesn't think Lucas would want to see her anyway...Kate tells Jan to just let her see her son...she just needs to talk to him! Jan asks Kate that even if Lucas was free, he still wouldn't want to free, and why would she even let her in after how Kate insulted her constantly back at the wedding...Kate groans and tells Jan she's not even going to deal with her and her pettiness...Jan scowls, and she finally pulls the gun out...Kate's eyes go wide and she asks what she's going to do with that, and Jan then HITS Kate with it! Kate falls to the ground, unconscious, and Jan smirks and tells her bye bye...she says she really is sorry she's hitting her future mother-in-law...but its what had to be done! Jan turns and heads to the backyard again as Kate lies on the front porch, knocked out cold....

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