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Episode 54: Sam is Identified!



~Laura goes through stomach surgery with an enraged Luke and a tearful Lulu and Nikolas standing guard at the door. After an hour, the bullet is removed and she is moved into recovery where she is reunited with her family. At this point she is still resting.

~Lucky gets his bullets removed and checks himself out of the hospital. Emily, off her shift, stays with him. He’s happy with the company as he goes to check on his mother. However, he doesn’t want to get her hopes up that they may be together after all.

~Sam apologizes to Helena that she didn’t shoot Lulu. She explains that Nikolas got in the way. Helena said that Sam did the right thing, that Nikolas should not be hurt at any cost. Helena congratulates Sam on a job well done. They will remain in hiding for the time being until Sam’s next assignment.

~Sonny calls Jason and has him meet him at the hospital. Once there, Sonny asks Jason for a picture of Sam. Jason obliges, and Brenda identifies her as the woman who hit her. Jason is stunned and heartbroken, thinking that Sam has been dead all this time. Sonny summons Robert and they deduce that Sam was also the shooter. Robert says that he will break the news to Luke.

~Robert pulls Luke aside and tells him that Sam McCall seems to be the shooter. Luke is as shocked and stunned as everyone else. Luke rages that Helena is behind this massacre!

~Taggert and Mac reach the hospital and Robert apprises them of the situation. Mac decides to form a task force to bring down the Cassadines! He recruits Robert and Taggert and plans on asking Lucky as well to join it. They will be reporting to Robert in the search for Sam and Helena.

~Elizabeth hears of the attack and comes to the hospital. She sees Jason, who is stunned beyond belief. He tells her that Sam was the shooter. Elizabeth can’t believe it and comforts him, which both Emily and Lucky see. Emily comments that Elizabeth is moving along fast.

~Nikolas needs some air and walks down the corridor where he sees Elizabeth. He breaks down that his grandmother is back and that his cousin was behind the shooting of his mother. Elizabeth hugs him tight. Nikolas surprises both of them when he pulls back and gently kisses Elizabeth. Shocked, Elizabeth pulls back. She smiles and leans in for a second kiss.

~Robin comes in to visit Brenda, who has a massive headache. They start to talk about what has happened that evening and Robin and Patrick’s upcoming housewarming party. Robin is wondering if she should cancel it, because of the Cassadine’s returning. Sarah walks in and Robin invites her and AJ to her housewarming party. Sarah accepts and starts to plot her revenge on Patrick.

~Monica goes upstairs to visit with Alan. Alan has had a stressful day. He has started to walk short distances but his legs hurt with phantom pains and he gets out of breath easily. He tells Monica that he hates being a patient there and wishes he could leave soon. Monica forbids that. She tells him that he is lucky he isn’t a vegetable or worse and that he is making remarkable progress. He tells her he has an appointment with Lainey for tomorrow to discuss his feelings. He wants to know what has been going on. Monica fills him in on the nights activities.

~Carly runs into Jason and Sonny outside Brenda’s room. They tell Carly that Sam is alive. She can’t believe it. They realize that they have to tell Alexis and tell her before the media does. While Sonny goes to call Alexis to meet him at the hospital, Carly hugs Jason. She tells him that she will be staying the night with him, no ifs ands or buts. Rather than fight her, he agrees. However, he wants to stop and see his daughter first. Carly sighs, and agrees. Jason and Carly bid farewell to Sonny and leave.

~Before Alexis gets to the hospital, Sonny wants to see Luke. He checks in on Brenda and tells her he will be right back. Sonny tracks down Luke and tells him that Brenda confirmed that it was Sam and Alexis is on the way. He promises Luke that he will help him in any way possible. ANY WAY. Luke acknowledges it and promises to take him up on it. Sonny is livid that Brenda has now been victimized by the Cassadines.

~Alexis and Scott meet Sonny in the hallway as he is heading back to Brenda’s room. Sonny gently tells Alexis that Sam is alive and is believed to be with Helena. That Helena is behind the shootings tonight. Alexis doesn’t believe it at first, then breaks down first in joy that her daughter is alive and then in horror that Helena has her. Alexis insists that Sonny take Kristina and Molly for the night. He agrees. Sarah comes out and tells him that Brenda is being discharged. Sonny tells Alexis that they will all be at his penthouse, Brenda included.

~Alexis excuses herself and goes into the bathroom. While Scott isn’t looking, she runs out of the hospital and jumps into her car. Making sure she isn’t followed, she drives out of Port Charles. She drives several miles until she reaches a mountain. She drives up the mountain and through the gate. She barges through the door and comes face to face with Helena. “Where is my daughter?” she demands.

“Samantha. Please come here.” Helena says in a commanding voice. “Please say hello to your mother.”

In a cold voice, Sam says, “I don’t have a mother.”


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