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This is the final episode of WICKED. The Reckoning will begin on Monday October 1st, it is the 3rd book in this series.


Zander and Alexis sat in the interrogation room with Ric a few hours as Zander told his brother everything that he knew about the dealings between Greg, Lorenzo and Jason. A weight had definitely lifted off his shoulders once he admitted to a few things he had initiated. As they sat and talked, Ric absorbing all the information Zander was giving him, there wasn't much Ric could charge Zander with, other then transportation and distribution of narcotics. And with the evidence missing from Zander's warehouse, it was just Zander's words Ric had against him. Jason was holding the evidence, and though Zander's shipment, it was in the possession of someone else, which left Zander off the hook.

The hours passed and soon Ric stood up from his seat. He thanked his brother for his honesty and appreciated that Zander had told him what had happened in the penthouse before he got there. Zander saw that Ric was walking towards the door of the interrogation room and he opened up.

"You're free to go ....." Ric said as he held the door open with his hand.

"You're kidding right?" Zander asked shocked that Ric was letting him go, even after all he confessed to.

"No, I'm not kidding. I have nothing to hold you on. The shipments are no longer in your possession, and the shootout at the penthouse could be construed as self defense."

Zander stood up from his seat and walked towards his brother. "Thanks .... " Zander said as he stepped into the doorway.

"Yeah, yeah ...." Ric grinned as Alexis brushed passed him.

"Hey ..." Ric said as he gave a tug on Alexis's arm as she passed by. "Tell him to keep his nose clean ... okay."

"You try to tell him that ... but I'll try." she smiled.

Zander and Alexis stepped out onto the stoop of the PCPD once more. The snow had just begun to fall lightly and Zander pulled his overcoat up and over the scruff of his neck.

"You need a ride home?" he asked Alexis.

"No, I think I'll walk ...." she replied and gave him another kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the offer though." She started walking down the stairs towards the side walk and he watched her from the top step.

"Hey .... " he called out to her and she turned around towards him. She saw the look in his eyes and knew what he wanted to say .. but the look was all she needed. She smiled, turned and walked away, leaving him standing alone on the stairs.

He gave a tug at his overcoat and pulled out his cell phone to make a call, the snow falling harder now then before, he took a few steps towards the side walk as the person he called answered.

"Hey sweetheart .... I'm at the PCPD ... yeah everything's fine. I just wanted to hear your voice, that's all. I'll see you soon."

Marcus pulled the car up to the curb and Zander climbed into the backseat and closed the door, his coal black hair covered with snow, and he ran his fingers through it.

"Where to, sir?" Marcus asked from the driver's seat.

"To hospital, Marcus .... I'm going to spend some time tonight with my wife."

Emily hung up the phone and sighed some relief. She looked out the hospital room window and saw the snow falling more heavy, the biggest snowflakes she had ever seen. She took comfort in knowing Zander had weathered yet another storm, she had just hoped good days were ahead for them.

As Marcus drove down the snow covered street towards the hospital, he couldn't help but notice the blaring headlights from a car that seemed to come out of no where. He glanced from side to side and through the rear view mirror at the car that was following closely behind. Zander took notice to it as well.

"Marcus, we have company."

Emily's hospital room --

While Zander and Marcus tried to lose who ever was tailing them, Emily tried to get some much needed rest. The only light that shone into the room was that of the moon that filtered through the blinds on the hospital windows. It was peaceful and quiet now, she knew Zander would be there in a few minutes, everything was going to be okay she thought as she caressed her very pregnant belly. Unbeknownest to her, she was not alone and the nightmare was far from over.

On the other side of town --

In cold dark night, shots rang out as gun fire was heard through out the quiet streets of the neighborhood. A new threat has arrived in the town of Port Charles and the day of reckoning would soon fall upon this quiet waterfront town.


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