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WICKED: Episode 45




The PCPD --

Zander and Alexis stood out on the stoop of the PCPD for a few moments, Zander deciding what to do next. He couldn't allow Ric to take the fall for him this time, Ric could lose the DA position over this, heck lose his license to practice law in NY. He couldn't let that happen.

Zander stormed back into the squad room and saw Ric from across the room carrying an arm full of file folders, heading back to his office.

"Ric! Wait!" Zander called out to his brother and Ric stopped to wait for him.

"I thought I told you ..." Ric said as Zander pulled him into the interrogation room to talk privately.

"Yeah you did, but I can't let you do this Ric. I can't let you take this risk, I don't want to have this on my head, Ric."

Ric set down the paperwork on the table, and Zander noticed what the files contained as one flipped open accidentally. His name was on all of them and his eyes widened as he realized what Ric was planning on doing.

"Ric, what were you going to do with these files?" Zander asked and Ric realized that Zander had seen what they contained and quickly flipped closed the open folder.

"Never you mind what I am going to do with them, the less you know the better."

"Okay, that's usually my line, so what gives?" Zander questioned wanting to know what Ric's plans were.

Ric sighed. "If you must know .... I'm making this all go away ... okay?"

"No, it's not okay, Ric! I won't allow you to do this for me. I've done a lot of stuff in the last 5 years .... and every time you bail me out! I can't let you do it this time. This could very well cost you, your job!"

"Yeah well, to see you finally safe and happy with your family, it will be worth it!"

"No, Ric, it won't! I don't want you to have to give up your career for me! I never asked you to compromise your job Ric!"

Ric cleared his throat and pulled out the immunity deal that laid on top of the pile. Zander saw what he pulled from the pile and took back what he said. "Okay just that once. But Ric, this is a major decision and something you shouldn't have to do. I'll do the time if I have to, Ric!"

"No you're not .. now dammit let me do this for you .... Geesh!" Ric replied and he gathered the files in his arms once more, and headed for the door to leave.

Zander stopped Ric from leaving the room as he blocked Ric's path. "You are too good for this Ric! You're the good brother, remember? This is how it's always been .... I get into a jam and you clean up the mess ... well not anymore!"

Ric saw something in Zander's eyes, something that hadn't been there before and he realized Zander was ready to take what ever punishment there was for this mess he had gotten himself into. Zander was right, he had always cleaned up after his brother, never allowing charges to be filed, keeping his ass out of jail the best he could. Zander this though, stepped up to the plate to save him for a change.

Ric set the files back down on the table. "Tell me about Greg, tell me everything, if you're so willing to take the heat this time." Ric said just as Alexis walked in.

"Zander .. don't tell him anything." she spoke up as she entered the room and closed the door.

"Alexis, I have to. It's my only chance to clear this up."

"Look, we're all family here, right? We've been a part of each other's lives since the beginning ... I know we want to protect him Alexis, but this time .... I don't know if we can."


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