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Episode 55: Custody Fight!



~Alexis looks at Sam in stunned silence. Alexis doesn’t notice a haunting tune playing in the background. Sam turns to Helena and asks Helena who this woman was. Helena answers that she was not one of them. Sam asks if this woman needs to be dealt with. Helena laughs and says yes. Sam walks over and hits Alexis over the head. Alexis falls to the ground. Helena instructs Sam to gather everything and wipe everything down. They were moving to phase two of the plan.

~Brenda wakes up the next morning and calls for Sonny. She wants to see James. Sonny asks her how she is fine and impatiently she answers that she is fine but wants to see her son. Sonny brings her some food and her phone. She calls Ned and asks if he would come to the Penthouse with James. He tells her that he will be there in an hour.

~Jason, awake all night, is staring into the fireplace when Carly comes down the stairs. She approaches him and sits down next to him. He tells her that he can’t believe what has happened, that Sam is alive. He has to find her. Carly promises him that she will do everything that she can to help him. She will be there every step of the way, just like he has helped her in the past. He appreciates her help. Carly encourages him to shower and they will start looking after that.

~AJ has an early morning meeting with Edward to go over some financial reports regarding ELQ. When they are done, Edward tells AJ that he loves the fact that he is home and that he thinks Sarah is a perfect addition to the family. Edward believes that AJ’s presence is helping Alan heal. AJ is moved to tears. Because of what Edward says, AJ decides to go to the hospital to visit his father and Sarah.

~Mac calls together Robert, Taggert and a few other officers that are part of the task force to go over the course of action to track down Sam and Helena. Mac is shocked when Carly and Jason come storming into the police station offering their resources and help! Luke, having checked himself out of the hospital bellows that he wants everyone’s help and demands to know where Natasha is! No one knows where Alexis is.

~Alexis stumbles into the police station and falls into a chair. Mac runs over to her and asks what is wrong. She says she knows where Sam and Helena, who is very much alive is. She tells them about a mountain that the Cassadines used to hide out at, that it was a place she didn’t think Nikolas even knew about. She went out there the night before to confront her daughter. Except now she thinks Sam is brainwashed! She tells them to be careful of Sam, that it wasn’t really like her, that she relied on Helena for everything. She gives them directions to where to go and Mac calls an ambulance to bring her to the hospital. The task force, including Luke, Jason and Carly rush out to the mountain.

~Ned arrives at Sonny’s penthouse with Ric. Ric informs Brenda that he has filed for emergency custody of James on Ned’s behalf. Brenda is outraged and demands to know on what grounds. Ned spits out that her association with Sonny is dangerous to their child. Sonny walks in and demands to know what is going on. Brenda tells him to call Scott, which he does. Brenda rages back that living with his alcoholic mother is dangerous enough and why is he almost 40 and still living at home? Ned refuses to bring James over to the Penthouse and that the court hearing will be the following day.

~Scott arrives and looks at the paperwork. He asks Brenda for James birth certificate. There is no listing for the father. He explains to Brenda that since Ned’s name is not on the birth certificate, DNA testing will have to commence. They can call the police and say that Ned is kidnapping James. Ric turns to Ned and asks why he didn’t tell him that he wasn’t on the birth certificate. Ned tells him he didn’t know about that. Ric explains that they will have to do DNA testing and that James must be returned today. Brenda yells in one hour she wants James in her arms. Ned spits that they aren’t through yet and he will get custody of James!

~Lainey is talking with Alan when AJ arrives. AJ sits down and starts telling Alan about how he met Sarah and how much he loves her. That he wishes he could fix the mistakes that he made previously. He views his life with Sarah as a new start. They talk about starting a family all the time, but first he wants to get a dog. That way, he won’t screw up the dog like he screwed up with Michael. Alan, having trouble talking, smiles through his tears and pats AJ’s hand.

~At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Elizabeth are sitting in the living room which now served as a playroom. Surprisingly after their kiss the previous night, things were not awkward between them. Nikolas was devastated that Sam was behind the attack on his family. Elizabeth was worried about Lucky. Nikolas asked her about her feelings for Lucky. Elizabeth wasn’t sure what they were, but Lucky had been treating her so coldly that she was ready to move on. Nikolas smiled and said he knew what she was talking about. They shared a private smile when Lucky barged in the room!

~AJ decides to surprise Sarah with roses. He goes looking for her and finds her talking animatedly to Patrick. AJ stopps a few feet away and neither notices him there He could overhear Sarah angrily ask Patrick to quit bothering her, that he had hurt her enough in the past. Patrick apologizes for leaving her in Santa Barbara, but the past was the past and she has to get over it. Realizing that Patrick was the doctor who hurt Sarah in the past, AJ drops the flowers and launchs himself at Patrick. Robin walks up and see AJ start punching Patrick!

~The Task Force reaches the mountain. Busting into the door, they find it deserted. Luke picks up a note and reads aloud:

Well, well, well. I suspect Alexis has told you where we are. Do you really think we would stay here? Be careful where we may turn up….

Luke crumbles it up and starts swearing.


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