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EPISODE 100!!!



It took a while, but we finally made it! Thanks to all my loyal readers (members or commenters or not) for entrusting me to tell you stories from my side of the "world". It means alot to me. ;)

Episode co-written by my good friend and better internet half, P.J.

WHO: The denizens of Oakdale, Illinois

WHERE: The Grand Opening of the Oakdale Memorial Cancer Center

WHAT: A black-tie affair

WHEN: A quiet June night, Episode 100

Luke and Carrie arrive separately. When they meet up, Carrie admits surprise at the invitation---she got the impression he didn't like her. Luke makes an excuse---Noah will be occupied with WW business most of the night, and Noah suggested they get to know one another. Luke tries to get her to open up a little, mentioning he found out that she works with Carly. Smoothly, Carrie admits working at WOAK, but sulls up when Luke asks what brought her to Oakdale.

As Will ushers Barbara into the room, tears of joy run from her face when she sees a plaque on the wall, informing all who enter that this site is dedicated to Jennifer and Hal. Will himself chokes up, but holds his tears in when he sees Gwen approaching. Will can sense the tension and before asking for a private moment with his wife, he warns Barbara not to strain her voice too much. The doctor told her today that she can start talking again, but don't push it. Barbara smiles empathatically, assuring her son she won't. As she saunters over to the table where she's sitting, she catches sight of Carly and Wagner entering. Wagner introduces himself, but gets cut short by a business call. Barbara thanks Carly for coming and Carly retorts that she wouldn't have missed this for the world. Kim approaches and tells Barbara that they'll be calling her up to give a very brief speech, introducing Michael.

As Barbara begins to take her leave, Carrie accidentally spills her punch, inadvertently splashing Barbara with some. Luke tries to calm the situation, seeing how distraught both women are about the incident. Carrie apologizes, as Barbara fumes that Carrie should watch where she's going. In a huff, Barbara storms off. Luke sees tears swelling in Carrie's eyes and promises that she did nothing wrong. Accidents happen. Carrie lightly taps her growing bump and shamefully smirks that he can say that again. Luke, however, is too busy spying on a newly arrived Noah and Sherry to notice Carrie's growing bump or hear her words. Carrie urges Luke to go make himself known, just as Lucinda comes behind him and tells him that making himself known would be the worst possible mistake he could make.

As Luke, Carrie, and Lucinda watch on, Noah pulls out a chair for Sherry who keeps blabbing about her relatives in Minnesota. Jokingly, Noah states that he doesn't think that they've gotten to "meet the parents" status yet. Sherry giggles, pulling Noah into an impromptu kiss. She turns around and coldly eyeballs Luke, reporting to Noah that someone sure knows how to stare. When Noah looks up, he sees Luke walking away from the party. He excuses himself and tells Sherry that he has to go check on something. Sherry smirks as she watches Noah walk away.

Will and Gwen stand beside a splendid ice sculpture encasing the new logo of the cancer center. Will asks Gwen what prompted her to come. Gwen explains that she left Hallie with a sitter for the night and thought that a nice night to themselves would be good for a change. Will coldly asks if the babysitter has short brown hair, a grating New Jersey accent, and a criminal record that keeps on talking. Gwen scoots back, shocked at the acidity of her husband's voice. Will exclaims that he needs to leave before he blows his cool, leaving a flustered Gwen behind. Carly approaches and asks what that was all about. Gwen reveals that she's been taking Hallie to see Iris behind Will's back and she thinks he knows. Carly suggests that lies are no good for a marriage, citing personal experience. If Gwen wants to keep Will, Gwen needs to tell all.

Outside, Noah chases after Luke and admits that although he kissed Sherry, it meant nothing. Luke denies he's upset about the kiss; he just hates feeling like he's thirteen again and sneaking around. Noah explains that it'll all be over soon, which makes Luke roll his eyes in contempt. Noah returns to the table and realizes the next step he needs to take in order to uncover Sherry as the mole. He tells Sherry that Worldwide is planning on securing a million dollar account tonight with UniverseOne after Lucinda speaks with the vice president. After a moment or two of small talk, Sherry excuses herself to the ladies room and rounds the corner. Flipping out her cell phone, she sends a message to someone telling them to meet her outside on the terrace.

Carly smiles as she watches Wagner approaching. Wagner apologizes and says that he has some urgent matters that need to be taken care of back at his office. Carly's smile turns upside down and she excuses him with a peck on the cheek, thanking him for bringing her. Jack approaches as Wagner walks away and jokes that Carly must have scared Wagner off by telling him her ex-husband was here. Irritated, Carly hisses that Wagner left for business and exclaims that she didn't think Jack would make it tonight since he's always hated these formal events. Reaching back for two glasses of champagne, Jack chuckles that Emma pushed him to attend. He denies he "hates" these events---as long as the evening ends on a good note. "Your bribes were the best", he whispers in her ear. Carly flushes red, remembering nights when they had stumbled into the house and made love after parties like these. Dry-mouthed, Carly shoves the glass back into his hand and hastily retreats.

Running onto the terrace, she brushes right past Lily. Lily stops her and asks where she's off to in such a hurry. Carly musters courage and snaps that she knew she should have never come tonight. Lily invites her good friend to sit down and tells her that Holden couldn't attend tonight either. Carly hypothetically asks Lily why Jack always acts like her husband. He's constantly coming over unannounced, picking up the kids whenever the need bites him, and dishing out advice to her left and right. Lily laughs and tells her that Jack is just doing what he's always known. Being a policeman, he's taught to protect people. And with Carly, the rule goes above and beyond since he's known her and even fathered children with her. Carly thanks Lily, but explains that she still needs a breath of fresh air.

Will approaches the doors of Metro, eyeing his watch and recalling the venom that he just spewed to his wife. He's now more confident than ever that this fake robbery will make Gwen see Iris for what she truly is...a bloodsucking leech that will never change. Stan cowers behind some bushes and Will invotes him over. "Ya got the blueprints", Stan asks. Will nods yes and hands them over, reminding him that by the end of the week, he wants both him and his no-good sidekick as far from Oakdale as possible. He promises that the money will be deposited in an offshore account as soon as they're out of sight. Stan shakes his hand and heads back home to fill Iris in on his great plans for robbing Metro.

Luke walks back in, finally content with Noah's promise that all this sneaking around will be over soon. After searching around, he can't find Carrie and reasons that she must have gone to the ladies' room. Meanwhile, Carrie finds Barbara backstage, prepping for her brief introduction of Michael. Carrie cautiously approaches Barbara and again apologizes. But she assures the accident was just that---an accident, not a deliberate act on anyone's part. Impressed with the girl's forthrightness, Barbara accepts the gesture and declines an offer to pay for the dry cleaning. Shyly, Carrie admits to admiring Barbara's designs and career through the years. Expecting to be hit up for advice, Barbara starts to excuse herself, but Carrie insists she has to return to her date, and leaves. Luke hides as he watches Carrie stop behind a large group of potted palms, pulls out her cell phone and call someone. He tries to get closer, but Jack pulls him out of hiding and asks jokingly if Luke's hiding from his grandmother. Jack explains that she's probably giving some potential client an earful somewhere in the building.

Casey grimaces as Gabe pulls Sophie away for publicity photos. When she returns, she excitedly announces Gabe booked her a photo shoot in Spain. When Casey suggests going with her, she cautions that it's a work trip and that Gabe will be there. Casey storms off, accusing Sophie of being blind to Gabe's true intentions. Margo pulls Sophie aside and asks for an explanation. Sophie attributes Casey's reaction to jealousy, and feeling like a prisoner in his parents' house. Taking offense, Margo barks that she needs to stop selfishly playing two men against each other. Casey doesn't deserve to be hurt again after losing Maddie. His heart still hasn't completely healed. Sophie spits back that it's time Margo let Casey live his own life, suggesting that Margo only issued her motherly warning because she'd rather see Casey with Maddie than her.

As Paul watches Gabe whore himself to the media, Rosanna approaches. After she realizes that it's Paul she's approaching, she makes a last minute turn toward the exit. Paul, much too quick, has been watching Rosanna, too. He rushes after her and grabs her by the arm. Rosanna slings her arm free and threatens to have security called at the drop of a hat. Paul chuckles that this isn't her shindig, but Rosanna defends herself, throwing her board member status at Paul. He quickly retreats and tells Rosanna that if she wants to play hardball, he's willing to take anything she dishes out for a second chance. Fuming, Rosanna splashes her drink in his face and storms out.

Bob and Susan circulate at the party, mingling and accepting congratulations on the cancer center. Kim surprises them both by praising Susan's efforts in getting the center up and running. She even suggests doing a feature for Oakdale Now. Later, Susan privately thanks Kim for putting up a good front in public. Kim tells her it's not an act...she hopes this will ultimately save Barbara's life, and she'd thank anyone who made that possible. As Bob and Susan pose for pictures, Susan makes light of walking in on Michael as he was getting ready. Bob huffs that the last thing Susan needs in her life is an accident like Michael. Kim overhears and assumes Bob's jealous of Susan's obvious attraction to the new doctor in town.

Alison and Aaron arrive almost at the same time as Emily and Dusty. Both couples seem to be hesitant of approaching the other until Susan walks up, cheerfully annoucing her excitement in seeing them. Susan sees that Dusty and Emily have come together and incorrectly assumes they're back together. Dusty chuckles that he and Emily have decided to cover the opening together; that's all. Aaron sees Kevin sitting all by himself and excuses himself. Aaron takes a seat and observes that he thought Kevin had moved. Kevin sighs that he returned to Oakdale because of his parents, but he was making the wrong assumptions when he thought he and Luke could just pick up where they left off. Aaron recalls his little brother having a crush on Kevin and judging from Kevin's lackluster attitude and harsh Noah-hate that he'd rather be more than friends with Luke. Kevin fills in the blanks for Aaron, recalling that after he left Oakdale, he came to terms with his feelings for Luke. He pushed him away because he felt like what he was doing was wrong. But now that Kevin's come out to his parents, all he has left to do is come out to Luke. Aaron raises his eyebrow and pats Kevin empathatically on the back.

Carly sees Brad from across the way and sneaks up behind him, asking where that tramp of a girlfriend of his is. Brad reminds Carly that she shouldn't resort to name calling. Carly remembers the hell that Katie put her family through and openly wishes nothing but misery for the bimbo homewrecker. Brad argues that Katie's different now. Seeing that Brad truly cares for her, Carly backs off and apologizes for being so cruel. Brad jokes that since Vienna and Henry have gone to secure advertisers for ViCE cosmetics, he was the last resort when Katie approached him for a date. When Brad reveals that he's been thinking of popping the question to Katie, Carly urges him to go for it. Brad snickers and wonders aloud if Carly just wants them to get married so she won't have to worry about Katie returning to Jack. Carly hisses that she and Jack are through, but voices her pleasure in wanting to never have to gag again at the sight of Jack and Katie together. Brad laughs.

Katie tries to reassure Michael, who's nervously messing up the opening line of his prepared remarks. Katie tries to coach him, helpfully suggesting he imagine all the people in their underwear. Michael tries to laugh, but he admits he's always feared speaking in front of large groups, and he expects a disaster. After Barbara introduces "the man who made it all possible, the man who's saved my life", Michael takes the stage. He glimpses into the crowd past all the applauding hands and sees Doris sneering at him from the corner. He begins his speech, cutting it down to the essentials. Before he can finish, though, Doris barrels through the crowd. Loudly denouncing him as a cheating sonofabitch and slapping divorce papers into Michael's chest, she continues that he should be ashamed of himself for leaving her destitute, when he's off committing adultery. Katie's shocked and confused at the accusations. Michael roughly grabs Doris' arm and drags her away as Susan takes the stage and tries to calm the blabbering audience. Katie follows her uncle, and hears him arguing with Doris. She makes her presence known, only to discover that the woman her uncle is fighting with is his estranged wife. Furiously, Doris lunges at Katie, blaming her for bonking her husband while he' still married. Stunned, Katie returns to the party, and gets another surprise when she sees Lyla, freshly returned from visiting Cricket. Katie starts to fill her in, but Lyla stops her saying she saw it herself. Katie's puzzled when Lyla says she's not surprised by the allegations--at all.

At Lily and Holden's, a dark figure scoots through the yard undetected. A pull of the doorknob fails and the figure retreats to a bedroom window. After finally prying it open, the figure leaps in, startling the girls from their quite slumber. A hand tightly fumbles to cover Faith's mouth as she screams for help. The lights go on and Holden emerges with a baseball bat, but the true surprise comes when the girls look up and find their cousin Jade standing in the middle of their room.

Meanwhile, Barbara comes down from the podium and meets Carrie at the bottom of the stage. Carrie compliments her on her eloquent words and reveals that she even mustered a tear or two herself while Barbara was speaking. Barbara thanks her and heads back to her table. Suffering from a dizzy spell, she grasps at Carrie's arm to steady herself. Barbara snaps that she's fine but Carrie insists that she take a seat. Paul sees his mother in distress and runs to help her. Paul suggests they go home and Barbara nods, accepting her son's invitation to rest. Suddenly, the lights go out. As the hospital drowns in a blanket of darkness, a deep, malevolent voice wickedly calls out, "Don't leave, Barbara...we've yet to say hello...."


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Wow, so I'm definitely gonna start reading this again! I fell behind on a lot of blog reading over the last couple of months and only recently started to read again (mainly at DR), so I'm trying to figure out what I want to read each day. I have loyalties to you, Dusty, so you can count on me to "tune in" everyday!

I'm gonna have to go back a couple of episodes to get myself in the know with the stories, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. You're doing Barbara more justice than the real show ever could. I'm hoping for a Luke and Noah break-up LOL. Gwen and Will are interesting again! And as always, nice to see my Stewart girls in action.

Awesome job and I'm looking forward to more of it!

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Yay, Congrats on the 100th episode!!! :D

Love, love, love how you got everyone together here. Everything with Barbara was fantastic. Quite touching at moments too. And that end, SHOCKER! LoL. good stuff!

The Luke/Noah/Carrie stuff and how it has seeped into so many other characters is great. It really works and doesn't feel shoved together. As I was reading this it all felt fluid and things wove together nicely.

Nice touch with all the different people sneaking off and making calls or confronting someone. You can't have a party without that, LoL.

Good work guys, :)

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First, congratulations Dusty on making it to episode 100! I don't think everyone appreciates how much effort and dedication goes into making it this far.

As for the super-sized edition, it makes me flash back to the good old days, when events were SPECIAL and mind-blowing, not just three extra day players on stage.

Loved all the family interactions. Loved everything. Really. :D

Here's to your next 100!!!

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OMG!!!!! I love it. You are a very good writer. I love it! So much happened. Really great. I wish you were writing for ATWT.

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*SIGH* I'm finally done reading! :P:lol:


This was a great episode, Dusty. Congrats on making it to 100 episodes!

These big events that brings the entire cast together are favorites of mine, to read, watch and even write myself on my own show. It allows you to have characters interact with each other and can set up future story.

There were a lot of great moments in this episode.

First, I love the tension you have between Will and Gwen. I hate them together. I like Will better when he's not with Gwen. And Gwen, she can just fall off the face of the earth. :lol:

I loved Kevin and Aaron's little chat. That was very touching. I always forget that Aaron is Luke's brother.

So glad to see Jade back. She was always a favorite of mine, even though most hated her.

And who could the person be that turned up at the event. Dare I say it? James Stenbeck?

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