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The Storm - Episode 36



Zander's warehouse --

Zander walked into the warehouse with another man, Cory. He was Zander's General Manager, for the lack of a better word. Cory oversaw everything that came and went from the warehouse and knew the inner workings of all that happened there. Cory and Zander walked into the office and Zander took a seat behind his desk. Cory sat down in the chair after he closed the office door.

"So tell me about the partial shipment we have sitting here. What's missing, how much is missing, and who's responsible for taking it?!" Zander demanded to know.

"The best we can tell is, it was no amateur, this was a professional hit. And since Morgan isn't cooperating with us, we've run out of culprits. There isn't anyone else in Port Charles who would have enough balls to steal the large amount that was taken. Besides no one else would have the connections to make such a large amount disappear like it has. It has to be Morgan. He's seriously becoming an annoyance, sir."

"Yes I know he is, but I made some promises that I can't go back on, at least not yet. So Morgan still breaths till I say so. We just have to keep our eye on him for the time being. Which is why I want to heighten security around here and I'll be adding a guard on Emily at all times." Zander wanted to be sure his family was protected even if his gut instincts were wrong.

It was going to come to a head between him and Jason, he could feel it. The tension between the two organizations had been building for some time and after the explosion a month or so ago, it was becoming quite apparent that there would be more then just a shipment lost, soon enough.

"We have another shipment coming in at the end of the week that will fill what we lost with the first one. I'll be sure to have extra manpower here at the warehouse." Cory replied as Zander flipped through some paperwork that laid on the desk.

"Good and I want a 24 hour watch on this warehouse after it comes in. I don't want anything happening to it." Zander instructed as he looked down at his watch.

"Why don't you go home to your wife and son, sir? Gregory and I can handle things here." Cory suggested as he got up from his seat. "Randy can take you home." Cory added.

Zander got up from his seat and walked towards the door, passing Cory. "I want to take a look at that shipment first." Zander said as he walked out of the office and waited for Cory to follow.

Cory led the way to the very large containers that had arrived a few days earlier. He saw a few other men standing off in the distance and motioned for them to come and help him open the boxes so Zander could take a look for himself at what was missing.

Three big burly men approached and helped Cory open the containers that Zander wanted to see. Once opened, Zander sifted through the paper stringy packing in search of the product that was deep within the crate. Zander reached in with his hand, up to his elbows in packing and pulls from the crate a clear plastic package filled with white as snow powder. Cory pulls a pocketknife from his belt loop and stabs the bag with the tip, extracting some of the product from the bag as he removes the knife. He licks the knife with his tongue to taste the quality of the powder as the others look on and waited for his stamp of approval.

Zander walked away from his men once Cory nodded that the product was quality powder and the men nailed the crate shut once more. Zander put his hand to his head and massaged his forehead with his fingers as Cory approached him.

"Do you want to distribute the stuff?" Cory asked and Zander turned on his heel towards him.

"It's business as usual, Cory." is all Zander said as he began walking towards the enormous overhead door to leave.

Cory walked towards the others and called for Randy. "Take Zander back to his wife at the cabin." Cory slapped Randy on the shoulder as he passed. "And don't let him out of your sight till he's inside the house!" Cory hollered after Randy. Randy waved in acknowledgment and followed his boss out the door to the limo that was parked in the alley.

Zander looked down at his watch and noticed he had spent more time at the warehouse then he had expected to, so he used his cell phone and called Thomas to see if everything was okay at the cabin.

"I take it everything went smoothly getting Emily back?" he asked as Thomas answered.

"Yes it did, no problems here." Thomas replied.

"Good, Randy's driving me back now, I'll be there shortly." Zander closed his phone and put it back in his jacket pocket as Randy opened the back door of the car.

"Is everything alright, sir?" Randy asked noticing his boss looked drained.

Things were not fine with Zander, he had a bad feeling about things for a while now, he just couldn't shake it. He was hoping that the feeling would pass, like all the others before had. He sighed deeply as he lied to his guard ..."Things are just fine, Randy ....." With that, Randy closed the limo door and climbed in behind the wheel of the limo.

Zander wasn't sure which is was more worried about, the fact that at that very moment he had a couple hundred thousand dollars in powder in his warehouse, or that he had his wife and child at home waiting under guard for their protection.

He leaned his head back against the seat and closed his eyes to rest them. He was so completely drained from what had been happening over the past few weeks, he was surprised he knew his own name. He just hoped that the trial would be over soon and he could finally put the past behind him and concentrate on the present and what the future held for he and his family.


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