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The Reckoning - Casting News!




The Reckoning will begin airing on SONBC on Monday October 1st. It will be a continuation of WICKED and will consist of the same characters/actors with a few minor additions. These additions are as follows:


Amanda Welles will portray Chelle Barlow, a NY attorney who has been transferred to Port Charles and will begin working in the DA's office. She has ties to PC she is unaware of. She is widowed and has been raising her son alone for the past 10 years.


Brad Hawkins will portray William (Will) Barlow. He blows into town with his mother, Chelle, and he's looking for trouble. He's reckless, he's defiant, and he's just looking for a fight. Though he's a rebel of sorts, he is well educated and after 10 years, he's still angry over his father's death.


Roma Maffia will portray Camilla Cortiz, a specialist who has been asked to advise on a patient's case at General Hospital. She has studied at the best of medical schools and is the top in her field. Look for her to get involved with a select few doctors at the hospital.


A Martinez will portray Martin Alvarez, an adversary of Sonny Corinthos from Miami, FL. He brings with him his two sons.


Nicholas Gonzalez will portray Richie Alvarez, the eldest son of Martin Alvarez. He is the loose cannon of the family and the one who prefers brut force to get what he wants. He is also as an eye for a beautiful woman.


A.J. Lamas will portray Nickie Alvarez, the youngest of Martin's sons. He is quite green in the business and the over achiever. He tries to make his father proud, which sometimes leads him into trouble.

Readers of WICKED who will be continuing with The Reckoning can expect twists and turns throughout this new book. Sorrow, tragedy, and romance will be found, but the mob war will still remain the focus of the new book.

The Reckoning will debut on SONBC on Monday, October 1st.


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I really LOVE the casting choice of Roma Maffia. Great Find.!! Also like Nic G. and AJ Lamas. I will have to see what Ms. Roma is going to be up too. She has a VERY interesting look to her. Like she's full of mystery and secrets and a hidden agenda

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