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PCE: Episodes 21-23

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Endgame- Episode 21-23
Sunday, April 29, 2007

- The words "I want a divorce" echo through the head of Elizabeth Webber gets Cameron ready for daycare. She can't really blame Lucky for wanting what he wants, I mean, she did cause her marriage to implode. This last act, the act of distracting Lucky so Jason could do whatever was the final nail in the coffin. She finds herself beginning to cry as Cameron puts his shirt on.

He says to her in the cutest way, "What's wrong mommy, why are you crying?" That opens the floodgates even more. She's crying in front of her child, real mature Elizabeth. Real mature. She assures her child that Mommy's just a little tired and he has nothing to worry about. She pats Cam on the back and asks him to take his toys into his room. She begins to cry after he leaves the room and is surprised when someone places their hand on her shoulder. She looks up and it's her grandmother Audrey.

- Bobbie sits in her living room, slowly grabbing her empty liquor bottle, and just stares at it. She starts to have flashbacks of the night Brandon died….the night she killed him and how hurt Lucas had become that night. All she could do was think of Lucas. How hurt he would be even more when he learned the truth that led to his death? As soon as she does, she puts down the empty bottle, and goes to grab another bottle of scotch and pours herself a glass. As she is about to down the scotch in one gulp, a knock on her door is heard, and Bobbie immediately yells out for the person to go away. It is Mac Scorpio, and says that he is not leaving until he has a talk with her. Hesitant, Bobbie lets Mac in and he goes to sit down, where he notices the empty bottle.

"Did you drink this whole bottle?"

"If you came here.....to...to question my drinking habits, then I suggest you leave right now!"

Mac notices Bobbie's slurred speech, but that doesn't stop him from asking questions about the night Brandon died.

" OK, look, Bobbie...I am here to ask you questions about the night Brandon Wexler was killed."

"Why....why do you want to ask me?"

"It's standard procedure," Mac says taking out his notepad. "Knowing that he was involved with your son, I had a feeling you could be somewhat helpful to this."

Bobbie's in no mood talk about what happened then…now or ever. "Well, you know what, Mac? I'm not. I'm going to make this real simple for you. I have no idea what happened when Brandon died, I was with Noah at the time, and I am deeply sorry about what happened, but I am of no use to you or anyone in regards to this, OK?!"

Mac's curiosity is peaked by Bobbie's stern statement. "Bobbie, there is no reason to get defensive here –"

"I am telling you what I know, OK," Bobbie interrupts. She thinks she should tone it down a notch, especially if she doesn't want him to get suspicious. "Now, if you don't mind, Mac, I want to finish this glass of scotch, so would you please leave my home?"

Bobbie begins to push Mac towards the door. "I don't think we are done here," Mac says while trying to keep Bobbie from kicking him out.

"That's where you are wrong. Unless you have a subpoena, I don't want you coming back here. Now, I will ask you again, please leave."

- Meanwhile, Alexis steps into her office after a spending the past 3 hours giving depositions for the a criminal case involving corrupt political officials. She kicks off her shoes and stares at a picture of Sam on her desk. She promises herself she won't become an emotional wreck. It's almost a year to the day that she and Sam were kidnapped by Helena. Suddenly her phone rings. She is most surprised to receive a call from Jason. "Alexis, don't say anything. I need you to meet me at Wyndemere at 5pm. Don't be late." He hangs up the phone, leaving Alexis stunned.

- At Deception, Carly steps into her office and still can't shake the dizzy spell she had earlier. "Man," she says to herself, "That was really bad sushi I had last night." Carly then proceeds to go over some figures from their first quarter earnings but is interrupted when her receptionist informs her someone is there to see her. Carly reluctantly gives the ok.

"Well hello there," says a familiar voice. Carly looks up from her papers to find a returning Jasper Jax!

- Back at Hardy's, Elizabeth begins to open up to her grandmother. She is handed a tissue by her grandmother to wipe the tears streaming down her face. Audrey asks what's wrong and though she's met with much resistance, Elizabeth begins to break.

"You were right Grams. You were right. You told me not to get involved with Jason. You told me I needed to focus on my marriage and not allow myself to misplace my feelings, but I did anyway. I broke my marriage vows to Lucky. He told me he needed space, and instead of giving him that I threw myself at Jason. Now it's really over."

"You don't know that for certain Elizabeth. Lucky hasn't made any decisions yet."

"No Grams, you're wrong. I did something very wrong the other day." She puts her head down, then tosses her hair from her face. "Jason asked me to distract Lucky so he could do whatever. I don't know. But I did it anyway. Lucky caught on to the plan and he told me it was over Grams. He wants a divorce."

"I'm going to tell you this Elizabeth and I want you to listen closely. Everyone makes mistakes. You've made a lot these past few months but if Lucky wants to end your marriage then that means this time apart just made his mind more clearer. Use this time to find yourself Elizabeth. Don't wallow in self pity, learn from your mistakes and promise yourself not to make them again. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful baby boy. Put you and your child first my dear."

Audrey pats her granddaughter on the back before exiting the room. Elizabeth says to herself she will listen to her grandmother this time. It's time to put Cameron first.

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Carly & Jax catch up on time lost
-Anna realizes the information on Sonny may not be enough
-Robin and David clash over a patient's treatment
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I see some [[email protected]#$%^&*] hitting the fan when Alexis finds out about Sam. I can't wait to see that happen. Loved the Bobbie and Mac interaction. She is so deserving to be nailed. I loved how you made Elizabeth real, not sure how to explain it. You could really see her feelings come through. Excellent job.

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That comment in the story about Liz, "Real Mature Elizabeth....real mature," I thought that was funny, but cool at the same time. Haha, more of the writer's feelings slipping in, I bet. ;)

Carly having dizzy spells....hmmm...do I smell a baby on they way? hmmmmmmm

Another great eppy

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