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Friday December 21 2007




All The Days of Their Lives

Friday December 21 2007

Sami wakes up, and goes out of her bedroom. She walks by the living room, and sees Frank, only in his boxers, sleeping on the couch. Frank starts to wake up.

Frank: Good morning, sunshine.

Sami: Morning. How did you sleep?

Frank: Great. You?

Sami: Oh God, your a morning person?

Frank: Yup. You know, it's funny. I have a memory of making out with you on this couch.

Sami: Yes, me and EJ almost had sex there.

Frank: Well, I remember, and it was great.

Sami make a face.

Frank: I'm so sorry. I'm just so confused.

Sami: It's fine. Umm, so where does Stefano think you are?

Frank: In Switzerland.

Sami: Ok, well tomorrow's Christmas Eve, and I won't be here.

Frank: Thats ok, you want me to stay here, or what?

Sami: Mabye you should tell Stefano your comming home, because he'll want to spend Christmas with you.

Frank: Ok, so I guess I'll go there.

Isabella finishes making pancakes.

Isabella: Adrianna, their ready!

Adrianna: I'll be right there!

Adrianna's phone makes a noise, and she picks it up. She sees that she has a text message.

Text: Watch out Adrianna!

Adrianna looks shocked. Downstairs, the doorbell rings. Isabella opens the door, and sees Stefano.

Isabella: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: I'm here to talk.

Isabella: Please leave.

She starts closing the door, but Stefano opens it.

Stefano: I just want to talk, parent-parent.

Isabella laughs out loud.

Isabella: Please! Parent-parent? You havent given a damn about what happened to Adrianna until you had nobody left!

Stefano: Isabella, she is my daughter, and I care what happens to her!

Hope puts Ciara on Hope's bed.

Hope: You like this bed better, honey? I know. I know. Mommy still has to get ready. Hold on a minute honey.

Hope goes into her jewelery box. She sees something sticking out of one of the little drawers. She opens it, and takes out a gold necklace.

Hope: Where the hell did this come from?

She picks lifts it up, and has a flashback...

Hope is standing in a room, smiling. A man is putting the necklace around her neck. She turns around, and smiles. She looks at the man, and it is Stefano!

Hope comes back from the flashback. She drops the necklace.

Hope: Oh my God.

The doorbell rings, and she throws the necklace back in the jewelery box. She picks up Ciara, and goes to get the door.

Sami comes out of her room.

Sami: I'm going out for a while, with the twins. Mabye call Stefano, and tell him your on your way home.

Frank: I'll do that.

Sami: What's wrong?

Frank: Nothing, you are just incredibly beautiful.

Sami: Thanks.

Frank: No, really.

Frank goes closer to her. Sami doesnt back away, and she looks into his eyes. He kisses her. He stops.

Frank: I'm sorry.

Sami: It's ok.

Isabella: Stefano, please leave now. I'm asking you to leave.

Stefano: I'll be back, Isabella. After all, tomorrow's Christmas.

Stefano leaves, and Isabella slams the door. Adrianna comes down the stairs.

Adrianna: Who was at the door, mom?

Isabella: Your father. Apparently, he wants to spend time with you.

Adrianna: Mom, he is my dad, and-

Isabella: We talked about this! And were not talking about it again. Now lets go have some pancakes!

Jennifer is on the couch with J.J. Hope comes down with Ciara.

Jennifer: Ready?

Hope: Yup. Let's go.

Hope puts Ciara in a carseat, and holds her head in pain.

Jennifer: Whats wrong?

Hope: Nothing. I just have a bit of a headache.

Jennifer: Are you sure? We don't have to go.

Hope: It's ok. Lets go.

They leave the house, Hope has a flashback of her and Bo having sex. That flash starts to fade, and she sees her and John having sex! Hope shakes her head, and she continues walking.

The next day...


The Horton's are at Alice's house, decorating the tree. Sami is there with the twins. Lucas walks in, and looks at Sami. Sami hands Johnny to Maggie, and she brings Ali to him.

Sami: Merry Christmas.

Bo, Hope, and Chelsea gather around the tree to hang Zach's ornament. Chelsea starts crying, and Hope wipes her tears. Hope puts the ornament on the tree.

Hope: It's ok, honey.

They hug.

Mike goes up, and puts up his ornament. He looks in the box, and picks up Jeremy's. He puts it on the tree.

Jack, Jennifer, Abby, and J.J. go up. They each put up their ornaments. They laugh, as J.J. almost drops his. Jennifer touches Zach's, and kisses it.

Mickey and Maggie go up. Mickey kisses her, and they put their ornaments on the tree.

Doug and Julie go up, and put theirs on the tree. They hug.

Alice gets up, and Maggie tries to help her.

Alice: I can go myself, sweatheart.

Alice puts her ornament on the tree. She goes into the box, and smiles. She takes out Tom's. She kisses it, and puts it on the tree.

Alice: Merry Christmas, Tom.

The screen fades to black, as the Horton's gather together.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Stefano is in his mansion, on the phone.

Stefano: Do I really have to ask, you fool? Ship it back to my mansion in Salem! If anything has happened, it's your head!

Bo and Billie are in an elevator. Bo is kissing Billie down her neck as Billie is unbuttoning his shirt.

Everyone is counting down the last 10 seconds to 2008! As everyone counts down, Stefano goes into a room.

Stefano: This might be the perfect way to go.

Stefano goes deeper into the room, and we see a ticking time bomb.


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