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Episode 34



It's a surprising morning in Springfield...

Bauer Home:


Beth wakes up in bed. She is relieved to realize she must have dreamed her experiences. She goes down stairs. She sees Rick's back sticking out of the fridge, "Oh honey you would never believe my dream last night."

He turns around, it's Phillip.

Beth quickly realizes it wasn't a dream.


Malah House:


Mallet is sitting on the couch with old pictures of Julie.

Dinah sits with him, "Hey."

He smiles at her, "Hey."

Dinah holds him, "You want to stay in today?"

He stands up, "I need to make arrangements. I need to plan the funeral. Find a church."

Dinah stands with her husband, "Honey, maybe we should think of a smaller ceremony."

Mallet is confused, "What do you mean?"

"Well you know it's more personal. And you know, she was only in town for a short time. I mean she didn't get a chance to..."

Mallet looks his wife in the eyes, "So you're saying: You don't think very many people want to come to my Baby Sister's funeral?"

Mallet is more hurt and sad then he is angry.

The Beacon Lobby:


Mel just came from a meeting. She goes to pour herself a coffee. Alan Michael Spaulding comes over, "Hello Mel."

"Alan Michael. How are you?"

"I'm good."

"How can I help you?"

"Well I know you're a lawyer.."

"Are you in some Spaulding trouble? Because I don't..."

"Mel? Do you handle divorces?"

Mel makes a confused looked at him.



Marina is catching up with Rocky.

"So how has it been in Europe?"

"It's been great! I really missed you guys though."


Frank walks in.

He sees Rocky. He runs over and gives him a big bear hug. Rocky is a little shaken at first but is happy to see his big brother.

They chat for a while.

Rocky goes up to his room to finish unpacking.

Marina talks with her father, "So. Any new woman in your life?"

"Marina Nadine Cooper that is..."

"Daddy! I want you to have someone. I worry about you."

Frank feels bad but it isn't time to talk about Mel.

The Beacon Lobby:

Mel sits down with Alan Michael, "You got married?"

He hesitates, "Uh yeah. Over ten years ago."

She sits up, "You're still married to..."

"Lucy. Yes."

"Wait I don't understand."

"We didn't officially sign the divorce papers."

"What? Wait didn't you sleep around with several women when you came back?"

"Yes. Not something I'm proud of. I just found myself in a depressed and confused state. It's not easy when a marriage doesn't work out."

"Yeah I know." Mel looks at her hand.

Alan Michael understands, "I'm sorry about you and my cousin."


He tries to cheer her up, "He if it makes you feel better: I would choose you over Beth any day."

She laughs.

Bauer Home:

Beth calms down, "I thought you were Rick."


She tries to step around him. They have an awkward moment of trying to walk by each other. They stop and stare at each other. Mindy and Rick walk in to see the closeness between the two.



Malah House:

Mallet walks to the window, "I didn't think like that."

Dinah regrets her words, "No I'm sorry. You know the brain thing.."

"No I mean you're right it might just be you and me and J.."

Dinah hugs him as tears run down his face.

Bauer Home:

Phillip and Beth immidiantly move away from each other.

Mindy giggles, "So did everyone sleep well?"

Phillip smiles, "Yes."

Rick begins to make breakfast, "Phillip how do you like your eggs."

Phillip and Beth respond at the same time that Phillip doesn't eat eggs.

They stare at each other for a moment.

Beth explains, "In Arizona we had this neighbor who invited us over to breakfast every other morning and eggs was all he could make. Phillip eventually got sick of them."

The two share a laugh.

Mindy notices the closeness they still share.

Beacon Lobby:

Alan Michael and Mel joke about divorce and marriage for a while.

Alan Michael brings the case back up, "So will you?"

She smiles, "Yes I will."

He gets up. He pulls out a teddy bear for Leah.

He walks to the door and stops, "You know Mel? I don't know how Rick ever let you go."

Mel is surprised to be so flattered by a Spaulding.



Shayne sneaks in through the back door. He goes upstairs.

He has a heartshaped box of chocolates. Sort of a late Valentine.

He sees the open door and jumps in with it.

He is shocked to see it is not Rocky's room but Marina's.

She is shocked to see her ex boyfriend holding chocolates in her room.


Maureen isn't completly honest

Marina chats with Shayne and Rocky

Ava has a hard time keeping up her lie

Remy moves in with Blake


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