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WICKED: Episode 44




The hospital lounge --

"The short version ... Jason's been stealing product from me, Lorenzo was trying to kill me. Someone took a shot at Emily earlier and I stormed off looking for him, thinking it was Jason. I get to the penthouse, and Lorenzo is waiting for me. Now I didn't know it was Lorenzo who was out to kill me, I was thinking it was Jason. Marcus called up to the apartment, said Jason was on his way up. The storm knocked out the power to the building and it went black. Jason shot Lorenzo in the shoulder, thinking it was me. Marcus came up the back way and saved my butt again. Marcus shot Lorenzo, Ric busted in the door and shot Jason in the shoulder. After it was over, the police had Jason in custody, he went for the officer's gun and shot me in the shoulder."

"So you never fired a shot at Jason nor at Lorenzo?"

"Marcus fired the bullet that killed Lorenzo, but I should of taken Jason out when I had the chance."


"Yeah pretty much. Jason and she are close and I didn't want to take him away from her, she would of never forgiven me for that."

"So, he shot at you with a police issued weapon?"

"Yeah, Ric saved my hide. Marcus called 911 after the police officers took Jason away in cuffs."

"So what started all this?"

"Not what, who. Greg, I guess wanted to make a name for himself. I don't really know, Alexis."

"Well, where's Greg now?"

"I took care of Greg."

"Oh .... okay well, we won't mention Greg then."

"Ric already knows about Greg and his involvement, I'm sure."

"Probably right about that. I'm sure you don't have to worry about Jason, he never says much of anything."

Zander chuckled. "Yeah, Jason just wants to see me dead so he can take the territory I got. Which is why 3 of my warehouses are no more and product has gone missing."

"Well, we'll have to make statement to Mac, he's not going to let up about this till you do."

"Yeah I know. Just not sure how I can without getting myself 10 to 20."

"Let me worry about that. Come on, there's no time like the present. Get this over with and you can spend the rest of the night with Emily."

Zander and Alexis left the lounge, followed close behind by the officers that Mac had instructed to bring Zander in to the PCPD. They all boarded the elevator and headed to the police station to make a statement.

The PCPD Squad Room---

Alexis and Zander walked into the squad room, Mac and Ric waiting for them. Mac showed Alexis and her client the interrogation room for privacy. Ric followed close behind and closed the door after he was the last one into the room.

"So ... ready to make that statement now?" Mac asked as he laid down on the metal table a yellow legal pad and pen.

"What do I get in return?" Zander asked.

"Now you want a deal too?" Mac replied not believing Zander's request.

"What my client means is that if he gives you a statement of what happened tonight, he doesn't want any charges filed against him." Alexis spoke up.

"Tell us what happened and then we'll talk deals." Mac replied as he pushed the tablet and pen towards Zander.

Zander and Alexis exchanged glances, she offered a shake of the head not to write a statement.

"Okay .... let's start off with an easy question ...." Mac not able to finish his thought because he was interrupted.

"Wait, do you want a statement or are you planning on interrogating my client, Mac?"

"Well, he's not giving us the statement, Ms. Davis, so I guess we'll move to the next step which would be interrogation."

Zander looked once more to Alexis for answers. She leaned in and told him, he could answer questions that Mac had in mind, until she told him not to.

"What's your question, Mac?"

"Do you know this man, Zander?" Mac asked as he pulled a mug shot from the file folder he was holding. He placed the photo face up and slid it towards Zander to look at.

"You know I do Mac. It's one of my guards, Greg." Zander answered, unsure where Mac was going with this line of questions.

"When was the last time you saw Greg?"

"A few days ago, why?"

"You're not at all concerned when one of your men doesn't show up for work?" Mac pressed on for answers.

"Look, Greg had some personal stuff going on, he took a few days off."

"Are you sure?" Mac asked wanting to lead Zander into the answers Mac wanted to hear.

"Where are you going with this Mac?" Alexis stepped in. "Zander already told you that Greg asked for time off."

Mac laid down another photograph on the table, face up. This time a picture of Greg when they found him dead in his car a few miles outside of town.

"So you have no idea how Greg ended up dead, do you?"

"Don't answer that, Zander." Alexis instructed as she turned over the photograph of Greg behind the wheel of his car.

"My client isn't answering anymore questions for you Mac, unless there is a deal somewhere on the table." she added and Mac turned and looked at Ric who stood off in the corner waiting for that moment.

"Can we have a minute, Mac?" Ric requested.

Mac agreed with Ric's request and left the interrogation room, leaving Ric alone with Alexis and Zander. "Don't make me regret this ...." Ric said as he took a few steps towards the door of the interrogation room. Zander wondering what he meant.

"You know you could lose your job because of this." Alexis said as she approached Ric.

"Yeah I know, but I could of lost it numerous times before I didn't."

"You're willing to take that chance Ric?" Alexis asked as she stood next to him.

Zander stood up from his seat and approached them. "Care to let me in on what's going on?"

Before he got an answer, Alexis had guided him out the door quickly. She didn't want tell Zander anything till they were outside of the PCPD and away from any ears that may be listening.

"Now you want to tell what that was all about?" Zander asked as the two of them stood on the steps of the police station.

"You're brother is about to save your ass again, and this time he's risking everything to do it."


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