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WICKED: Episode 46




The PCPD Squad Room --

"If he tells you everything, Ric .... Zander will be lucky to be out for his daughter's wedding! I have to defend and protect my client."

"I know but ...." Ric began but was interrupted.

"Alexis ... I love you, you know that .. and you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me, with the exception of Emily. The two of you have stood by me through it all and you've taken the heat for me on more times than I care to count. But this time .... this time if I don't do this, Ric is going to throw away everything *he* has worked so hard for. I can't allow him to do that." Zander confessed his appreciation.

Alexis leaned in to him and kissed him on the cheek. "You do what you think you have to, Zander. I'll stand by your decision."

"Thank you, Alexis." Zander spoke softly.

"So .... are you going to get a statement here or not?" Ric spoke up.

"Yeah you are." Zander replied as he sat down at the long metal table, Alexis sitting down next to him.

"Are you sure about this?" she asked again.

"Yeah I am, Alexis .... It's my only option. It's time I cleaned up my own mess."

She not sure what he meant by that but went along with his decision to make a statement about Greg and the dealings over the past 6 months.

Ric sat down across from him and pushed across the table a yellow legal pad and the pen from his shirt pocket. Zander pulled the tablet towards him and Alexis snatched the pen before Zander's hand reached it.

"I'm sorry, but if you want me to defend your actions here, I need some promises made for you." she said and Ric sighed knowing what was coming next.

"Like what?" Zander asked as Alexis and Ric exchanged looks.

"Don't Alexis .... " Ric said knowing what she was about to ask even before she asked it.

"Before he confesses to anything .... lay your cards out Mr. DA." she smirked as she looked over her black rimmed glasses.

"No deals, Alexis!" Zander replied upset with her for even trying to make a deal for him.

"Yes deals, Zander! I told you before we sat down that I would stand by your decision to do this, but for Pete's sake let me defend you!" she scolded.

Zander sighed in defeat, he knew she'd get her way anyways, he caved early to save the time. "That's better." she grinned.

"Alexis, it depends on what he tells me, I can't give you a blanket deal." Ric replied knowing that's what she was after.

"Sure you can, Ric. Look, if Zander gives you what you want to know, and there's no charges to be filed on him then we'll save the deal for another time .... I'm sure there will be another mess and we'll need it." she smiled.

Ric grinned. She knew darn well that he couldn't resist her charm and persuasive ways. "Okay ... because you know I can't resist your persuasive charm, I'll lay a deal out on the table."

Alexis grinned because she knew she had it in her to charm the pants off that man if she wanted. Zander snatched the pen back from Alexis's hand. Before he had a chance to write anything down, Ric grabbed the pen back from him.

"Now what? Are you two going to let me do this or not?" Zander now getting anxious to clear the air.

"Forget writing to down, just tell me. I'll have to type up a report regardless. Besides the faster you tell me, the faster you can get out of here." Ric replied as he stuck the pen back in his shirt pocket.

"What do you want to know?" Zander sighed.

"I want to know everything ... the dealings with Lorenzo, Jason .... and Greg." Ric replied as he leaned forward against the table. "And if you had anything to do with Lorenzo's bank statements being sent here to me."

"Bank statements, no sorry can't say that I can take credit for that one. You got bank statements?"

"Yeah and a lot of money has been transferred, I mean a lot of money in and out of Lorenzo's account. I kinda figured they were transactions for the contracts he put out on you."

"I wouldn't doubt it. I have to give that man credit though, he is persistent."

"Don't give him too much credit, he almost succeeded." Ric replied.

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My first time reading this blog, and I must say.......about time I saw some serious drama at a cop shop. Good, good work. I'm must become a regular reader.

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