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Episode#428: Sister Pat Visits Salem!




Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks

Episode#428: Sister Pat Visits Salem!

-Alexis asks April Ramirez(Gina Tognoni) who she is and what she's doing here at Maggie Horton's house...April introduces herself as April Ramirez...Mike Horton's ex-fiancee! Alexis gasps and says she's heard Mike mention her a few times....Robin asks April why the hell she's back in Salem, she left YEARS ago....April tells her she heard about what she's trying to do to Mike's mother...so she rushed back to help Laura and Mike first chance she could!

-Megan asks WHAT....she says she doesn't think its time yet! Lexie tells Megan she's sorry, but she has to get the baby out, for its sake and Jill's! Megan argues that she didn't even fall THAT hard...Lexie says she obviously took quite a tumble! Megan says fine, at least call Dr.Stansville! Lexie sighs and says fine, she will...as she walks away and the nurses take Jill away, Hope says she hopes Jill and her unborn baby will be alright...Megan angrily turns to Hope and tells her this is all HER fault...so just go away!

-Salem Square. Celeste sits under a shaded table, reading her tarot cards. She is not phased by the passerbyer’s starring at her giving her odd looks. Celeste does not care, she only cares about the answers she is seeking. Her thoughts and reading come to a complete halt when a distinctive voice she is familiar with catches her attention in the crowd.

“I want to see her, and I want to see her now!”

She hears the voice say. Celeste begins to panic and her heart begins to beat faster stemming from her nervousness. She stands up and looks around in the crowd.

“Dear God it can’t be! My cards did not tell me about her coming to see me. Is it really her? “She waits to hear the voice again.

“Get your hands off me!!!” The woman says to Bo Brady. ” I am a solider for the Lord. I am here in this little city because work needs to be done. I’ve already said it, and I don’t usually repeat myself, but for yall Midwestern Stalemates”


“You mean Salemmites?”

Sister Patterson

“If Stalemates is what I said then Stalemates is what it will be. I’ll say it again. I am Sister Patterson, Oh.., hear me now!!! I only know how to speak the truth. The truth is all I speak. I am an agent; on the battlefield of sin for one man only and that is my God. I have a tool that senses evilness; I thank God for that tool. For it is called my third eye. My third eye always knows the truth. I do his work! When Sister Patterson speaks, you will all listen. When I ask something of you, you will do it. Now I want to see her, and I want to see her now. I want TO SEE MY SISTER CELESTE PERRALT. SHOW HER TO ME NOW, Lord have Mercy.”

Celeste is stunned beyond words. Celeste’s sister is none other than the infamous Sister Patterson. She walks through the crowd, who has now assembled around this seemingly Godly woman. Bo looks stunned, at a loss for words, as he has never seen anyone act in this manner, considering he witnessed a possession of the now deceased Marlena Evans.

“What in the hell are you smoking? Hope told me about you. When she was in Pasadena. You helped her through her drug and on the run ordeal.”

Sister Patterson

“Yes, that was me indeed. Brother Brady,… Yes, she’s told me about you. How are things between the two of yens?”



Sister Patterson

“Yens boy? Is it English you speak? Just take me to my sister now!”


“No need to, I’m right here.” Celeste and Sister Patterson lock eyes, not having seen one another in over 35 years.


“This is your sister Celeste?”


“Yes it is.”


“Why didn’t you ever mention her?”

Sister Patterson

“Oh didn’t she now? Well I see how things are. I come here to help you older sister. And this is the thanks I get. “


“Look, just calm down. No need to make a scene as usual. Follow me dahling; I was just over at this table reading my cards.”

Sister Patterson

“This seems to me a nice Midwestern town. It’s called Salem I hear. Salem is notorious for witches and plenty of evilness. But it is ok, I got my own brand of weapons of mass destruction. I got my holy water and my bible honey and I am ready to launch a preemptive attack on a moment’s notice. I heard there was even a devil person round these parts years ago. Tell me it isn’t so.” The sister says as she follows Celeste back over to her table. As Celeste sits down, Sister Patterson walk up behind her and looks down on the tarot cards and nearly has a heart attack at the sight of the evil pictures on the cards.

Sister Patterson, outrageously yelling, to draw attention to herself again,

“Oh God!!!!…… Oh God!!!!!. What strange language be these?”

-Eugenia proclaims that she will find out what happened to Blake TONIGHT...she's not waiting any longer! Dr.Stansville heavily sighs, but before she can say anything more, she gets a page from Lexie...she tells Eugenia she has to go, apparently another one of her patients has an emergency...she says she's really sorry, and they can talk more later, before running off! Eugenia frowns as she tries to figure out a way to put this mystery to rest....

-Jan drags a tied and gagged Lucas up to the front yard, and she smirks at an unconscious Kate...she says everything's going perfectly! She gets to her car, and throws Lucas in...and then puts a blanket over him so no one will notice, and puts him in the very back seat! She goes back and grabs her two sons and the drugs to keep Lucas knocked out...and after putting them in the car...she gets in herself and drives off!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan drives her car across Salem and towards the airport...she looks to the backseat to see Bentley and Josh in their carseats, and in the very backseat, Lucas lies, unconscious and tied up...she laughs as she says at last, its all going to be the way it should be....

-Robin tells April she MUST be joking....April says no actually, and Robin asks how she even heard about whats going on with them, and there's no way she can help Laura! April says that after she went to live in New York with her brother Julio, she later studied to become a lawyer...and she's represented many people over the past few years and won! She says she never met Laura during her time in Salem, but Mike did tell her about her...and she's sure determined to get her off from these ridiculous charges!

-Hope exclaims that it wasn't her fault...she says they were BOTH fighting, and she was the one who helped call 911! Megan laughs and tells Hope this is EXACTLY what she wanted to happen, she knows it...she wanted to continue any chance she had with Bo! Hope looks at her very confused and says "What?" as Megan realizes what she just said, but suddenly, Dr.Stansville runs up, and once seeing Jill, her jaw drops! She asks what happened...Megan explains all about how her and Hope were fighting and Jill ended up being sent flying and hitting the ground HARD, as Lexie fills Dr.Stansville in on her condition....Megan whispers in Dr.Stansville's ear and begs her to save HER baby! Dr.Stansville says she'll do her best and runs to operate on Jill!

-Eugenia continues to wonder about what happened to her son....she sighs and says she guesses there's nothing left to find here, and leaves the hospital....

-Hope says she really hopes Jill's alright...Megan angrily turns to Hope and tells her to just LEAVE...she says they got her to the hospital, and she's in Dr.Stansville's hands now...this is NONE of her business! Hope asks Megan why she's being so pushy like this...she never knew Megan as one to care about anyone like this! Megan groans, and Hope says fine...she says maybe she'll come back later just to ask Lexie how she is...Hope then leaves the hospital, as Megan thinks to herself that her scheme can't fall apart...not after coming so far....

-Jan arrives at the airport...she heads straight for the Spears private jet...after putting Bentley and Josh and the sedatives/drugs inside...she drags Lucas inside the jet as well, who is still all tied up, and he moans slightly but quickly falls unconscious again...after they are all inside, the jet takes off...Jan laughs as she tells Lucas to not worry, this will ALL be over soon!


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