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GH Fan Fic: Episode 11



Episode #11


[Robin is in the “hub” at the hospital. She is logging information into the computer when Patrick walks up to her and begins talking.]

Patrick: Hello Robin.

Robin: It’s Dr. Scorpio. Only my friends call me Robin.

Patrick: Hey, chill out Robin. I was just saying hi.

Robin: What do you want Patrick?

Patrick: I wanted to know if Emily was on schedule today.

Robin: Why? So you could just ask her out again?

Patrick: No…..so I could tell her to get to the 4th floor. We need some of the med students to be on rotations with the doctors. That is why. You know Robin, you need to relax a bit.

Robin: She’s taken a vacation Patrick. She’s been under a lot of stress and decided she needed some time off. You know, unlike you, some people actually work around here and get tired because of it.

Patrick: You know you want me Robin. The sooner you face it, the faster we can get together.

[Robin goes to walk away but trips and Patrick catches her. Robin looks deeply into his eyes before she pushes him away, then walks away feeling very embarrassed and uncomfortable. Patrick just smiles at her.]

IPB Image


[At the MetroCourt, the Spencer Family (plus some extra) are enjoying their food and having a good time. Carly notices how uncomfortable Lucas is and gets ready to ask him something privately when Bobbie stands up and gets ready to propose a toast.]

Bobbie: Excuse me everyone. I just wanted to take this time and say thank you to everyone who showed up.

Carly: Yes, we are very thrilled that you all could join us and I’m happy to be around most of you.

Bobbie: Carly.

Carly: What? (She begins laughing). No seriously, we all don’t get along, but I’m happy to be able to spend time with my family. Past, present and future. (She looks at Lucky and Liz)

Luke: Speaking of family. Lucky…..(turns to Lucky & Liz) when I am getting my little grandchild.

Liz: Well, right now Cameron’s enough for us. But you never know Luke, there may be a baby in store for us one day.

Bobbie: Well I for one cannot want until I become a grandmother for the third time.

Carly: Ha, well…sorry to disappoint you momma, but there are no more babies coming out of Carly for while.

Luke: You had better not even think of having babies anytime soon Leslie Lu.

LuLu: Yeah right dad, and ruin the body I have? It’s Dillon and Georgie you have to worry about.

Dillon: Well..

Tracy: There are no babies in Dillon’s future. Right Dillon?

Dillon: You are so right.

Bobbie: Well I know that once Lucas finds the right girl to bring home, they’ll start a family and give me lots of grandchildren. Won’t you Lucas?

Lucas: No. I’m never going to have children.


[Ric walks into his house and checks his messages. Hearing none, Ric creeps into Molly’s room and checks on his baby girl. He asks if the baby-sitter can stay at his house for a few days and she agrees to. Ric steps into the shower and cleans himself up. When he’s done, he goes into the living room and waits patiently by the phone. He sees a picture of himself, Alexis and their children. Ric slowly begins to break down when hears a knock on the door.]

Ric: Hold on. I’m coming.

[Ric wipes his face and answers the door]

Voice: What have you done with my aunt you sick son-of-a-bitch!

[Ric is then punched in the face as Nikolas walks through the door.]


[Monica and Alan are riding back to the Quartermaine Mansion in complete silence. The silence begins to get to Monica and she yells at Alan.]

Monica: So you’re just not going to talk to me?!

Alan: (turning slowly to Monica)…..No.

Monica: Come on Alan. I have a right to be skeptical about this therapy.

Alan: I’m trying to drive here Monica if you don’t know.

Monica: You are just so….difficult. You know that I purposely didn’t make us late.

Alan: That’s up for debate.

Monica: This is so childish Alan. You are a grown man.

Alan: Married to an ungrateful woman. I’ve given everything for you. Everything!

Monica: Everything? Everything?! Alan if you believe that, then you need to see a psychiatrist, not a marriage counselor. I cannot believe you said that.

Alan (regretfully): Monica, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just….we’re in a rough spot right now and I don’t feel like you want this as much as I do.


[Robin is shown the staff changing area looking very upset. She flashes back to being caught by Patrick, then shakes her head to clear her mind. As she continues to change her clothes, she has another flashback to them having a great time together while having dinner. While grabbing her pocketbook, her wallet falls out, opening to a picture of her and Stone. Robin begins to cry as she tells Stone that she really misses him. Patrick walks into the area and happens to see Robin crying. He decides to keep himself hidden as Robin continues to talk to the picture of Stone. She tells the picture that she’s only loved one person after Stone and that ended in heartbreak. She says that she will not put herself in a position to be hurt anymore and if that means never loving again then so be it. She tells Stone how much she misses him and she hugs the picture. Patrick looks very taken aback by seeing this softer side of Robin. He tries to sneak away but drops his cell phone. Robin turns with tears in her eyes and when she sees Patrick, she shakes her head and continues to cry.]

IPB Image

On The Next General Hospital….

- Lucas is outed during dinner

- Nikolas confronts Ric

- Lorenzo & Skye have an intimate dinner

- Jason turns to Monica for advice

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Ryan - man this is great....I can't wait for the next episode. I'm loving Robin/Patrick...can't wait for the Lucas reveal.

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