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GH Fan Fic: Episode 12



Episode 12


[After a long day at work, Mac comes home looking very tired. He calls Felicia few times before she comes downstairs with some papers. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that Alexis is missing. When Felicia inquires some more, Mac changes the subject and asks about the girls. Felicia tells him they are at the MetroCourt with Bobbie & Luke.]


[A car pulls up in front of Lorenzo’s house. Out comes Skye in a very beautiful maroon dress. As Skye goes to knock on the door, Lorenzo opens it, saying he’s been expecting her.]

IPB Image


[After telling Bobbie that he doesn’t plan on having children, Lucas becomes very quiet. Lulu chimes in and says it’s probably because he doesn’t them that much, but Lucas tells her no, that isn’t it. Dillon tries to change the subject, but Luke then suggests to Tracy that they have a baby…causing Tracy to spit her red wine onto Carly’s white dress. Carly stands up immediately, accidentally knocking her chair into a waiter carrying cakes and pies. After Bobbie senses that the incident between Carly and Tracy could erupt, she then throws her drink at Luke, who then throws his dish at Bobbie, but instead hitting Tony.]


[Monica, who’s sitting in the living room, is surprised when Jason shows up. She senses that something is bothering Jason and asks him what’s wrong. Jason tells her that Sam went to Hawaii to be with her brother because of some emergency, but didn’t tell him about it. Monica tells her son that maybe Sam needed to go and didn’t have time to call. When Jason suggests that he should go to Hawaii to find her, Monica tells him that would be a bad idea.]


[An angry Nikolas stands over Ric, yelling for him to get up. Ric stands up and immediately gets punched again by Nikolas. As Ric tries to explain what’s going on, Nikolas continues to yell at him.]


[When Skye walks into the house she is surprised to see candles and a romantic dinner laid out on the table. Lorenzo tells her that he made this especially for her to make up for ending their date early. Skye tells him that though she thought they were going out, she loves him for doing this. Lorenzo walks her over to the table and pulls out a chair for Skye. Before they begin eating, Lorenzo puts on some romantic music as Skye smiles at him.]


[After hitting Tony with his plate, the entire room becomes a mess. The adults begin laughing and the food fight begins. Even Tracy gets involved which surprises them all. Minutes later as they are all cleaning up after themselves and laughing, Lucas is tapped on the shoulder. When he turns around, he is taken back when he is then kissed on the lips by a tall, hunky blonde. The entire room goes silent.]

IPB Image

On The Next General Hospital.....

- Patrick comforts Robin

- Lucas reveals that he is in fact gay

- Sonny comes to Ric’s defense

- Lorenzo tells Skye he wants to be more than friends


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Ha - wow - the ending caught me by surprise! I love it - can't wait to read about some of the reactions and what happens next.

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