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CUFFS- Episode 10



They walked down to the wharf and met with the harbor master. "You know how to drive one of these things?" Jack asked as he and Zander boarded an old fishing boat they had rented.

"Of course I do. I grew up on the water, remember." Zander rolled his eyes at the thought that Jack would forget something like that about him.

"Oh, and here I thought you just knew how to blow them up!" Jack chuckled as Zander turned the ignition.

"Funny, Jack. Real funny." Zander smirked as he pulled away from the dock.

"Where we headed?" Zander didn't really know, he just wanted to check out the bay and to see who was coming and going into Port Charles.

"Just out there. Don't worry, we won't be out here long." He tried to answer his partner the best he could, since he really didn't know himself.

Zander steered the old boat towards Wyndamere, Jack was so interested in it the first night they were in town, so he thought he'd give his partner a good look at the island and the old mansion that sat on the grounds. "Wow, that's creepy." Jack said as Wyndamere came into view.

"Yeah it is, trust me. The old place has been here for a long time, even before I had come to Port Charles." Zander and Jack circled the island as thoughts of what had happened there filled Zander's mind. The events that made him escape Port Charles gave him chills as he remembered that night. Jack saw his partner drift off into space and shouted his name to bring him back.

"Zander!" Zander glared at his partner as he called his name. "Bad memories?" Jack continued as they made one last pass.

"Yeah, the reason I stayed in Miami and away from Port Charles." Jack didn't push the issue, it seemed the more they talked about it, the more Zander got agitated. Zander had seen enough of the bay, he had seen what he wanted to see and he turned the old boat back towards the main land.

Jack didn't understand their expedition out into the bay, though he figured it was all part of Zander's reasons for leaving his home and trying to forget his past. He didn't question it, he knew that if Zander wanted to talk about it, he would. Zander docked the old fishing boat and turned off the engine.

"So did we learn anything from our field trip?" Jack asked as he stepped off the boat and onto dry land.

"Jack, our field trip was very educational. Come, let me buy you a cup of coffee and explain it all to you." Zander took a grasp on Jack's shoulder and guided him as they walked along the docks.

They walked and talked a piece way before running into someone Zander apparently knew. Jack eyed the young petite woman who jumped into Zander's arms. Zander embraced Elizabeth and twirled her around in his arms. It was the first time in a long time that Jack had seen a smile like that on Zander's face. Zander set Elizabeth down on her feet and brushed back a stray strand of brunette hair from her face.

"It's been a long time Zander." she said excited to see him.

"It sure has. It's so good to see you." he replied and pulled her into another embrace. She held onto him tightly and he did to her. It was like they had never been apart. All the feelings came rushing back to him as they embraced on the docks, it was a good feeling that he felt and it was something he didn't want to lose again. Jack cleared his throat hoping one of them would notice he was standing there.

"I'm sorry Jack. Elizabeth, this is my partner Jack Keys." Jack extended his hand to Elizabeth and she shook it firmly.

"Jack this is Elizabeth ...." It had been a long time, Zander didn't know which name she was now using so he didn't.

"Hi Jack. Nice to meet you." Jack smiled at the pretty woman who stood before him.

"Hi Elizabeth. Nice to meet you too." Elizabeth's focused turned back towards Zander once more.

"You think we could get together later, I'd love to talk with you about some things." she flirted. Zander looked at Jack as if to get his approval.

"Yeah I guess so. Jake's?" Elizabeth agreed that Jake's would be fine.

"I'll see you later then." she gave Zander a kiss on the cheek before continuing her walk down the pier.

"Okay, you have to tell me your secret." Zander looked at Jack a little confused.

"What secret?" he chuckled. "The secret of getting all these women, Zander. Have you had all the women in this town, or only the pretty ones?" Zander chuckled at the thought. Jack's eyes still focused on Elizabeth who was a good distance from where they stood.

"Come on, let's go get that coffee, Romeo."


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