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The Storm - Episode 38



The courtroom --

Zander stood up from his seat and felt all the eyes in courtroom were now on him. He buttoned his suit jacket and walked to the witness box, and before he sat down, he unbuttoned it again. He noticed Alexis and Emily both smiling at him, trying to reassure him he was doing the right thing and he would be okay.

Ric walked towards him as he straightened out the crinkle in his suit jacket. Zander smirked when he noticed that Ric was still meticulous as he was when he was younger. Ric stood in front of him and paused a moment before asking his first question.

"Mr. Smith, would you please tell the court your relationship to the deceased?"

"Frank Smith was my father." Zander replied, not giving away that he found out Sonny was truly his father. Frank was the only father he had known.

"And when Frank died, how old were you?" Ric questioned.

"I was 8 years old."

"At that age, a traumatic experience was difficult to handle, wasn't it?"

"Yes it was, very difficult." Zander replied and once again the images of that night flashed one by one in his mind.

"Please tell the court in your own words, what happened the night that Frank Smith died."

Zander sat straight in the chair and cleared his throat before he began telling his story. "It was after midnight, and I couldn't sleep, so I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink. I noticed that my father was in his study, the light was still on and it shone underneath the door. I went to the kitchen and got my drink. As I walked back to the stairs, I passed my father's study again. The door was ajar this time, and I heard voices arguing inside." Zander began and Ric interrupted his story with a question.

"Did you recognize these voices that were arguing?" Ric asked of his witness.

"The voices were my father Frank and his right hand man, Michael Corinthos." Zander replied and he glanced over to Sonny sitting at the defense table.

"For the record, Michael Corinthos is the defendant Sonny Corinthos." Ric stated and then let Zander continue his story.

"The argument ensued and shouting could be heard from inside the room. Frank threatened Michael, he had betrayed Frank and Frank told him that Michael knew what happened to those who betrayed him. Frank pulled a gun on Michael, and Michael then pulled his gun on Frank. Michael told Frank that Frank would be the one to pay and then Michael shot him." Zander finished his story and Ric picked it up with another question.

"Mr. Smith, what was the argument about?"

"The argument was about my mother and the affair Michael had with her 8 years prior." Zander replied knowing that this question was leading to his paternity.

"This act of Michael with your mother, was it consensual? Ric asked, making sure not to mention the word rape in his question.

"No it wasn't. When Frank found out about the details of the event, he was furious with Michael. Michael threw it in Frank's face that he wasn't my biological father and that infuriated him more to know that his wife had another man's child."

"Mr. Smith, are you the child of the non consensual act between Michael Corinthos and Frank's wife?" Ric asked.

"Yes .... I am." Zander stuttered the truth. "Michael Corinthos is my father." Zander's eyes drawn to Sonny looking for a reaction from him, but got none.

"Thank you Mr. Smith ... no more questions for this witness, your Honor." Ric finished his questioning of Zander and returned to his seat at the prosecution table.

Victoria stood from her seat and stepped towards Zander in the witness box. He had become more relaxed now that Ric's questioning was over, and Victoria noticed. She had hoped now that he was more relaxed his guard was down as well.

"As you testified, Frank pulled his gun first .. is that correct?" Victoria asked her first question.

"Yes Frank pulled his gun first, but ...."

"So, Mr. Corinthos was being threatened bodily harm by Frank, so Sonny pulled his gun in self defense." Victoria twisted the truth.

"Self defense? No that's not what I saw. What I saw and heard was Sonny threaten Frank and then shoot him." Zander stood his ground against Victoria's questions.

"But Sonny only threatened Frank after Frank threatened him .. correct?"

Zander sighed heavily because he knew Victoria found a discrepancy in his memories of that night to shed a shadow of doubt that Sonny shot Frank in cold blood.

Zander sat and pondered his answer to her question. He didn't want to say the wrong thing and as he sat in the witness box, Ric noticed Zander tense up. He needed to get his brother off the stand and quickly before Sonny's attorney had devoured Zander completely.

Flashes of the shooting revolved in and out of Zander's mind as he sat in his chair. He jerked in the chair as he heard the gunshot go off in his head. He was reliving that nightmare over and over again and he had to rid himself of it happening again.

"Look, I know what I saw and I know what I heard! Sonny Corinthos shot and killed Frank Smith!" Zander shouted from the witness box.

Victoria's eyes widened at his outburst and went back to the defense table. "We have no further questions, your Honor."

Zander's body was shaking in anger as he stepped down from the stand. He walked passed Sonny and glared at him. Sonny stared coldly in return and smirked as if he just got away with murder. Zander clenched his fists at his side and walked passed Ric and reached for Emily's hand to go with him. She did and followed him out of the courtroom.

Zander was feeling nothing but anger for the man who was his biological father. His anger overwhelmed him and walked away from Emily, leaving her standing outside the courtroom, alone and worrying about him as she saw the anger consume him.


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