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CUFFS - Episode 11




Episode 11

Jake's - Zander's room

Zander woke with a start, his brow moist with a cold sweat. He tried to shake the nightmare he had, as his body quivered and his breathing erratic. He tried to catch his breath as he sat up against the headboard of the bed. It had been a while since he had one of those kinds of nightmares. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his coal black hair. He reached for the glass and bottle of Jack sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. The red numbers on the clock read 2:00am as he glanced towards the window to see the neon sign flicker "Jake's". He poured himself a shot of alcohol hoping it would calm him down enough so he could fall back to sleep. He swallowed the liquor with a hard gulp and set it back on the nightstand. He could feel it all the way down his throat as he rubbed his face with his hands. He laid back down and rested his head on the pillow, he pulled the covers up over his waistband and placed his hands behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for what seemed like an hour before he slowly closed his eyes and drifted back off to sleep.

The corridor was dark and gloomy, there was a musty smell in the air, it was cold and brought a chill to him as he heard voices in the distance. He stood back in the shadows as he watched the two figures embrace, his anger burned inside him at the sight of them, he followed as they walked back towards the opening in the wall. He stood in the dark corridor as he watched them through the opening, they embracing, kissing, groping each other like animals. He stepped from the shadows with his gun raised, he was ordered to permanently remove him and he was there to complete his mission. He startled the two of them as they quickly turned to face him. He thought he had it all planned out, but something went terribly wrong. His target approached him, not afraid to die and came face to face with him. He shouted at him but his mind racing, he didn't hear the words, just saw his mouth moving. He pointed the gun at him and he didn't flinch. She didn't stay back like she was suppose to .... shots rang out. Blood on his hands, now down on the ground next to her. "Nooooo! Emily!!"

Zander sat straight up in the bed in a cold sweat. His breathing was hard and erratic, his body quivering with fear. He slipped from the bed and went to the bathroom. He turned on the faucet and ran cold water into his hands. He splashed his face hoping it would snap him out of what was happening to him. He could never forget that night, but he wished the nightmares would stop. It had been a nightly occurrence to relive what happened, but they seemed to subside once he moved to Miami. He guessed they were back because he was back to the scene of the crime. But it wasn't a crime, it was an accident, yet he never got over the feeling of guilt of doing the deed. The night that he was suppose to remove Nikolas permanently didn't happen like it was suppose to.

Zander walked back to the bed and sat down on the edge. He grabbed the bottle of Jack and chugged it down. One way or the other he was going to get a night's rest, voluntarily or passed out. He soon finished the bottle and laid out cold on the bed.

He awoke to a banging on the door. "Zander! You awake?" the voice shouted from the other side of the door.

Zander groaned as he rolled over and hid his head in the pillows. "Go away!" he mumbled loudly.

His visitor wasn't going away and knocked on the door once more. He stayed laying hoping who ever it was would get the hint and go away like he wanted them to. "Come on, Zander! Open the door!"

Zander slowly climbed out of bed and went to the door. His was all disheveled as he rubbed his face with his hands as he opened the door. Jack stood on the other side with coffee in his hands and pushed his way inside. He set the coffee down on the desk as Zander closed the door.

"Rough night?" Jack asked with a chuckle.

Zander reached for a cup of coffee and smelled the aroma in the air. "You could say that." he replied before he took a cautious sip.

"Want to talk about it?" Jack asked as Zander went to the bed and sat on the edge. He looked up at his partner who stood there concerned for him.

"Um, no." Jack grabbed the wooden chair and sat in backwards in front of Zander.

He straddled the chair and sat down with the cup in his hand. "It might be better if you do. Talking about it can help sometimes." Jack was seriously concerned and worried about Zander. His mysterious talk out on the water the day before had him curious.

Zander took a sip from his cup and sighed. "I guess you deserve to know the truth."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "That serious, huh?"

Zander got up from the bed and began to pace. It helped him in some way to clear his head and it became a bad habit. Jack sat in the chair waiting to hear what was going on Zander's head. Jack noticed Zander struggling with the words, and he soon realized what Zander had to tell him had to be something that really weighed heavily on him.


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