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The Storm - Episode 37



The cabin --

The alarm went off at 6:30am, like every morning before and Zander turned over and smacked the clock till the alarm stopped buzzing. He rubbed his face with his hands trying to revive himself from his restful sleep. The day had come he dreaded, Sonny's trial started this morning and he and Emily were to be there by 10. He turned over and watched her sleeping peacefully.

"Em .. baby..." he said softly as he caressed her arms to wake her.

He leaned in and kissed her cheek which aroused her some as she turned in towards him and groaned. "What time is it?" she asked sleepily.

"It's 6:30 .. we have to be in court by 10, so get your tush in gear. Today is not the day to sleep in." he replied as he climbed from the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

She turned over and grabbed his pillow in her hands and pulled it to her. She curled up with it and dozed back to sleep. He emerged from the bathroom and noticed she was still in bed, curled into a ball with the pillow to comfort her.

He walked towards the closet and opened the doors to see all the dark suits hanging on display. He picked out one of his black suits and a deep blue dress shirt to match. He walked with it in his hands over the bed and laid it down as he sat on the edge of the bed.

She began to stir as the alarm buzzed again after the 10 minute snooze had passed. She laid on her back and her eyes opened slowly, the sunshine was hard on her sensitive morning pupils as she protected her eyes with her hand.

"You're not wearing that are you?" she asked as she saw the black suit laying on the bed beside him.

"What's wrong with it? You know I only have 2 colors in my wardrobe." he cracked a smile.

She rolled her eyes and cracked a smile at his remark about his taste in clothes. He looked over his shoulder at her as she propped herself up against the head board and yawned.

"What are you wearing?" he questioned and she raised an eye brow.

"Clothes?" she snickered. "I don't know, maybe my red suit." she shrugged.

"Okay you wear the red suit and I'll wear the red shirt, satisfied?" he smirked and then went to the closet and picked out the red silk dress shirt.

"Okay .." she yawned and climbed from the bed. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

She opened the door and peered out. "Are you okay?" she asked. She was expecting him to be nervous about the trial but he didn't seem to be at all shaken up about what was going on today.

"Yeah I'm fine." he replied as he shoo'd her back into the bathroom.

He heard the water being drawn for the shower as the images of that night returned in his mind, just like a silent movie, he remembered more vividly the details of the shooting. His body jerked as the gun went off in his head and he tried to shake it off before she emerged after her quick shower.

She noticed he was a little shaky when she returned to the bedroom, he was a little uneasy on his feet as he walked towards the bathroom once more. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked as he steadied himself against the doorway. He shrugged off her question and went into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

She felt something had happened while she was out of the room, another vision she suspected. He had been having them more frequently since the hearing, but they were not consistent. The shooting of his father had haunted him for so long, she had hopes that after Sonny's trial, things would be easier for him and the nightmares would fade away.

At the courthouse --

Zander and Emily dropped off Devon at her parent's for the day, and arrived at the courthouse before 10. The doors of the courtroom stood open, as they walked across the hallway they were met by Ric. Zander didn't look at all relaxed by then, he was fidgety and Ric noticed.

Ric patted Zander on the back as the three of them walked into the courtroom together, as they walked down the aisle, Zander noticed Carly sitting in the first row behind the defense table. She didn't make eye contact with him and he thought it best not to stare in her direction. He and Emily took seats in the first row behind Ric and Alexis, who was already sitting at the prosecution table waiting.

Emily smiled as she saw the look between Ric and Alexis, she thought it was sweet how the two of them were with each other. She and Zander sat together and waited for his turn in the witness box. She trying to keep him relaxed as they listened to other witnesses that Ric had called for the prosecution.

Zander glanced over towards the defense table and caught Sonny's eye. Their eyes made a connection and Zander certainly didn't feel the love coming from his so-called father. Sonny may have been his biological father, but he truly was never going to be his dad. Frank Smith was all of those things to Zander while he was growing up. He felt the love from Frank and he spent time with Zander, even though he ran the biggest organization on the east coast, Frank still made time for him .... and Sonny took that all away from him.

Sonny's attorney finished with the witness and he existed the box. Ric stood up and looked over his shoulder at Zander sitting behind him.

"Mr. Lansing, call your next witness if you will." the judge announced and Ric buttoned his suit jacket.

Ric turned towards Zander and called his name .. "The prosecution calls, Zander Smith."


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