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Found 23 results

  1. Ryan

    Episode 47

    Episode 47 Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler -KELLY’S- [Georgie brings Carly her cup of coffee as she goes over some important paperwork. Lulu arrives and tries to see what Carly’s doing. Carly is able to hide the papers from Lulu. Lulu wonders why Carly is being so secretive, but all Carly will say is that if all goes well, she will definitely ask Lulu for her help.] -PORT CHARLES COMMUNITY CENTER- [Dillon and Maxie hang out together at the PCCC. Maxie runs into Lucas as she’s on her way to the restroom. Lucas waves to Dillon, then dives in the pool. As he comes out of the pool tossing his hair back, Dillon is unable to take his eyes off him. Lucas breaks Dillon’s stare when he asks him if he liked his diving stunt. Dillon tells him it was cool. Maxie comes back and sees that Dillon is a little distracted by something.] -UNKOWN LOCATION- [Alexis and Sam decide listen for the guards. When they figure out they are alone, they use the key to sneak out of the door. Alexis begins to panic when she’s unable to find the desk on their floor. Sam calms her down and tells her to take her time. Alexis slowly begins to remember the layout of the floor and they find the phone.] -WYNDMERE- [Ric and Sonny surprises Nikolas at home and tells him that he isn’t there to fight. Stan was able to enhance the audio and they play the tape for Nikolas. Nikolas listens to the tape. When it reaches a certain spot, he keeps rewinding it, believing that he’s able to recognize one of the voices. Nikolas asks if this will be able to enhance even more. Sonny tells him no, but if Nikolas wants he can keep that copy.] -ALCAZAR MANSION- [skye walks into the living room fumbling through her purse. When she looks up she sees Lorenzo staring at her. They engage in some meaningful conversation, with much innuendo between them. On a serious note, Lorenzo asks Skye what her aspirations are. Skye mentions that all she is to be loved. She wants to be loved by someone who will love her unconditionally and accept her for who she is, flaws and all. She wants to be married and have kids. Even though she’s unable to have children, she would love an adopted child just as much as she would if the child came from her. Skye gets the great idea to go visit Adam in Pine Valley. Though skeptical, Lorenzo agrees that it might not be too bad.] -KELLY’S- [After watching Lucas kiss Brandon, Bobbie stumbles into Kelly’s drunk. She doesn’t see Carly and Lulu and goes over to pick up her order. She sloppily hands over the money. When she turns around she bumps into John Durant. Durant apologizes in his own backhanded way, Bobbie lashes out at him. Carly tries to get Bobbie to calm down but Bobbie won’t hear any of it. She begins poking Durant and getting in his face. Durant smells the stench of vodka on her breath and arrests her for public intoxication. Carly tries to get John to change his mind but he won’t.] -UNKOWN LOCATION- [sam gets to the phone first and calls Jason’s cell immediately. She is surprised when Jason doesn’t answer the phone] SAM: Jason? PERSON: Sam? It’s Liz. Oh my god, Jason’s been looking for you for months now. What happened? Why did you go away? SAM: Liz, you’ve got to find Jason. I didn’t go away. I was kidnapped. So was Alexis. LIZ: You and Alexis…kidnapped? SAM: Yes! Liz, stop asking questions and listen. We are being held by Helena. Please Liz, get to Jason! ALEXIS: Liz, it is very important that you tell Ric as well. We need them both if we plan on getting out of here alive. LIZ: I got it. I’m going right away. Alexis, just hold on. [Liz hangs up the phone. She calls Ric and Lucky and ask them to meet her at Jason’s penthouse. Afterwards, she rushes to Jason’s place and updates him on the situation. Jason arranges for a trace to be ran on his phone so they can find Sam and Alexis.]
  2. Ryan

    Episode 46

    Episode 46 Sunday, June 25, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler -METROCOURT- [Jamie (Peyton List) checks into the MetroCourt Hotel and meets Jax. Jax is obviously attracted to this young woman and arranges for her to stay in one of the best suites in the hotel. Jamie explains that she’ll be living here indefinitely. He notifies Jax that there will be a group of movers bringing her clothes and personal belongings in later. Jax makes note of it and shows her to her room personally.] -ELQ- [The tension in the air at ELQ can be cut with a knife as many of the employees have heard rumors that Edward himself will be returning to the company. On top of that, rumors that Jason will be joining the board has people scared for their life. In his office, Edward makes it perfectly clear that he has no intentions of taking control of ELQ. He’s just there to be caught up on the business so he has something to do.] -WYNDMERE- [While working on business for Cassadine LLC, Nikolas is stunned when Helena appears out of no where. His anger comes to the surface right away and he demands that she leaves. Helena comments on Nikolas budding friendship with Carly Corinthos and says that again her grandchild is socializing with the wrong people. Helena says that she must again eradicate the unworthy trollops from his life.] -PORT CHARLES CITY PARK- [Lucas meets up with a Brandon (the guy who outed Lucas at the MetroCourt). Brandon apologizes for the scene he caused and feels that he ruined Lucas’ life. Lucas says that Brandon actually changed his life for the better. For the first time in his life he feels free and thanks Brandon for outing him. Lucas revealed that though he was angry at first, he didn’t have the courage to be truthful with his family. Bobbie cuts through the park on her way to Kelly’s and sees Lucas talking with the kid from the MetroCourt. When she sees Brandon kiss Lucas and pull away, then Lucas grab Brandon in for a more intense embrace, she looks visibly angry and takes a flask from her purse.] -LORENZO’S HOUSE- [Lorenzo paces back and forth awaiting the arrival of Skye. Lorenzo’s guard walks into the room and brings him the flowers that Lorenzo ordered earlier. Lorenzo thanks, then dismisses his guard. Lorenzo reaches into his pocket and takes out a black box. The doorbell rings. Lorenzo puts the box back into his pocket and greets Skye at the door. Lorenzo and Skye intend to spend the day lying in the pool. Skye makes her way to the back of the house when Lorenzo’s guard shows up again. He asks Lorenzo if he plans on asking Skye the big question tonight, but Lorenzo doesn’t answer.] -ELQ- [As the board meets for new business, Tracy decides to capitalize on Jason’s absence and tries to convince the board not to allow him a seat. Tracy almost has enough votes to block the move, but Edward comes in at the last minute. He announces that effective immediately, Tracy is no longer in control of ELQ. He is taking back the reigns of the family company and will restore it to greatness like it was in the past. The board is obviously shocked at this decision. Edward makes Tracy move from the head of the business table and takes his rightful place.] On the next General Hospital….. - Carly witnesses a drunken Bobbie create a scene at Kelly’s - Ric updates Nikolas on Alexis’ disappearance - Sam calls Jason, but doesn’t get him - Dillon begins to wonder if he’s attracted to Lucas - Skye talks about her hopes and dreams with Lorenzo
  3. Ryan

    Episodes 41-45

    Episode 41-45 Friday, June 22, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler -SONNY’S HOUSE- [Ric is waiting patiently with Sonny when Stan bursts into the room. Stan reveals that he was able to enhance and repair part of the recording from Alexis’ car accident.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Epiphany Johnson calls Robin to the station. When she comes up, she is surprised at who she sees. This woman, medium height, flowing brown hair and a killer smile stands there with open arms screaming Robin’s name. The two embrace as Patrick walks by mentioning something about girl on girl action. Robin coldly rejects that assessment and introduces Patrick to her friend from Paris, Jamie Vaughn. Patrick immediately begins to flirt with Jamie who kindly informs him that she’s not someone who would steal her friend’s man. After Patrick leaves, Jamie and Robin catch up on time missed. Jamie says she was looking for a place to start over and figured why not do it in a place where she knows someone already.] -PORT CHARLES CITY LIMITS- [Helena awaits the arrival of her partner on the bluff overlooking the place where Alexis’ accident took place. The man she’s been waiting for tries to sneak up on her but Helena is perfectly aware of his presence. She tells him that everything is going according to plan and that they will both be able to get what they want. Manny tells her that it’s a pleasure to work with a woman of her caliber. Helena stops the flattery immediately. She tells him that even though things are going well for now, he must tie up the loose ends starting with Samantha’s brother in Hawaii. Then she wants him to start fixing the problem he created in the first place with Sam’s bodyguard. They both cannot afford to have their planned ruined after so much planning has taken place.] -UNKOWN LOCATION- [Alexis informs Sam of who is holding them captive, though she doesn’t explain why. She tells Sam the plan she has come up with. If everything goes right, they should be able to take out at least two of the guards and get access to the phones. Sam agrees to it, but it obviously concerned about the plan working. Alexis tells Sam that when she snuck out two nights ago, she tried to memorize the layout of items in the guard’s area.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Jason shows up at General Hospital looking for Liz with his cell phone in his hand. He has her paged and says it’s an emergency. When she arrives, Jason tells her that he’s really worried about Sam is doesn’t know how to deal with what’s going on. Jason tells her that he believes Manny and an accomplice has taken Sam away and had no intentions of bringing her back. Jason blames Alexis, as well as himself for what happened. Liz tells Jason that he shouldn’t blame himself for what Sam’s disappearance. No one could have predicted what would have happened. She tells him that he should go over all of the information he has been given one more time to see if he missed anything. Jason tells her he’s gone over time after time and still gets a dead end. Jason’s mind wanders off for a minute, then realizes something important. He thanks Liz for her help and takes off. When gathering up her belongings, she sees Jason’s phone.] -OUTSIDE GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin and Jamie are talking when Jason runs by them. Robin calls out his name but he says that he doesn’t have time to talk. When asked if that was the Jason that Robin always talked about, she answers with a yes. Jamie mentions that she has spoken with Dr. Alan Quartermaine and will be able to finish up her residency at the hospital. Jamie mentions that she has to leave now and will be staying at the MetroCourt Hotel. Robin says goodbye. Soon after Patrick comes up to Robin and mentions that Jamie may be his kind of girl.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [Fully motivated, Sam eagerly anticipates putting Alexis’ plan into motion. Unfortunately for Sam, Alexis begins to have a mild panic attack and is unable to focus. Alexis is afraid of leaving her children motherless. She’s afraid of the impact that Carly will have on her children’s lives if she dies. Sam tells Alexis that based on what she’s seen, all personal differences aside, Alexis is a very good mother and has enough influence on Kristina to counteract anything Carly says. She reassures Alexis that they will get out of this alive and will go back to those who love them.] On The Next General Hospital…… - Jamie moves into the MetroCourt - Lorenzo wants to take the next step with Skye - Edward repositions himself to take control of ELQ - Tracy capitalizes on Jason’s absence in the board meeting - Nikolas has a run-in with Helena - Bobbie drinks more than she should after seeing Lucas kiss another guy
  4. Ryan

    GH ICU: Episode 40

    General Hospital ICU: The Truth Revealed Episode 40 Wednesday, June 21, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler [After revealing that she is the one who has held Alexis and Sam all of these months, Helena stops Alexis from leaving the room. She forces Alexis (calling her Natasha) to sit down and listen to the rest of her story. Helena reveals that this has been years in the making and she will finally get her chance have her in her debt. She tells Alexis how she set it up so she would have both Sam and Alexis in one place. Alexis calls Helena an evil bitch. Helena tells her that whether she believes it or not, the child in those photos, is Samantha McCall. Samantha is her daughter. Helena hands over the DNA evidence that proves without a doubt what she is claiming. Alexis cannot believe that a woman that she despises is her child. Alexis refuses to believe Helena. Document after document, Alexis is shown with the proof that Helena claims. Helena knows all about the adoption that Mikkos arranged for her. Helena is also aware that Alexis has been trying to find her daughter for so long. When the truth hits her, it’s like someone punched her in the face. She remembers all of the times that she was mean to Sam. She remembers fighting with Sam when she was pregnant. “Oh God” she says, realizing that Alexis lost her granddaughter. Now that she knows, Alexis asks Helena what they will do to make sure Sam never knows. Helena says that is not her problem. Now Alexis owes her and must pay up. Helena wants Alexis to help her secure custody of Courtney’s child should Nikolas be the father. Then maybe, just maybe if Alexis does what she wants, she won’t reveal the truth that was hidden for so long. She may spare the life of Alexis and her children. Besides, how would the public feel knowing that Alexis gave birth to a child when she herself was a child. She calls the guards in to take Alexis back into her cell where she can think over her proposition. When she returns, she hesitates going over to Sam. This woman, her rival, her enemy…..her child. Her child is in danger and she can’t do a thing to stop it. Or can she? Can Alexis really betray her nephew to protect a secret that she doesn’t want to come out? No, she won’t. She vows that this is the endgame. She will enact revenge on the woman who murdered her mother. She will kill the woman who has threatened to turn her life upside down. She will not betray her nephew and will not take the chance of Helena coming after her anymore. But first……both she and Sam need to escape.] On The Next General Hospital… - Alexis and Sam sneak out and gain access to the telephones - Stan is able to repair the recording that Ric found and his shocked to by what he hears. - Jason confides in Liz and has an epiphany. - Peyton List joins the cast of General Hospital in the role of “Jamie Vaughn” - Helena meets with Manny and orders him to tie up loose ends
  5. Ryan

    Episodes 38-39

    Episodes 38-39 Friday, June 16, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Adam Tarzwell (amcfan_19) Produced by: Ryan Chandler -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Monica calls Alan downstairs so they can leave for therapy. He slowly makes his way down with irritates her severely. Skye, on her way out, runs into Luke. Luke flirts with Skye shamelessly. She rejects his advances and tells him that he’s setting a bad example for Lulu. Alan finally comes down and gets an earful from Monica. They all make their way out leaving Luke to his own devices. Luke runs up to his room looking for the combination to the Quartermaine safe and finds an old picture of Lucky, Lulu and Laura.] -KELLY’S- [Ric walks into Kelly’s and finds Sonny talking with Carly. Ric asks to speak with Sonny alone. Carly leaves, mentioning that she’s meeting the Leticia at the park with the kids.. When their alone, Ric tells Sonny that he contacted On-Star and managed to receive a recording from the night Alexis disappeared. The only thing is, the recording is damaged and needs his help.] -PORT CHARLES AIRPORT- [Jax rushes in from his plane. He calls his PI and asks for an update. Jax tells his PI that when he gets news on Courtney, he is to call him immediately.] -PORT CHARLES HIGHWAY- [sitting in the taxi, Courtney talks to her stomach. She tells her child that she’s made many mistakes in her life but prays that she will do right by him. Even if Jax is the father, she promises that Nikolas will always be his dad.] -CITY PARK- [At the park, Carly is enjoying the day with Michael & Morgan. Dillon, Lulu and Lucas are there with baby Cameron (once again babysitting for Liz). Michael catches a ball that Dillon accidentally throws over. Michael asks if he and Morgan can go play with him. Carly agrees to it. Dillon asks Carly if it’ll be ok if he stays with Lucas at the penthouse for a while. Carly says that until Lucas moves out, the place is his. He can have whoever he wants to there. Dillon thanks Carly. While watching them play, Nikolas comes up to Carly and they begin talking. Nikolas likes how Carly interacts with her children. Nikolas mentions that before Courtney got pregnant, he never really saw himself as a dad. The fact that Courtney left him and told him that she doesn’t love him anymore made him very angry. He honestly believed that they had a chance. Carly tells Nikolas that Courtney was conflicted, but she made her choice. She chose to leave town and chose to leave Nikolas. She suggests to him that he try and move on. It’s been months since she left and he’ll drive himself crazy if he lets it bother him. When it’s time to leave, Carly has a hard time getting Michael to leave the park. Nikolas comes over and talks Michael into listening to his mother. Dillon suggests that Michael & Morgan stay for a bit and they can take them home when they’re done. Carly turns him down, but changes her tune when Nikolas suggests that it wouldn’t hurt.] -SONNY’S- [sonny returns home and is followed by Ric. Sonny refuses to help Ric and first, but eventually caves in. He tells Sonny that he managed to get the recording from Alexis’ car from the night of the accident. The problem is, it’s very muffled and it needs to be enhanced.] -ROHACH MEDICAL CENTER- [At the beginning of therapy, Alan refuses to speak with Monica, due to her decision not to support him at work. The therapist suggests that Alan has an unhealthy dependence on Monica and becomes upset when she doesn’t feed into it. Alan begins to believe that Monica paid the shrink off to blame everything on him. It turns into one big argument with Monica storming out before the end of the session.] -VINCENZO’S RESTAURANT- [Patrick and Robin walk into the Italian restaurant and are seated. Robin mentions that she didn't even know this place was still open. Patrick tells her his dad raves about this place and the food is the best Italian food in Port Charles. Robin tells Patrick that she hopes he isn't expecting a wild night of passion following their very romantic dinner, she does this with a smile on her face. Patrick smiles back and notes this is the Robin he was hoping to see tonight. He tells her that just being with her makes him happy surprisingly. If she wants to have hot passionate sex later than they can. Robin asks if this will convince him to start an actual relationship with her. Patrick says that adding titles to what they have makes things complicated. They should just live in the moment and see what happens later. Robin notes that she is unable to take risks like Patrick and wants to begin dating and experience romance even if she is afraid to do it. She is impressed that Patrick understands her and says not many people have in her life. They continue to talk over wine and wait for their dinner to arrive.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Carly meets Lainey in her office. Carly tells Lainey that she really needs to talk to someone right now and she’s the best person. They sit down and begin to go over the situation between Courtney & Nikolas. Carly mentions that she has been getting very close with Nikolas as of late. She doesn’t consider them friends yet; she does have some very interesting feelings towards him. She asks how she can be attracted to a man that her best friend used to love.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Luke walks over to his dresser and places the newly found photo inside another frame. He double checks to make sure he is alone and takes out a picture of Laura from behind his dresser. Luke begins talking to the picture of Laura as if she were there with him. Unbeknownst to Luke, Lucky eavesdrops on his father. Lucky walks into the room and tells Luke that they all miss her. It turns out that Lucky just came from seeing Laura. Luke re-assures his son that no matter whom he (Luke) becomes involved with, Laura will always hold a special place in his heart and until she gets getter, there will be a void there.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [Alexis hears the guards coming near she and Sam’s cell and gives Sam the keys she stole. She tells Sam to hide them because it’s their only shot of getting out of her. The guards open the cell and force Alexis to come with them upstairs. As she’s taken into the main room, she begins to have a sense of dejavu. When she enters the room, she hears a familiar voice telling her to sit. Without revealing their face, Alexis is handed a box of files with titles “Baby Girl Cassadine”, “Teen Girl Cassadine”, “Young Woman Cassadine”. The box, filled with surveillance photos and documents takes Alexis by surprise, especially when she recognizes the woman in the photos. The person tells Alexis that they know what her father arranged to happen when she was a teen. This person reveals that they know about the child Alexis gave up for adoption 26 years ago. Alexis tries to deny the accusation, but the person doesn’t believe her. Alexis is told that the secret she’s kept for so long will be revealed. And it’ll be done tonight. Alexis tries to run but is stopped after a gunshot is fired. Alexis turns around scared for her life and finally learns the identity of her capturer……Helena Cassadine.] On The Next General Hospital…. In a General Hospital first, the entire episode will revolve around two characters. This and future episodes like it will be referred to as “ICU”. Helena reveals reasons for kidnapping Sam and Alexis. Alexis demands to know why she has been taken and why Helena is doing what she’s doing. Helena promised that Alexis would learn the truth and makes good on that promise. Witness the announcement of a new addition to the Cassadine family, and it’s not Courtney’s child. What will Helena demand to keep quiet about this news?
  6. Ryan

    Episodes 36-37

    Episodes 36-37 Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Venus Stonecutter (SweetNYGal33) Produced by: Ryan Chandler -HAWAII- [Jason asks Danny if he’s sure that Sam didn’t come to visit him. Danny gives Jason a strange look and insists that Sam has not been there; he then asks Jason if anything has happened to his sister. Jason tries his best not to upset the young man, however, it is obvious that both think that something bad could have happened to her.] -TONY’S HOUSE- [Tony tries to convince Lucas to stay where he is; that he will always have a home there. Lucas tells Tony as much as he knows that he has a home, he needs space and Carly is offering him that space. Tony asks Lucas if he’s actually trying to put space between him and Bobbie. Lucas admits that she is a part of the reason why he wants to live somewhere else.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin finally pulls away for air as Patrick is obviously taken aback by Robin’s actions. She tells him that she’s waited for months to do that. Now that she has, she isn’t affect. Not in the least bit. Patrick tells her otherwise. That she craves him more and more each day. It’s just a matter of time before he makes sweet, passionate love to her. Robin tells Patrick to be ready in an hour. She’s looking forward to their dinner. After Robin walks out the door, she starts fanning herself and can barely walk. Obviously Patrick made her weak in the knees.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Tracy forbids Dillon to go stay with Lucas. She says that he son will not be associated with those kinds of people and needs to stay away. Dillon becomes upset, calling his mother a bigot. She tells Dillon that she’s not a bigot, but people in town talk. How will the family deal with the rumors that her son is living with a gay young man. She won’t tolerate that. She forbids him to live with him.] -TONY’S HOUSE- [Tony refuses to allow Lucas to shut him out of his life. He adamantly tells his son that no matter what anyone else believes, Lucas must be true to himself. He knows that Bobbie didn’t react the way they would expect, but she’s entitled to feel the way she wants. Lucas tells Tony that this isn’t about her. She needs to stop trying to make this about her because it’s not. He gets angry at Tony for defending Bobbie and storms out.] -HAWAII- [Jason decides to go speak with the director of the facility to find more information regarding Sam. Unfortunately for Jason, the director isn’t much help but did tell Jason that Danny was visited recently by a bald man with many tattoos and a few others that he wasn’t able to see fully. Jason shows him a picture and the man confirms that Manny was in Hawaii. The director also mentions that an older woman, very skinny and kinda tall was with him as well.] -METROCOURT- [Lucky is unable to take his eyes off of Carly and Nikolas. Liz reminds Lucky that he told her to let it go. Lucky is unable to shake the feeling that Carly is out to get his brother for some reason. Lucky tells Liz that Nikolas is still dealing with Courtney leaving him. Liz reminds him that Courtney has been gone for months and has yet to call Nikolas to tell him how she is. She said she’s glad to see Nikolas smiling, really smiling……even if it’s Carly that’s making him do it. Lucky gives another glance to Nikolas and Carly.] -SONNY’S HOUSE- [sonny is looking out the window when he hears his phone ring. Picking it up, he hears Jason on the other end of the line. He asks if everything is okay, but realizes from the tone of Jason’s voice that it’s not.] SONNY: Jason, slow down. Where are you now? JASON: I’m still in Hawaii. I came to see if Sam was visiting Danny, but he says he hasn’t seen her. She hasn’t been there. SONNY: Then where is she? JASON: I don’t know Sonny. Manny was here. SONNY: Manny? What the hell? JASON: Sonny…..I seriously think something has happened to Sam. I’m gonna find Manny. And when I do….he’s a dead man. On The Next General Hospital...... - Carly and Nikolas discuss Courtney - Jax returns to Port Charles; Courtney returns to Port Charles for her test - Robin & Patrick have an early dinner - Ric seeks Sonny’s help - Carly makes an appointment with Lainey - Alan & Monica go to therapy
  7. Ryan

    Episodes 33-35

    Episodes 33-35 Thursday, June 8, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Na'Vell J. Lee, and Adam Tarzwell Produced by: Ryan Chandler -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin smiles as Patrick walks up next to her. She is very reluctant to accept his dinner proposal.] PATRICK: Robin, look I know you are still unsure about where we stand but this is a no pressure dinner. Just two friends socializing outside of the workplace with some possible hot sex afterwards, what do you say? I mean you of course consider me a friend don't you? ROBIN: Yes Patrick I think of you as a friend. PATRICK: Then great. So no more calling you Dr. Scorpio then? [Robin laughs] PATRICK: See you’re in the best mood you've been in a while. Come on, my treat I just want to get to know you better outside of General Hospital. What do you say? ROBIN: Well if you’re buying. Sure Patrick dinner sounds great. What time are you off? PATRICK: I got a surgery to perform that shouldn’t take much more than an hour. After that I’ll be free. Whenever you are done your rounds. ROBIN: That works best for me. I have a consultation to make. I should be finished around the same time if not then shortly after. PATRICK: So it’s a date then. -HAWAII- [Jason goes to the facility where Sam’s brother Danny lives. Danny is very happy to see Jason. Jason asks Danny if he is ok. Danny says that he’s doing well but misses Sam. When asked if Sam came to see him, Danny tells Jason no.] -UNKOWN LOCATION- [Alexis is awoken from her nap by the sounds of voices outside of her door. She sneaks over, careful not to make any noise and eavesdrops. She learns that they are still in Port Charles which is a good thing and that they are out in the woods. Alexis hears them coming and pretends to be sleeping. She pretends to wake up and asks if he’ll let them go, when he turns to walk away, she sneaks and grabs one of his keys.] -TONY’S HOUSE- [Tony is surprised when he comes home and sees Maxie helping Lucas pack. Tony asks Maxie to go downstairs so he can speak with Lucas alone. Lucas tells Tony that he’s been good and is happy. He says that Carly is letting him stay at the penthouse indefinitely. Tony tells him that is very nice of her but Lucas has a home right here. Lucas tells him that he knows that, but needs to be away from his parents for a bit.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Dillon is surprised when he wakes from his nap and sees Tracy staring at him. Tracy tells Dillon that it’s time for him to move home. School is out for the summer and he should be home with him family. Dillon turns her down, saying that he will be staying with Lucas. Tracy forbids him to do that.] -KELLY'S- [skye is being seated by Lorenzo while Skye is very upset learn about Diego's return to town.] Lorenzo: I felt it best, that you didn't find out about Diego returning to town just yet. Skye: I still think at least you should have filled me in. I mean, my god, he held Georgie hostage, had the whole town in a panic..... Lorenzo: Are you trying to inadvertently compare my son to Manny? Because if you are, you are way off-base. Skye: I'm just saying that I don't think it's wise to have another problem you have to endure. You have been through enough as it. Why do you continue to put yourself through this hell? Lorenzo: He's my son, Skye. I love him, and I promised I would stand behind him and protect him. Can't you understand why I am doing this? You, of all people should know about family loyalty. Skye: Lack thereof, anyway. Lorenzo: My point exactly. Diego needs family right now, and he has to know that I will always be by his side. [skye, agreeing with Lorenzo's assessment, smiles at him, and promises that she will always be at his side as well. The two share another passionate kiss with each other.] -METROCOURT- [Lucky & Liz step off the elevator at the MetroCourt and see Carly and Nikolas sitting near the bar. Liz wonders what Carly is doing with Nik but Lucky tells her to let it go. Over near the bar, Carly and Nikolas appear to have a lot of fun. Nikolas thanks Carly for taking care of his lip after Ric punched him. He tells Carly he was there at her house to thank her and see if she wanted to attend a business conference with him in upstate New York that would benefit General Hospital Carly says that she would go, but would need to find a sitter for Michael and Morgan. Nikolas mentions that it must be great being a parent. He’ll miss the chance to be a father to Courtney’s baby. Carly looks at Nikolas with much empathy.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin barges into Patrick’s office and yells at him. She tells him when she consults on a case, she expects him to take her advice, not turn around and do what he wants to anyway. Patrick tells her to cool her jets and stop using this as an excuse to see him. Patrick tells her the patient they were working on needed surgery, not drugs. He consulted Robin because he wanted her opinion, and that’s what he got. Robin tells Patrick that had she known that he was performing surgery on the case she consulted on, she wouldn’t have agreed to…..well, he knows. The other people in the office leave. Robin continues to rant on and on before Patrick shuts her up with a kiss. She pushes him away. He tells her that this is what she wanted all along. He tells her to kiss him. Though she hesitates, Robin pushes Patrick against the all and kisses him.]
  8. Ryan

    Episodes 30-32

    Episode 30-32 Wednesday, June 7, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler, Na'Vell J. Lee, and Adam Tarzwell Produced by: Ryan Chandler -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Noah sits Bobbie down and tries to get her to look at him. Bobbie tells Noah that she is not a drunk, that she doesn’t drink her life away when things appear to be going wrong in her life. She refuses to let Noah get a word in but he finally cuts her off. He lets Bobbie know that he will fill her in on something that is very difficult for him to talk about…..the death of Patrick’s mother. Patrick continues to listen outside of the door. After getting off the phone with Courtney, Dr. Lee makes a call down to the lab. Kelly emphasizes the need for secrecy and gets the technician to give him his word. He agrees to be discreet on the condition that he gets to deliver the results to her personally. Kelly agrees] -CARLY’s HOUSE- [Nikolas stares at Carly, jaw dropped, as she gets up naked. At first Carly yells for him to turn around, but appears to me flattered that he didn’t turn right away. Nikolas apologizes for just walking into her house and into her bedroom. He tries to explain why he’s there, but Carly won’t let him get a word out. She orders him out of her room and tells him to wait downstairs.] -KELLY’S- [skye and Lorenzo arrive outside of Kelly's. Before going in, they stop to have a little chat.] Skye: Wow, this is the first time we have been able to spend time together in weeks. Lorenzo: Feels like a lifetime. Skye falls into Lorenzo's arms. Skye: You know, I've missed you. Your business has been cerainly taking away our...quality time. Lorenzo: Well, forgive me, sweetheart, for leaving you alone on those dark, lonely nights. How in the world can I ever make it up to you? Skye: Well, maybe this for starters. Skye and Lorenzo fall into a passionate kiss, when John Durant walks by them. Flanked by Detective Rodriquez, he stares at Lorenzo and Skye kissing before he interrupts them.. Durant: Ahem. [both Skye and Lorenzo look back to see Port Charles District Attorney John Durant and Detective Rodriquez, and are not pleased.] Durant: Sorry to interrupt...whatever it was that you were doing, but I just came by to say that I just recently heard that your juvenile delinquent of a son will be coming back to town soon. You know, I found it odd that the warden would recommend an early release for Diego. God bless your connections huh Alcazar?I promise you Mr. Alcazar, that I will do my damndest to make sure he is off the streets and back in jail where he belongs. Then I’m coming after you. Lorenzo: Funny, you said the same about Sonny and look where that has gotten you. Durant: (scoffs): I wouldn't waste my time on this slime, Skye, if you know what's good for you. A woman like you deserves a man of character, a man on the right side of the law. Why don’t you go get a real man? I’m available…… Skye (uncomfortably): Well thank you for the offer Mr. Durant, but I’m perfectly happy with the man I have. Durant: Your loss. [Durant and Rodriquez continue on to the police station. Lorenzo goes to hug Skye, but she pulls away and stares at Lorenzo.] Skye: Why the hell didn't you tell me Diego was back in town? -UPSTATE NEW YORK- [A nurse walks into the room of the woman officially known as “Jane Doe” but referred to as “Em” by her mysterious visitor. She runs through the chart and checks the equipment. She notices something and calls for a doctor to immediately come in.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [sam sits in the corner crying much to the annoyance of Alexis. She begins to soften a bit towards Sam and goes over to talk to her. She apologizes to Sam for being so forceful with her before. She tries to get Sam to see that she is not happy being stuck with her either but they’ll have to make the best of it. Alexis tells her Ric or Sonny or Jason will rescue them. Sam looks at Alexis as if she’s lost her damn mind.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Dr. Lee calls Courtney’s cell phone back. She tells Courtney that she’s made arrangements for the test to be done as soon as Courtney returns to town. When she asks Courtney where she is, Courtney doesn’t answer. Noah tells Bobbie that many years ago he made the mistake of turning to drinking instead of dealing with his issues. It hurt both himself and his son. And to this day, as she knows, he is still dealing with the fallout. He tells Bobbie that finding out your child is gay is nothing compared to killing the one that you love. Bobbie completely blows over what Noah says and leaves. Patrick walks away.] -CARLY’S HOUSE- [Carly walks downstairs and Nikolas continues to apologize. Lucky kicks in the door just as Carly begins to speak. Lucky looks confused as to what’s going on. Carly finally gives Nikolas the chance to explain. Carly thanks Lucky for coming by. After he leaves, she tells Nikolas that Michael and Morgan made a mess before she took them to Sonny’s and she didn’t get a chance to clean up. She tells Nikolas that she screamed because her luggage fell on her while she was in the closet. Nikolas once again apologizes; Carly accepts his apology. Carly tells Nikolas that even though she hasn’t always liked him, he’s a pretty good guy. Nikolas tells Carly that she isn’t so bad herself.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [sam tells Alexis that no one will come to rescue them because they don’t know where they are!! She begins to become very emotional and Alexis comforts her. Upstairs, Sam and Alexis are being watched on a monitor. The person watching them does not reveal their face. The chair slowly turns to left and a file on Alexis & Sam is shown open on the desk. Alexis tells Sam they will need to be strong for their families. A guard comes to bring the women some food. While he’s in, Alexis notices the keys at his side aren’t very secure. Sam is given a letter that reads “Soon you will know exactly who I am”. As the guard is walking out, Alexis takes a peek outside their door and tries to remember the layout.] -HAWAII- [Jason is shown arriving at an airport in Hawaii] On The Next General Hospital….. - Jason investigates Sam’s disappearance - Robin and Patrick argue before surgery - Lucky & Liz see Carly & Nikolas hanging out at the MetroCourt - Alexis learns more about her capturer - Lucas turns to Tony for support - Tracy forbids Dillon to live with Lucas
  9. Ryan

    Episodes #26-29

    Episode 26-29 Monday, June 5, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler & Adam Tarzwell Produced by: Na'Vell J. Lee -SONNY’S HOUSE- [Luke tells Sonny that Cassadine Inc. recently purchased stock in shipping port of the coast of South America. Luke suggests to Sonny that he purchase the parent company and take the port. When Sonny asks why he should that, Luke tells him that if Sonny wanted to increase the amount of exports that his business does, they need to get that port. When asked what he gets out of it, Luke tells Sonny that all he wants is to get a cut for finding such good information, plus he likes sticking it to Nikolas. Sonny says he’ll consider it.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [All of the Quartermaine’s begin to make their way into the den to prepare for the meeting. Alan begins to speak when he’s interrupted by Jason’s presence. Jason tells his family that he’s there for the meeting. Alan brings up the Chief of Staff situation and wants the reassurance of the family that they’ll persuade the other members of the board to vote for him. Monica says they’ll do nothing of the such and changes the topic. She tells everyone that she is re-instating Jason as a member of the ELQ board. Tracy becomes livid and tells Monica that she can’t do that. Monica says that she already got confirmation from the others on the board and the only thing they have to do now is make it official.] -CARLY’S HOUSE- [Nikolas shows up at Carly’s house and knocks on the door; it opens automatically. He sees the place in a mess and things something is wrong. He calls out her name but she doesn’t answer. Nikolas calls Lucky on his cell and tells him there could be trouble at Carly’s.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin gets off the elevator after coming back from her lunch with Mac and see's Patrick looking over some charts at the "hub". She walks up to him and surprises him. He is pleased to see her and notices how happy she looks. He of course inquires as to why she is so bright. Robin tells him that she just had a nice chat over lunch with her uncle Mac, someone she really hasn't spent time with since getting back into town. She said it was just like old times. Patrick shamelessly flirts with Robin but admits that he's glad she is so cheerful. He tells her that he can imagine she and him spending time together and wonders if perhaps she'd be open to a nice dinner as well, with him. He tells her to think about it before walking away.] [bobbie rushes in to the main work area after getting of the elevator. When greeted by her co-workers she doesn’t respond. She begins to make her rounds and runs into Noah. They talk briefly and it is then that Noah realizes that Bobbie is intoxicated. He takes her aside and recommends that she sleeps it off. Bobbie tells Noah that she’s perfectly capable of working after having a couple of drinks. When asked how many is a couple, Bobbie states 8 isn’t so bad.] [Liz gets a call from her grandmother Audrey. Audrey lets Liz know that Sarah will be coming in for a visit and wanted to know if she would move back home for a bit. Liz tells Audrey that she can’t but thanks her for the offer.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Tracy refuses to acknowledge Monica’s decision. She receives no help from the family who thinks that it’s a good thing that Jason wants to become involved with ELQ. Tracy says that Jason will use this as an opportunity to embezzle funds from the company and that won’t be tolerated. Jason tells her that he doesn’t need ELQ’s money and unlike her and AJ, he wouldn’t embezzle from the company. Jason says that he is thinking more and more about his future lately and believes that trying to form a relationship with the family is important, but he’ll do it on his own terms. This is one of them.] -JAX’S AIRPLANE- [Jax isn’t able to find Courtney in South Carolina and is upset. He demands to know when they’ll be returning to Port Charles so he can go back to the drawing board and find out where his wife is.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Dr. Lee gets a call from Courtney at the hospital. Courtney informs her that she’ll be returning to town soon and would like a new paternity test run on the baby. She asks Dr. Lee to keep this from everyone, including Nikolas.] [bobbie begins to loose it while she talks to Noah. She doesn’t see why he won’t just let her be. She angrily tells him that she will drink whatever she wants, when she wants and will be able to do her job perfectly. Patrick walks by and sees Bobbie acting strange. He pauses by the door and listens to his father tell Bobbie that he will not allow her to go down the same path that he did.] -CARLY’S HOUSE- [unable to wait for Lucky any longer, Nikolas searches the house. He hears a door open and close upstairs and hears Carly scream followed by a thud. Nik runs upstairs, kicks open the door and is shocked by what he sees.] On The Next General Hospital…. - Noah tries to get Bobbie to realize that drinking won’t solve her problems - Nikolas reacts to what he sees in Carly’s room - Dr. Lee makes arrangements for Courtney’s return - “Em’s” condition slightly improves - Alexis and Sam are unaware they are being watched.
  10. Ryan

    Episodes 20-23

    Episodes 20-23 Sunday May 28, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler -PCPD- [At the PCPD, Mac is working the case of Alexis’ disappearance. He goes through many scenarios in his head, including one featuring Ric disposing of Alexis’ body. He becomes very disturbed at this thought and seems happy when Robin interrupts him. She tells him that since she returned to town, she hasn’t spent much time with him and has much time to make up for. She invites him to lunch at the MetroCourt.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Patrick & Noah Drake talk about the prospective women in their lives. Noah fills in Patrick on Bobbie’s recent “crisis” with Lucas; Patrick tells Noah how comfortable he is with Robin. Patrick tells him that he’s never felt this way about a woman before. He really cares about Robin and wants to make her happy. While checking their mail, they learn that the Chief of Staff position at the hospital will be up for grabs. Noah is shocked to learn that Alan’s contract as Chief won’t be renewed. Patrick suggests that Noah should go after the position just as Alan walks up and asks “go for what position?”.] -KELLY’s- [Ric becomes defensive when he sees Lucky, Nikolas and Carly staring at him. Surprisingly uncharacteristic of Carly, she asks Ric how he’s holding up while dealing with Alexis’ disappearance. Ric mistakes her genuine concern for her usual snarkiness and sarcasm and yells at her. Carly is taken aback by Ric’s response; Lucky tells Ric to calm down; Ric yells at him to shut the hell up. Carly tries to explain that she is really concerned for Kristina’s sake but is startled by Ric’s attitude. Nikolas rushes to Carly’s defense, telling Ric to get his head out of his ass and realize that people will ask about Alexis and he needs to learn how to deal with it. Nikolas also tells Ric that his conscience must be getting to him because an innocent person wouldn’t act that way.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [Alexis wakes up to Sam staring at her. Alexis asks Sam to please stop staring at her because it’s creepy. Sam asks her how it feels to know that she was right and Alexis was wrong. Alexis tells her there is no evidence that backs Sam’s claim to accuse Manny. Sam tells Alexis how sanctimonious she is and how she always thinks she’s right and so on and so on. Sam calls Alexis a selfish bitch who only thinks of herself and uses her children to put forth her own agenda. She continues to rant, telling Alexis that her children would be better off without her and subtly suggests that she should have given Kristina up for adoption in order to spare her all of her overly protective and neurotic parenting. Alexis slaps Sam and tells her never to speak of her children in that way. Upstairs, the man in charge of the group who took Alexis & Sam speaks on the phone to an unknown party. The unknown person, speaking with a voice enhancer, promises that all will be revealed to their captures in due time. Promising that the ties that bond them go beyond the death of Sam’s child.] -UPSTATE NEW YORK- [Em’s condition takes a turn for the worse when her heart-rate drops. The attendants are able to stabilize her. Her unknown visitor promises they will be together soon. In time she will learn to love him as she once did.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Noah tells Alan that he’s considering putting in for the Chief of Staff position. Alan laughs, telling him that the position is already filled by him. Monica walks up and tells them not for long. She informs Alan that the board will not be renewing his contract and will have to reapply if he wants to be considered. Alan tells her that he deserves better and is calling the family meeting at the house tonight…a meeting that ALL Quartermaines' are required to attend. Alan stomps away, but Monica encourages Noah to apply. Patrick tells him to go for it.] -KELLY’S- [Nikolas continues to insult Ric. Ric decks Nikolas across the jaw, telling him that is for the other night. Carly checks on Nikolas as Lucky prepares to arrest Ric for assault. Nik tells Lucky to let it go. Carly tells Nikolas that he’s bleeding and gets some gets a washcloth with ice inside to give to Nikolas. Lucky looks very confused while Carly helps Nikolas.] -UNKOWN LOCATION- [sam becomes livid with Alexis for slapping her. She asks if Alexis is going to apologize to her now, but Alexis tells her no. She says that like it or not they’re stuck with each other and has to learn how to get along until they can get out. She has two beautiful children and a husband to return to, and no one’s stupidity, especially Sam’s, is going to keep her from doing so.] On The Next General Hospital…… - Robin discusses Patrick with Mac - Lulu goes at it with Tracy - Lorenzo makes arrangement for Diego’s return…..much to the chagrin of Dillon - Jason updates Sonny on Sam’s disappearance. - Monica asks Carly for a favor
  11. Ryan

    Episode 24-25

    Episode 24-25 Sunday, June 4, 2006 Written by: Ryan Chandler -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Carly, at GH to pick up medical records for Michael, runs into Monica at the central station. Carly tells Monica why she’s there; Monica thinks something is wrong with Michael. Carly reassures her that she’s only there to pick up the papers for school. A nurse brings Carly the documents and she turns to leave. Monica stops Carly before she can leave.] -METROCOURT- [Robin and Mac catch up on time lost while having lunch together. Robin asks Mac about his relationship with Felicia; He tells her that they’re “just friends” and co-parenting is working better than they thought. Robin asks Mac if Felicia and Mac will ever get married again, Mac says he doubts it. He and Felicia are in different areas of their lives right now, and the best thing for them to do is stay on good terms with one another.] -SONNY’s- [Jason walks into Sonny’s place while Sonny is playing with Kristina and Morgan. Both kids run to Jason when he enters the room calling “Uncle Jason”. Jason asks Michael to take them both upstairs so he and Sonny can talk. First, Jason asks where Emily is. Sonny tells her that she decided to take a vacation after he broke off their relationship. Sonny tells him that he had a “breakthrough” while talking with Alexis and realized that he is still in love with Carly. Jason wants to know if Sonny will go back to Carly. He says that though he’s still in love with Carly, they won’t be getting back together. She’s happy without him and he doesn’t want to ruin that.] -KELLY’s- [Lorenzo is talking on the phone when Dillon and Georgie walk into Kelly’s. They overhear Lorenzo making arrangements for Diego’s return home. Lorenzo makes reference to calling in a favor due to Diego’s good behavior and Dillon explodes.] Dillon: You have got to be kidding me. You’re pulling strings to get your psycho stalker son out of jail? What bad movie did I just walk into? Georgie: Dillon! Lorenzo: Sit down. Dillon: No, no. I’m just, so angry. He stalked you Georgie! He stalked my niece! He drugged you all!! Lorenzo (more forcefully): Sit down……….. [Georgie and Dillon sit] Lorenzo: Now, not that I have to explain anything to you but I will. Diego is my child, and as my child I will do whatever it takes to protect him. What Diego did to you, your sister and your niece (looking at Dillon) was reprehensible. However, are we not entitled to make mistakes? You Dillon, you used to work for me. How many times did you break the law? Dillon: That was different, I didn’t stalk or drug anyone. Lorenzo: No, but you had strong parental influences. No matter how much you dislike your mother, she has been a strong influence on your life. Diego didn’t have that. Until a year ago, Diego thought that his mother was his sister. He floated from family to family with no stability and now he does. He was reaching out for attention that I didn’t give to him. Georgie: But that is no excuse for his actions. Lorenzo: No it’s not. But I have something to make up for and this is one of them. You can like or not, but it’s happening and it’s happening in two weeks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m meeting Skye and I have to get ready. [Lorenzo collects his belongings and leaves for the MetroCourt.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- Tracy (on her cell phone): Dillon, it’s your mother, you must come home for a meeting tonight. [Lulu walks in with baby Cameron and sits down on the sofa, completely ignoring Tracy.] Tracy:…….so you just walk into my house and don’t speak? How dare you Lulu: It’s Monica’s house…. Tracy: Shut up. Lulu: You spoke to me first. Tracy: So what. What is that snot bucket doing here? Lulu: That “snot bucket” has name. It’s Cameron. He’s my nephew. Tracy: I know that. You still didn’t answer my question. What is he doing here? Lulu: I’m babysitting for today. We were out, now I’m tired, so I brought him home with me. Tracy: Why aren’t you in school?! Lulu: Teacher’s workshop Tracy: Well, tonight we’re having a family meeting and you can’t be here. So take your little toy and leave. Lulu: I am family Tracy, but I do have other things to do tonight. Come on Cameron, let’s go. Oh, and before I go, I just thought you should that Cameron had a little accident in your room Tracy (proudly speaking): What?!! Lulu: Ha ha ha. [Tracy glares at Lulu while she’s leaving the room] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Carly asks Monica what she can do for her, and is asked to sit down.] Monica: I know that life seems to be going quite well for you right now Carly and I’m really happy to see that. Carly: …….. Monica: And I know that part of your therapy was to apologize and try to make amends with the people in your life who you’ve hurt in the past. Carly: ………….. Monica: I just… Carly: Just say it Monica. Monica: The fam..I’d love to see Michael. Now before you become upset, just hear me out. Carly: Fine…… Monica: Alan and I miss out grandson Carly. We rarely ever get to see him, except for when we’d run into Emily while she was babysitting. Now that she’s on an extended vacation and no longer hanging around Sonny, I don’t know when we’ll get the chance to again. He’s the only link that we have left to AJ. I’m asking you to consider letting us spend time with Michael. You can stay if you’d like or you can send Leticia, I don’t care. We’d just….like to have a relationship with our grandchild. Carly: I’ll think about it. Monica: Seriously? Carly: Yes Monica. I will seriously think about it. Michael’s getting to the age where he’s gonna want to know the Quartermaines. I will consider letting him spend time with you. Monica: What about Alan and the rest of the Quartermaines’? Carly: I have no real problem with you Monica, it’s the others that I have a problem with. Just…just give me some time. -SONNY’s- [Jason tells Sonny that he’s been out of contact with Sam for weeks. She went to Hawaii to deal with a problem with Danny but hasn’t called or e-mailed him. Jason tells Sonny that he may be unavailable for a few days if he doesn’t hear something soon. He also tells Sonny that Courtney called him and asked for his help, but wanted him to promise that he wouldn’t reveal where she was. He says he turned her down due to him trying to find Sam. This doesn’t sit well with Sonny, who lashes out at Jason for not being ‘considerate’. Jason, angry from not being able to get in contact with Sam and the frustration of dealing with Sonny & Emily, asks Sonny if he took his feeling into ‘consideration’ when he chose to start a relationship with Emily. He has his reasons for not getting involved with Courtney’s mess. She chose to leave town on her own, she chose to hide from Jax and Nikolas, she was in no dire emergency, so he told her he couldn’t get involved. No big deal. Unfortunately Sonny doesn’t think so. Luke arrives shortly after Jason leaves, with a business proposition for Sonny.] On Next General Hospital…. - Luke suggests that he and Sonny go into business together. - Nikolas sees more of Carly than he wanted to - Jason agrees to spend time with the Quartermaine’s on his own terms - Bobbie shows up for work drunk - The meeting at the Quartermaine Mansion Begins
  12. Episode 19: The Flashbacks -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS: PENTHOUSE 3A- [Lucas awakes to the sound of….nothing. For the first time in weeks, he feels as if a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. Surely he’s troubled that his secret came out the way that it did, but he now knows that he has to work on living his life as an openly gay teen. He walks downstairs and finds a note that Carly left him: ------>Lucas, I came in to check up on you and saw that you were sleeping. There’s money in the top drawer, food in the fridge, and clothes for you in the closet (I went shopping for ya ^__^). Don’t let what happened last night bring you down. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like and remember that if you need anything, call me. If I’m unavailable, just ask Jason. -Carly<------- -BOBBIE’S HOUSE- [bobbie awakes to the sound of Tony slamming her door] Bobbie: ……GOD TONY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! Tony: Well I see that you’re awake now. We need to talk. Bobbie: About what? Tony: Don’t you remember what happened last night? [bobbie looks at Tony for a minute, then begins flashing back to the reveal of Lucas’ secret. “Oh God” she says when she realizes what she did.] Bobbie: You know what Tony, I can’t deal with this right now. I already went through this with Luke. Oh man Luke……. [bobbie remembers the heated confrontation she had with Luke following her blow up. Bobbie remembers completely ripping into Luke as a father, proclaiming that he was there for Lucky, but doesn’t give a damn about Lulu. Bobbie asks Tony to leave, but Tony tells her he can’t leave just yet.] -SONNY’S- [Carly walks right into Sonny’s house and calls him downstairs. He slowly makes his way down, clueless as to why she’s here. She tells Sonny that she is letting Lucas stay at the Penthouse until he’s ready to leave and fills him in why. Her conversation is interrupted when Kristina runs downstairs. Carly asks why Kristina is there (knowing that it isn’t Sonny’s day to have her) and learns that Alexis has disappeared. Sonny tells her though he truly wants to believe that his brother had nothing to do with it, history speaks for itself and didn’t want his daughter there with him.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Lucas hears a knock on the door and is surprised to see Lulu and baby Cameron at the door. Lucas invites them in; Lulu is impressed with his new living quarters. She tells Lucas that she’s babysitting Cam for the day, but wanted to check up on him and back sure he was ok. Lucas tells her considering what happened to him last night, it couldn’t get much worse.] -KELLY’S- [Nikolas and Lucky are sitting inside Kelly’s talking about the recent happenings in their life. Nik informs Lucky about the Alexis situation; Lucky informs Nik about Lucas. Mike brings them their order and asks how Emily is doing. They both say they haven’t heard from Emily for a while now, but knows that she’s on vacation.] -UPSTATE NEW YORK- [A woman is shown lying in a hospital bed. Her long brownish-blonde hair brushed carefully away from her face. Sitting by her bedside is man who’s face is conveniently hidden in the shadows. He tells her that though he’s been gone during the time when she needed him the most, he’s here for her now. And will always be there for her.] -KELLY’s- [Carly walks into Kelly’s with Morgan at her side. He runs to the counter to talk to Mike and is given some cookies. Lucky asks Carly how everything went with Lucas. She tells him that he’s going to be ok if given his space. When he asks where he is, Carly is reluctant to tell him, but does so, knowing that her brother will need the support of his family. Carly tells Nikolas that she’s sorry to hear about what happened to Alexis and hopes she is found safe. Ric walks in at that time and sees the three of them talking. He flashes back to his conversation with Sonny the night before:] Sonny: So Alexis is missing. Ric: Yes. Sonny: I just defended you to her nephew. Don’t make me regret my decision Ric: No! I had nothing to do with what happened. Liz and I were talking together in Kelly’s when I got a call from Alexis…after she left your house. We were talking and then we weren’t. I heard her screaming and then a crash. However, there wasn’t a car accident reported and found no evidence to back up my story. Sonny: ……..so what’d you do? Ric: I went down to the police station and reported what happened. I was there all night and ended up getting baited into a fight by Durant and almost got arrested. No one believes that she’s really missing. They think I had something to with it. Sonny (slowly becoming agitated): Well Ric, history speaks for itself.. What do you think that people are just going to accept your story as truth? Ric: Sonny…I really di- Sonny: Look. I’ll put one of my guys on it. Alexis and I don’t get along, but she is the mother of my child and I don’t want anything to happen to her. I’m uh..I’m going to take Kristina with me. You’ll have your hands full with Molly and dealing with this situation, so I’ll take Kristina to my place until you find a way to work this out. Ric: Sonny there’s no…fine. I’d hate to ask you this Sonny but…I’m going to need your support on this. We’re brothers, we have to stick together. Do you believe me? Sonny: Come on Ric. Ric (becoming emotional): Sonny. I….I really need your support right now. I just….I need you to tell me that you believe me. Please Sonny. Sonny: I don’t know. (While taking Kristina with him) I don’t know. [Ric comes back to reality as Nikolas, Carly and Lucky are staring at him.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS: PENTHOUSE A- [Lucas tells Lulu that she needs to go because he’s going out. Lulu agrees, but tells Lucas she’s going with him as well. They argue for a bit with Lulu winning of course. On their way out, Lulu asks Lucas if he’s upset with Brandon for revealing his secret. Lucas tells her yes, but then remembers the intense night that he had with Brandon at a party.] On The Next General Hospital….. - Ric misinterprets Carly’s concern for sarcasm and verbally berates her, causing Nikolas to jump to her defense. - Viewers learn more of the connection between “Em” and her mystery visitor - Alexis puts Sam in her place. - Alan is upset to learn that his position as Chief of Staff for GH will not be renewed. - Robin visits Mac
  13. EPISODES 14-18: The Fallout -METROCOURT- Lucas: I’m gay mom. Bobbie: Excuse me? Lucas: He’s right. I’m gay. Bobbie: Well don’t be!! Lucas: What? Bobbie: Being gay is a choice. Choose not to be gay. Wait..I- Tony: Bobbie this is not the— Bobbie: Shut up Tony! Say nothing to me. No one say anything! Lucas: See, this is why I didn’t— Bobbie: You too. You hush. This is not…this is not what I had in store for you Lucas. Dillon: Mom, I think we should go. Tracy: Well why? This is just getting good. Luke: You’re right. Dillon, take your mother home. Tracy: Like hell he will. Bobbie: No, you don’t go anywhere! Dillon, Georgie, Maxie, Lulu…you don’t look too surprised. Lulu: That’s because we already knew. Bobbie: What? You knew and didn’t tell me? Georgie: We weren’t trying to keep it a secret from you Bobbie it’s just…well…we thought— Bobbie: Thought what? That it would be better for me not to know? Lucas: Don’t blame them for not telling you. I convinced them not to say anything. They wanted me to tell you myself but I told them no because I wasn’t ready. Now I see why. Tony: You can’t expect your mother to handle this like everyone else Lucas. Lucas: Why? You’re not angry. Tony: No, I’m not. Neither is your mother. She’s just…taken aback. Noah: Bobbie I think you should take some time to think about how— Bobbie: Don’t. I don’t need anyone to speak for me. No I’m not upset, I’m just extremely disappointed. -LANSING HOUSE- [Ric steps in between the Nikolas/Sonny altercation. Ric tells Sonny that Nikolas has a right to be upset. When asked why, Ric informs Sonny that Alexis was in a car accident, and is now missing. Nikolas calls Ric a liar, stating that there were no reports of an accident and then tells Sonny his theory as to what happened to Alexis. Surprisingly, Sonny defends Ric to Nikolas and tells him to back off. Nikolas says that he had to stop his search for Courtney because of what happened to Alexis. Sonny tells Nikolas that he’ll help him find Alexis. He convinces Nik to go home.] -UNKNOWN LOCATION- [Alexis and Sam awaken to find themselves locked in a dark room. Alexis asks Sam what happened, and Sam fills her in. Alexis can’t remember how she was taken in the first place. Sam immediately jumps to the conclusion that Manny has taken them and begins to blame Alexis for this happening.] -GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA- [Jax checks up on his lead and learns that Courtney is hiding in South Carolina. When he walks into the hotel, he begins asking if anyone has seen her. He is told by the front-desk attendant that Ms. Jacks doesn’t want to be disturbed. Jax bribes the attendant and he takes Jax to her room.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Jason is lying down in the bedroom when his phone rings. Thinking it’s Sam, he immediately speaks her name when he answers, only to learn that it’s Courtney instead. -ALCAZAR MANSION- [After telling Skye that he wants to be the man in her life, Lorenzo declares his love for her.] Skye: Lorenzo I do feel safe with you. That’s what friends are for. Lorenzo: I don’t think that you understand me Skye. I want to be the man who makes you happy. I want to be the man who can take away for your fears and doubts. You’ve endured a lot of pain in your life Skye. I want you to know that I intend to put you first above everyone else. You won’t have to worry about whether I truly love you or not because I’m telling you now. Skye: What about Carly? You love her don’t you? Lorenzo: …..of course I love Carly. I always will, but what we had was one sided. She tried to love me, but she couldn’t because she was, is and forever will be in love with Sonny. I tried to save Carly when obviously she didn’t need saving. What you and I have….what we have is different. It’s love on both sides. And even if you don’t see it now, you will. -METROCOURT- Lucas: I’m outta here. Carly: I’m coming with you Lucas. Momma, you need to relax. [Carly and Lucas step into the elevator while Bobbie is calling them.] Bobbie: Lucas…LUCAS! Don’t you walk away from me when I’m talking to you. Lucas: Everyone, I’m sorry for ruining your evening. And you Brandon....thanks a lot. Tracy: Well this has been a not I surely won’t forget. Dillon: Oh god mom. Lucas’ life was just shattered. Can you cut the kid a break? Tracy: No. I make excuses for no one. Had Lucas come out to his mother months ago this never would have happened. So….who’s up for desert. Luke: I want everyone out…… Tracy: You can’t Luke: I SAID OUT!!!!!! Everyone except you Barbara Jean. [The MetroCourt begins to clear out. Once everyone is out of the room, Luke begins laying into his sister.] Luke: Barbara Jean Spencer…..how could you do that to your child? That boy needs you right now, and you going off on him didn’t help. Bobbie: Luke, you and I will not be having this conversation right now. Luke: Yes we will. You know more than anyone that the love of a parent is more important than anything else in this world. You essentially turned that boy away! Bobbie (while taking a drink of her wine): This coming from you? Since when have you become father of the year? -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Jason asks Courtney what she wants. She asks for his help and wants him to promise he won’t reveal where she is if she tells him. Jason tells her he can’t help her because he has his own problems to deal with.] GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA [Jax walks into the luxurious suite and begins searching around. He hears water running in the bathroom and slowly makes his way to that area. He quietly opens the door and sees the silhouette of a long-haired blonde woman.] -LUCKY & LIZ’s APARTMENT- [Lucky and Liz are shown lying in bed while holding Cameron. Lucky tells Liz that he’s surprised that Lucas didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell him he was gay. Liz makes it clear that Lucky should work with the rest of the family to make Lucas feel welcomed. What happened to him was embarrassing and he should have come out when he was ready.] -SCORPIO HOUSE- [Maxie and Georgie walk into the house looking very somber. When Felicia asks what’s wrong, Georgie tells her about the fiasco that happened at the MetroCourt. Felicia & Mac feel sympathetic towards Lucas and Bobbie….at least until Maxie tells Felicia how Bobbie went off on Lucas. -OUTSIDE HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Carly and Lucas are sitting in the car outside of Harbor View Towers. She hands him a set of keys] Lucas: What are we doing here? Carly: Sonny and I agreed to share ownership of the penthouse. I know that you probably need a place to crash for a while and I think here is a really good place to do it. Lucas: There are guards there….and…on top of that, why are you helping me Carly? Aren’t you freaked out? Carly: First off, you can use the guards to your advantage. They’ll keep people you don’t want to see out. Secondly, I haven’t been the greatest sister in the world to you. This is my chance to make up for that. Before you go, I want you to know that you can call me anytime you want. I’m here for you. Don’t let Mom’s reaction change your overall perception of her Lucas. She’s just…..overwhelmed. Lucas: Thanks for everything Carly….and I’ll try to look at this objectively. [Lucas hugs Carly before getting out of the car. Carly watches him go into the building. When he gets into the elevator, she waves goodbye to him and takes off, unaware that someone has been following her the entire time.]
  14. Episode 13 -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [After seeing Patrick, Robin quickly tries to hide her emotions. Patrick looks at Robin sympathetically and is told that she doesn’t need his sympathy. Patrick tells her it’s ok to let her defenses down because he won’t hurt her. Robin tries to fight letting her feelings out but can’t and lets her pain pour out of her. Patrick offers to drive Robin home and she accepts. Before they leave, he hands her a tissue so she can clean up her face.] -LANSING HOUSE- [The nanny comes out of the room and is shocked by what she sees. She tells Nikolas that Molly is trying to sleep, but he tells her to shut up. Nikolas picks up Ric and goes to punch him again, but someone grabs his hand. Nikolas turns around and sees Sonny. Sonny tells Nikolas that if he hits his brother again, he (Nikolas) will have to answer to him (Sonny). Nikolas let’s Ric go and laughs at what Sonny says. Nikolas then turns around and punches Sonny in the mouth. Sonny checks his lip and when he begins to bleed, he tells Nikolas that he’s a deadman.] -ALCAZAR MANSION- [skye and Lorenzo converse about the Haunted Star and their past relationships. Skye tells Lorenzo that she is happier than she’s been on a long time and attributes that to the unconditional friendship that they have with each other. Lorenzo tells Skye that he wants to be more than just her friend. He wants to be the man that she can feel safe with.] -METROCOURT- Lucas (after pulling away): Dude, what are you doing? Guy: Aren’t you happy to see me Lucas? Bobbie: Lucas…what is going on here? Tony: Who is this guy and why did he kiss you? Lucas (to Tony and Bobbie): I have no idea. This guy is just….some strange person who came up and kissed me. Bobbie: Hopefully you are playing some sick joke young man. And if you are, I hope you know I don’t find it funny. Guy: Sick joke? Is that what you think this is? Lucas how can you act like you don’t know me?! Lucas: Because I don’t. Dillon: Hey..umm….ha! This is really funny. Yay, the joke worked. It’s time to go. [Dillon grabs the guy but he pulls away.] Guy: What is it with you Lucas? How can you not remember me? We were just together the other night! Lucas: ……. Guy: Oh I get it. You’re a closet case aren’t you. LuLu: Lucas, maybe you should-- Tony: Closet case? What are you talking about? Lucky: Lucas, do you want me to press charges against this guy? Tracy: He’s referring to Lucas being “in the closet”. Bobbie: That’s impossible. My son isn’t in the closet he’s— Guy: I hate to break it to you Ms. Spencer, but your son is gay. Isn’t that right Lucas? [Carly runs over to Lucas with a concerned look on her face.] Carly (whispering to Lucas): Look Lucas, if you'd prefer to do this in private it's no big deal. I can arrange for that. Bobbie: Lucas? (Bobbie grabs her son’s face as he looks away from her). Lucas?! You’re not… Carly: Not now momma! Bobbie: You’re not….You’re not gay…are you? Lucas? Come on. TALK TO ME!! Lucky: Lucas, Carly is right. You don't have to do this right now. Lucas: No Lucky. This was gonna come out sooner or later. Yeah mom. I am. On The Next General Hospital…. - Bobbie doesn’t take the news so well - Carly is there to comfort her brother - Luke & Tony are disappointed in Bobbie's reaction - Sonny learns of Alexis’ disappearance. - Lorenzo tells Skye he wants to be with her - Alexis and Sam try to figure out where they are - Jax thinks he’s found Courtney; Courtney contacts Jason - Carly is being watched
  15. Episode 12 -SCORPIO HOUSEHOLD- [After a long day at work, Mac comes home looking very tired. He calls Felicia few times before she comes downstairs with some papers. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that Alexis is missing. When Felicia inquires some more, Mac changes the subject and asks about the girls. Felicia tells him they are at the MetroCourt with Bobbie & Luke.] -ALCAZAR MANSION- [A car pulls up in front of Lorenzo’s house. Out comes Skye in a very beautiful maroon dress. As Skye goes to knock on the door, Lorenzo opens it, saying he’s been expecting her.] -METROCOURT- [After telling Bobbie that he doesn’t plan on having children, Lucas becomes very quiet. Lulu chimes in and says it’s probably because he doesn’t them that much, but Lucas tells her no, that isn’t it. Dillon tries to change the subject, but Luke then suggests to Tracy that they have a baby…causing Tracy to spit her red wine onto Carly’s white dress. Carly stands up immediately, accidentally knocking her chair into a waiter carrying cakes and pies. After Bobbie senses that the incident between Carly and Tracy could erupt, she then throws her drink at Luke, who then throws his dish at Bobbie, but instead hitting Tony.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Monica, who’s sitting in the living room, is surprised when Jason shows up. She senses that something is bothering Jason and asks him what’s wrong. Jason tells her that Sam went to Hawaii to be with her brother because of some emergency, but didn’t tell him about it. Monica tells her son that maybe Sam needed to go and didn’t have time to call. When Jason suggests that he should go to Hawaii to find her, Monica tells him that would be a bad idea.] -LANSING APARTMENT- [An angry Nikolas stands over Ric, yelling for him to get up. Ric stands up and immediately gets punched again by Nikolas. As Ric tries to explain what’s going on, Nikolas continues to yell at him.] -ALCAZAR MANSION- [When Skye walks into the house she is surprised to see candles and a romantic dinner laid out on the table. Lorenzo tells her that he made this especially for her to make up for ending their date early. Skye tells him that though she thought they were going out, she loves him for doing this. Lorenzo walks her over to the table and pulls out a chair for Skye. Before they begin eating, Lorenzo puts on some romantic music as Skye smiles at him.] -METROCOURT- [After hitting Tony with his plate, the entire room becomes a mess. The adults begin laughing and the food fight begins. Even Tracy gets involved which surprises them all. Minutes later as they are all cleaning up after themselves and laughing, Lucas is tapped on the shoulder. When he turns around, he is taken back when he is then kissed on the lips by a tall, hunky blonde. The entire room goes silent.] On The Next General Hospital..... - Patrick comforts Robin - Lucas reveals that he is in fact gay - Sonny comes to Ric’s defense - Lorenzo tells Skye he wants to be more than friends
  16. Episode #11 -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin is in the “hub” at the hospital. She is logging information into the computer when Patrick walks up to her and begins talking.] Patrick: Hello Robin. Robin: It’s Dr. Scorpio. Only my friends call me Robin. Patrick: Hey, chill out Robin. I was just saying hi. Robin: What do you want Patrick? Patrick: I wanted to know if Emily was on schedule today. Robin: Why? So you could just ask her out again? Patrick: No…..so I could tell her to get to the 4th floor. We need some of the med students to be on rotations with the doctors. That is why. You know Robin, you need to relax a bit. Robin: She’s taken a vacation Patrick. She’s been under a lot of stress and decided she needed some time off. You know, unlike you, some people actually work around here and get tired because of it. Patrick: You know you want me Robin. The sooner you face it, the faster we can get together. [Robin goes to walk away but trips and Patrick catches her. Robin looks deeply into his eyes before she pushes him away, then walks away feeling very embarrassed and uncomfortable. Patrick just smiles at her.] -METROCOURT- [At the MetroCourt, the Spencer Family (plus some extra) are enjoying their food and having a good time. Carly notices how uncomfortable Lucas is and gets ready to ask him something privately when Bobbie stands up and gets ready to propose a toast.] Bobbie: Excuse me everyone. I just wanted to take this time and say thank you to everyone who showed up. Carly: Yes, we are very thrilled that you all could join us and I’m happy to be around most of you. Bobbie: Carly. Carly: What? (She begins laughing). No seriously, we all don’t get along, but I’m happy to be able to spend time with my family. Past, present and future. (She looks at Lucky and Liz) Luke: Speaking of family. Lucky…..(turns to Lucky & Liz) when I am getting my little grandchild. Liz: Well, right now Cameron’s enough for us. But you never know Luke, there may be a baby in store for us one day. Bobbie: Well I for one cannot want until I become a grandmother for the third time. Carly: Ha, well…sorry to disappoint you momma, but there are no more babies coming out of Carly for while. Luke: You had better not even think of having babies anytime soon Leslie Lu. LuLu: Yeah right dad, and ruin the body I have? It’s Dillon and Georgie you have to worry about. Dillon: Well.. Tracy: There are no babies in Dillon’s future. Right Dillon? Dillon: You are so right. Bobbie: Well I know that once Lucas finds the right girl to bring home, they’ll start a family and give me lots of grandchildren. Won’t you Lucas? Lucas: No. I’m never going to have children. -LANSING HOUSE- [Ric walks into his house and checks his messages. Hearing none, Ric creeps into Molly’s room and checks on his baby girl. He asks if the baby-sitter can stay at his house for a few days and she agrees to. Ric steps into the shower and cleans himself up. When he’s done, he goes into the living room and waits patiently by the phone. He sees a picture of himself, Alexis and their children. Ric slowly begins to break down when hears a knock on the door.] Ric: Hold on. I’m coming. [Ric wipes his face and answers the door] Voice: What have you done with my aunt you sick son-of-a-bitch! [Ric is then punched in the face as Nikolas walks through the door.] -ON THE ROAD- [Monica and Alan are riding back to the Quartermaine Mansion in complete silence. The silence begins to get to Monica and she yells at Alan.] Monica: So you’re just not going to talk to me?! Alan: (turning slowly to Monica)…..No. Monica: Come on Alan. I have a right to be skeptical about this therapy. Alan: I’m trying to drive here Monica if you don’t know. Monica: You are just so….difficult. You know that I purposely didn’t make us late. Alan: That’s up for debate. Monica: This is so childish Alan. You are a grown man. Alan: Married to an ungrateful woman. I’ve given everything for you. Everything! Monica: Everything? Everything?! Alan if you believe that, then you need to see a psychiatrist, not a marriage counselor. I cannot believe you said that. Alan (regretfully): Monica, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just….we’re in a rough spot right now and I don’t feel like you want this as much as I do. -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin is shown the staff changing area looking very upset. She flashes back to being caught by Patrick, then shakes her head to clear her mind. As she continues to change her clothes, she has another flashback to them having a great time together while having dinner. While grabbing her pocketbook, her wallet falls out, opening to a picture of her and Stone. Robin begins to cry as she tells Stone that she really misses him. Patrick walks into the area and happens to see Robin crying. He decides to keep himself hidden as Robin continues to talk to the picture of Stone. She tells the picture that she’s only loved one person after Stone and that ended in heartbreak. She says that she will not put herself in a position to be hurt anymore and if that means never loving again then so be it. She tells Stone how much she misses him and she hugs the picture. Patrick looks very taken aback by seeing this softer side of Robin. He tries to sneak away but drops his cell phone. Robin turns with tears in her eyes and when she sees Patrick, she shakes her head and continues to cry.] On The Next General Hospital…. - Lucas is outed during dinner - Nikolas confronts Ric - Lorenzo & Skye have an intimate dinner - Jason turns to Monica for advice
  17. Episode #10 -PCPD- [Ric paces back and forth as he awaits more news on the disappearance of his wife. As if his day couldn’t get any worse, John Durant shows up and begins taunting Ric about the “alleged” disappearance of Alexis. John tells Ric that Alexis isn’t missing. He says that she probably pissed Ric off so he locked her in a panic room, just like he locked Carly away. Durants baiting finally angers Ric as he punches Durant in the face. Durant orders the officer to arrest Ric for assault.] -METROCOURT- [Lucky and Liz are shown talking to the teens at the main table as everyone invited to the dinner begins to arrive. Luke and Tracy show up arm in arm, though it appears that Tracy is pinching Luke’s arm. Carly walks over to Bobbie just as Noah arrives with his date…..Patrick. Bobbie has a look of relief on her face when she learns that Noah asked Patrick to attend as his “plus 1”. Before Patrick gets the chance to sit down, he is called back to the hospital and tells everyone he will see them later. Bobbie and Carly then welcomes everyone who came to the dinner and promises that this will be a night of fun and unforgettable moments.] -MARLANDZ- [Jason is shown looking very uncomfortable as Justus and Lainey arrive at the restaurant. Justus realizes that something is bothering Jason and asks him what’s wrong. He says that Sam should have been at the restaurant a while ago.] -OUTSIDE PORT CHARLES CITY LIMITS- [The car that Sam is riding in begins to slow down. She asks what’s going on and the driver says there’s a car in front of them that’s stopped. Max’s brother Milo, who’s been assigned to be with Sam, tells the driver to go around, but he tells him he’s unable to. Sam tells Milo she’s going out to see what’s wrong, even though he tells her she should stay in the car. She sees a woman on the ground and runs over to her. Sam recognizes who it is….Alexis. Sam calls Milo over help take Alexis back to the car. Alexis keeps muttering “they’re coming, they’re coming. Save her”. Sam manages to wake Alexis up and asked what happened. Alexis tells Sam that she was taken but managed to get away. Alexis screams they must leave now! Gunshots are fired and their driver is taken down. Alexis passes out again. Sam tells Milo to put Alexis in the car. The gunshots continue to go off. Sam reaches for her phone and to call Jason. Just as she gets ready to hit send, a figure in black points a gun as Sam’s head. Sam is ordered to drop the phone and get out of the car. She does as instructed, but punches her capturer in the face and tries to run. This mysterious figure grabs her, and then knocks her out with the handle of the gun. As Sam and Alexis are being put into new vehicles, Milo is given instructions on what to tell Jason.] -PCPD- [back at the police station, Mac has Ric released from his holding cell. Durant shows up and begins arguing with Mac. Mac tells Durant that he (Durant) will not use his (Mac’s) police station for his own personal problems. Ric is told he is free to go. When Ric thanks Mac, he snaps at Ric. Mac tells Ric that Durant has a point. How does he know that Ric didn’t lock Alexis up? Unfortunately, he can’t prove it just yet, but…if it turns out to be true, Ric will pay for his crimes. Ric swears that he did nothing and will prove it.] -MARLANDZ- [Jason begins to become a little ancy about Sam. Milo walks in and Jason forcefully asks where Sam is. Milo, complying with his previous instructions, tells Jason that Sam received an emergency phone call about Danny in Hawaii and went there to go take care of her. When Jason asked why Sam didn’t call him, Milo tells Jason that Sam was visibly upset and wanted to handle this on her own; that she doesn’t want Jason to call her until she calls him.] On The Next General Hospital…. - The event at the MetroCourt begins - Bobbie gets the surprise of her life - Monica tells Alan that she has lost all hope - Nikolas returns to Port Charles - Patrick finds Robin in a vulnerable position
  18. Episode #9 -PCPD- [Ric is shown sleeping in Mac’s office. Mac comes into the room. He wakes Ric up and they begin talking. Mac tells Ric that they searched Port Charles and didn’t find any evidence that there was in fact a car accident. Ric flashes back to talking to Alexis on the phone and then immediately leaving and going to the station. Ric tells Mac that he will not give up on Alexis and knows that he’s not crazy. Mac tells Ric he’s sorry, but until there’s more evidence, he cannot have his officers out patrolling. Ric is told that if Alexis hasn’t returned by the end of the day to file a missing person’s report] -METROCOURT- [bobbie works with Carly to make sure their lunch goes off without a problem. Bobbie notices that Carly is beaming from ear to ear and asks why she’s so happy. Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny is still in love with her. Bobbie takes what Carly says with a grain of salt, but Carly tells Bobbie she overheard with her own two ears. When Bobbie asks about Emily, Carly flashes back to seeing Emily at Kelly’s, then weirdly says that Emily is out of the picture. Lucas, Dillon & LuLu arrive at the MetroCourt. Carly tells them that she arranged for them to stay at the MetroCourt for the night. Lucas thanks Carly for doing that and asks if Bobbie will be staying too. When Carly says yes, Lucas changes his tune and says he’ll stay at Georgie’s instead. Bobbie tells Lucas that he can stay. Instead, she’ll stay at the WTAG Hotel since she has to deliver a speech there anyway. Lucas coldly agrees then leaves with Dillon and Georgie.] -HARBORVIEW TOWERS- [Jason playfully fights with Sam about going out with Justus and Lainey. Sam tells Jason that if he is a good sport, she won’t ask him to take a bubble bath with him for a week. Jason tells her to make it two and they have a deal.] -ELQ- CONFERENCE ROOM- [Tracy and Luke bicker back and forth during a staff meeting at ELQ. Ned snaps at them both to shut the hell up and keep their personal business at home. Tracy becomes silent until they begin to discuss the new hires at the company. Ned then informs the others that his brother Dillon, Georgie Jones and Leslie Spencer has been hired as paid interns. Tracy flips out, proclaiming that she will not endorse the hiring of anyone of them. Luke tells Tracy that it doesn’t matter what she wants due to Ned signing off on it. Tracy tries to pick another fight with Luke, but he tells her they have been invited to the MetroCourt by Bobbie for a dinner. Tracy reluctantly agrees to go.] -MERCY HOSPITAL- [Alan and Monica Quartermaine arrive at the Rohach Clinical Center later than what they were supposed to. When they reach the receptionist, she kindly tells them that the doctor they were supposed to see had left over an hour ago. Alan reschedules their appointment for two weeks from today. Alan turns to Monica and accuses her of making them late on purpose. Alan tells Monica he feels like she has given up on their marriage, which is why she was against therapy in the first place.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Jason begins laying out his clothes when Sam calls him. He goes to see what is wrong and she tells him that she has nothing to wear. She begins rambling about how she shouldn’t have talked him into going because now she doesn’t have anything to wear and blah blah blah. Sam looks at the clock and realizes that she has time to go buy an outfit. She tells Jason that she’ll meet him at Marlandz. Jason reluctantly agrees.] -METROCOURT HOTEL- [Carly tells Bobbie that she got a message from the concierge from Noah. She tells Bobbie that Noah said he and his date will be there shortly. Bobbie looks disappointed, but refuses to talk about it with Carly. When Tony arrives, he and Carly are very cordial to each other. Carly leaves to go make more arrangements when Lucky and Liz walk in.] -METROCOURT HOTEL: Suite 4025 [The teens are upstairs talking with Lucas, trying to convince him to come out to his parents tonight after dinner. Lucas tells them that they need to let him decide when to tell his parents that he’s gay. He needs more time.] -Outside Port Charles City Limits- [sam is shown trying on various dresses before finally deciding on a sleek backless black dress. After she purchases her dress, she gets back into the car. Unbeknownst to Sam, her bodyguard and the driver, they are being followed.]
  19. Ryan

    Episode #8

    Episode #8 -GREYSTONE MANOR- [Carly appears to be very happy with Sonny’s declaration that he still loves her. Sonny puts his drink down as Alexis sits down on the sofa.] Alexis: Wow, Sonny. Now was that really hard to admit? That you’re still in love with your ex-wife? Sonny: Yes, it was. Alexis: Why is that? Sonny: …..Because I’m tired of hurting Carly. All of the affairs, the outbursts, everything. It was just unhealthy. I ruined her, Alexis. Alexis: So you can admit that you “ruined” Carly, but you would be willing to take that chance with Emily? How can you reason that? That is one of the more stupid things I’ve heard you say. Sonny: BECAUSE!!! Carly’s doing better without me. She’s happy Alexis. She’s got a project that doesn’t involve me or my approval. She’s getting along just happy without me. She’s smiling, she’s back to her old self. Alexis: You know that I am not Carly’s biggest fan Sonny, but you don’t know if she is happy. She seems healthy now. She really does, but maybe what she needed was to prove to herself that she can live without you. Maybe this will be better for you in the end. You still love Carly, but you’re willing to drag Emily through the mud to get over her. How low. Sonny: I don’t think so. I love Emily, but I’m not in love with her Alexis. Alexis: But you keep trying to force yourself to don’t you? Sonny: Yeah. Alexis: So you can admit that you’re using Emily to get over Carly? Sonny: (Shamefully) Yes. [Emily’s heard enough. She takes off immediately and gets into her car. She speeds away from Sonny’s mansion.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS: JASON & SAM’S PENTHOUSE- [sam is sitting looking at a magazine when she hears a knock on the door. She looks through the peephole and sees Justus. She opens they door and they begin to chat for a bit.] Sam: Hey Justus, how are you? Justus: I’m doing well Sam. I won’t take too much of your time, but I wanted to ask you something in person. Sam: Ok? Justus: Now you know I’ve been seeing this wonderful woman right? Sam: Yes, Dr. Winters. Justus: Lainey has made me more happy than I’ve been in years Sam. The family seems to like her, but with Jason you never know. Sam: So you want me to find out what Jason thinks of her? Justus: No. I mean, well, I wanted Lainey to become friends with my friends you know. Carly’s too much for Lainey, but I think you and her would be great friends Sam. Sam: Well I umm….. Justus: Just here me out. I’ve got reservations at this new restaurant called Marlandz and thought it would be nice if you and Jason joined us. Sam: I can try Justus, but I don’t know if Jason will go for it. Jason: Go for what? -KELLY’s- Ric: Do you ever wonder what our life would have been like had our baby lived? And had I not screwed up our marriage? Liz: ….I do. I look at you now with Alexis and I go “Wow, why couldn’t Ric be that way with me?”, but I stop myself from exploring it further. Ric: Why not? Liz: Because we’re both happy. You have your family now and I have mine Ric. Ric: I understand, but…do you just think that things would have been different for us had…you know. Liz: I think about our baby all of the time Ric. The baby was apart of me and you and I loved that life growing inside of me. It was something that I will always cherish, but we just met at the wrong time. Ric: I think about us too Liz. I think about how horribly I treated you and how self-destructive I was. And I’m sorry. I am. -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [bobbie has just got off of the phone with the MetroCourt and is trying to call Carly.] Bobbie: Carly, it’s momma. When you get the chance, I need you to call me back. I’m planning a dinner for the family and I want you to be there. I love you sweetie. Bye. [Noah and Alan are talking about a patient when Bobbie sees them.] Bobbie: Hello Noah, Alan. Both: Hello Bobbie. Alan: You look good. Bobbie: Thank you, so do you. Noah, have you decided to accept my invitation yet? Noah: I’ve thought about it. And I’ll accept. I don’t you don’t mind if I bring a date though. Bobbie: (Disappointedly) No. I don’t mind. Noah: Good, I’ll see you there. [Noah walks away.] Bobbie: Well. That went well. Alan: You seem disappointed. Bobbie: That’s not true. Alan: It’s written all over your face. -On The Road- [Emily is driving in the rain crying her eyes out. She has flashbacks to all of the romantic moments that she and Sonny have experienced.] Emily to herself: I can’t believe he would do this to ME!!! DAMN HIM! DAMN HER! I should have just listened to Jason. I should have listened to them all. -QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Bedroom of Skye- [skye is awaken from her intense dream by the sound of a phone ringing. She picks up breathing heavily and sweating.] Skye: Hello? Man: Well hello yourself. Skye: Lorenzo? Hey. It’s kinda late. Lorenzo: Not really. You sound out of breath. Working out some frustrations? Skye: Oh…you could say that. Lorenzo: (Laughingly) Well that’s good. I am calling to apologize for cutting our dinner short. There was an emergency meeting scheduled with the shareholders of this new company I created. Skye: Sounds important. No wonder you had to leave. Lorenzo: It was, but you should have been the more important activity Skye and I apologize. Skye: Don’t worry about it. You made up for it. Lorenzo: Excuse me? Skye: Umm….you made up for it by calling me (Sighing to herself that she was able to cover). Lorenzo: That’s good. So what do you say, can I cash in my raincheck tomorrow? Skye: That would be lovely. Lorenzo: Wonderful. Goodnight Skye. Skye: Goodnight Lorenzo. [skye hangs up her phone and is just giddy. She recalls the intense, orgasmic dream that she had about Lorenzo. She says to herself she hopes she has a repeat.] -HARBOR VIEW TOWERS- [Jason comes down the stairs with a confused look on his face] Sam: Well, Jason. Um…I know that you don’t like doing these type of things – Jason: What kind of things? Sam: Like, going out and about. But Justus has some reservations at this really nice new restaurant and…. Jason: No. Sam: Oh come on Jason. Jason: No. I don’t like places like that. It’s weird going there. Justus: I know that Jason, but I’d really like it if you and Sam joined me. Jason: Thanks, but we’ll pass. [sam tells Justus she’s sorry before he leaves. When he’s gone, Sam demands to know why he was so rude to Justus. Jason tells her that he wasn’t being mean to Justus, he just didn’t want to go anywhere with Lainey. When Sam presses him on it, he says it’s because he always feels like she’s trying to shrink him.] -KELLYS- [While at Kelly’s, Ric and Liz overhear a forecaster on the radio make an important announcement.] Radio: This is James Fron from PC101.5 with a special PC Weather Alert. Be advised that there is a heavy storm approaching Port Charles. According to new information, we are expected to have at least 7 plus inches of rain by over the next 4 days and at least 3 feet of water before the storm is over. This weather advisory goes into effect now. If you have any weekend plans, you might want to change them now. This has been James Fron from PC101.5 with a PC Weather Alert. Liz: This storm sounds serious. Ric: Yes it does. I need to call Alexis and find out what's keeping her. [Ric reaches for his cell phone and calls Alexis once more. The camera cuts back and forth as Ric and Alexis speak.] Ric: Took you like enough. What’d you and Sonny talk about? Alexis: It was about Emily. I know that he cares for her, but I finally got him to admit he’s still in love with Carly. Ric: That’s no shocker there. He and Carly will always be drawn back to each other, though they both know they’d be happier apart. [Emily is shown crying in her car still. She changes the radio station and hears a very sappy song playing. The camera cuts back to Alexis.] Alexis: Ric honey, I’m going to have to call you back. The rain is starting to come down very heavily and I’m having problems seeing. Ric: Make sure you’re careful. Liz and I just heard on the radio station that we’re supposed to be getting some heavy rain. Alexis: I will Ric. [Just then, Alexis turns to her left and sees headlights coming straight at her. She tries to accelerate to out of the way but she is unable to.] Alexis: Oh my god, Ric.... Oh my go- [The other car rams into the driver’s side of Alexis’ car. All Ric hears is the sound of metal crunching and his wife screaming.] Ric: Alexis? ALEXIS!!! On The Next General Hospital: - Ric reports the car accident. He doesn’t get the news he hoped for. - Bobbie prepares her family event at the MetroCourt with Carly...and gets the cold shoulder from Lucas - Alan & Monica begin their therapy - Sam goes missing - Tracy and Luke argue during an ELQ meeting after Tracy learns Luke coerced Ned to hire LuLu, Dillon & Georgie at ELQ
  20. Ryan

    Episodes #4-7

    Episodes #4 - #7 -GREYSTONE MANOR- Sonny: I’ve handled losing Reese. We had a funeral service for her. I’m over it. As far as Carly goes- We’re done. I didn’t keep any secrets. She lied. She ruined it. Instead of worrying about who I’m with and how I’m coping with things… I think you should go. Alexis: No Sonny. I’m not leaving until you understand where I’m coming from. [Alexis and Sonny continue talking with each other. Alexis calls Ric that she should go on without her. She’ll take a cab to meet him at Kelly’s. Unbeknownst to Alexis & Sonny, Carly manages sneaks her way into the estate through Michael’s window. She creeps to the stairs and before listens in on their conversation; she has a flashback to being at Kelly’s watching Emily.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Bedroom of Skye - [skye is shown falling asleep after reading her book. She begins to have an intense fantasy about Lorenzo. Skye imagines that she is on the beach with Lorenzo and they are looking deep into each others eyes. Tiki torches and calm, romantic music surrounds them. With an echo, Skye and Lorenzo have a conversation:] Skye: You didn’t have to do this for me Lorenzo. Lorenzo: I did Skye. You need someone who will treat you like a queen…and I can do that. Skye: Lorenzo don’t….. Lorenzo: Don’t fight it Skye. You want me and I want you. [skye looks deep into Lorenzo’s eyes as he feeds her a strawberry.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Living Room- [Ned and Luke are sitting in the living room. Ned reading a book, Luke drinking a glass of wine when Tracy bursts into the room.] Ned: Whuh Oh, mother looks upset. Luke: What could it be that is troubling my spanky buns? Tracy: Ned, how could you have made Luke the Senior VP of Foreign Affairs? Luke: I’ve had many foreign affairs. Tracy: (Rolling her eyes) You have no experience when it comes to ELQ. Ned, you had better fix this. Ned: I can’t. Luke’s already signed his contract. Besides, thanks to your marriage, Luke has just as much at stake as you do. Tracy: This is UNBELIEVEABLE! Luke is not business material. Luke: I take offense to that. [Tracy screams at Luke and Ned before giving up and flopping down on the sofa.] -KELLY’s- [Liz is sitting talking with Emily inside Kelly’s.] Liz: So….how are things with you and Sonny? Emily: They’re going ok. I just wish people would butt out of my business. First Carly, then Jason, and now Robin’s questioning me on my choices. It’s just…I’m happy with Sonny and he’s happy with me. Liz: Maybe so Emily, but…. Emily: But what? Liz: Even though you may not want to hear it, they’re right Emily. Emily: Don’t tell me you’re on- Liz: Whether or not I think you belong with Sonny isn’t important. I think you should be with whoever makes you happy, but these people aren’t saying these things without reason. They know Sonny better than you. Maybe you should listen. [Ric happens to walk in right at the moment that Emily gets heated with Liz. She tells her that she thought she (Liz) was on her (Emily’s) side. Emily grabs her things and tells Liz she’s going to Sonny’s. Ric tries to say something to Emily but she blows him off. Ric and Liz share a funny exchange before he goes to sit down with her.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Bedroom of Skye- [skye’s dream continues on as Lorenzo feeds her strawberries. Skye is reluctant to get into the mood, but she lets all of her inhibitions go and kisses Lorenzo. She wraps her arms around his body and he kisses her all over. With regards to the younger readers, I won’t go much more detail….but it involves whipped cream, tongues and moans of ecstasy] -KELLY’s- [Ric and Liz sit and talk inside Kelly’s. After an awkward silence, the two begin to ask each other how their lives are going. Liz stares deeply into Ric’s eyes, and he does the same. She breaks her contact again when she begins to speak.] Liz: So Ric, how are you enjoying parenthood? Ric: It’s great. I enjoy being involved with Molly. She’s the light of my life. Liz: Yeah, I feel the same way about Cameron. Everything in your life is put into perspective once you have a child. It’s like, once he was born, everything became about him. I had to think about my actions. Ric: Alexis told me that my priorities would be in order once the baby was born, but I didn’t believe her until I saw Molly for myself. She was right. From the first moment that I saw Molly, I knew that she would always come first. I would have felt the same way had our baby lived. Liz: I think so too. Ric: Do you ever wonder …what our lives would be like if our baby and lived and if our marriage had withstood what I did to wreck it? -GREYSTONE MANOR- Alexis: So what is going to happen when you break Emily’s heart? What happens the first time she crosses you. Are you going to yell at her? Are you going to throw glass at the wall? Are you going to tell her that “she’s dead to you”. What are you going to do Sonny?!! Sonny: Enough Alexis – Alexis: No Sonny! Emily deserves a lot more than you can give her. Your heart will always belong to Carly. It’s not fair to Emily to lead her on when you know that you will never be able to love her like you love Carly. [Emily walks into Sonny’s mansion and overhears Alexis & Sonny arguing. Emily stands by the door and listens] Sonny: You’re only saying this because you don’t want Nikolas with Courtney and…because I didn’t choose you. Alexis: This is not about what we had! This isn’t about Nikolas! I’d prefer if Nikolas found someone who wasn’t as tortured as Emily but that’s not my decision. I’m looking at this objectively. Emily deserves more than what you can give her. Coming from personal experience Sonny, it hurts when you love someone and they don’t return the same feelings. Sonny: But I do have the same feelings. I ‘m in love with Carly, Emily. I love Emily. I’m in love with Emily. Alexis: No Sonny, you had it right the first time. Sonny: Alexis do- Alexis: Be man enough to admit it. You’re still Sonny: You need- Alexis: In love with Carly aren’t you?! Don’t you! Sonny: YES! I DO! I LOVE CARLY! I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH CARLY! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!!! [Carly smirks, Emily is saddened and Sonny is angry as GH comes to an end.] On the next General Hospital: - A car crashes and a woman is ejected from her car - Sonny admits that he is using Emily to try and get over Carly - Liz tells Ric that she wonders the same thing - Justus asks Sam to convince Jason to go out on a double date with him and Lainey.
  21. Episode #3 [GH opens with Tony and Bobbie in the lounge of General Hospital] Bobbie: So exactly what’s bothering you Tony? Maybe I can help. Tony: Well, it’s about Lucas. He’s been acting out of character as of late. Bobbie: Really? How Tony: Well, he’s been staying at my house during winter break and of course I have rules set up, but he ignores them. Yes, he’s an adult, but coming in at 3:30 in the morning is not acceptable behavior. Bobbie: You’re right. It’s not, but that doesn’t qualify as him “acting out”. You need to relax a little bit. Tony: Maybe you’re right, but it’s not like we talk much. He rarely calls me, and when he does he dodges all of the personal questions that I ask him. Do we really know what’s going on in his life? He doesn’t bring any friends around, and until a few months ago, he had stopped hanging out with Georgie & Dillon. [bobbie thinks to herself for a minute, then says she has an idea] GREYSTONE MANOR [Ric and Alexis are outside of Sonny’s mansion with Kristina and Molly.] Alexis: I don’t want to do this. Ric: I know, I know, but before you know it, she’ll be back home. Alexis: Oh I can just imagine the damage those brothers of hers will do. [Ric opens the door and they bring the children in. Sonny is sitting in his den.] Sonny: Hey Kristina. How’s daddy’s little girl? Kristina: Fine daddy Alexis: You know Sonny there are other people in the room. Sonny: Hi there Molly. [sonny goes to touch Molly and Alexis pulls her away.] Alexis: If you can’t address me, then I don’t want you addressing my daughter, you know, the one that isn’t yours. Ric: Ok Alexis. Sonny: Right…….so when are you. Michael, can you take Kristina and Morgan upstairs? Michael: Yes. Alexis: I’ll be back for Kristina in two days. And I’d appreciate it if you kept all of your Mob business away from our daughter. Sonny: I can’t believe you married her. Ric: Well, I love her. Sonny, for the sake of peace, can you try to be civil to my wife? Sonny: I can try. Alexis: Ric, I need to speak with Sonny for a moment. Alone. I’ll meet you in the car. [Ric walks out of the room and Sonny goes over to the bar area. Alexis sits down on the sofa and tells Sonny she needs to talk with him about Emily.] -METROCOURT- [skye is sitting down at her table waiting for Lorenzo when Jax shows up. Jax asks her if she’s waiting for someone and she tells him she’s waiting for Lorenzo. Skye asks about Courtney and Jax says he hasn’t heard from her since she went to California for a break. Jax says that he and Courtney are going to work on their relationship, despite Nikolas’ best efforts to keep them apart. Skye sees Lorenzo and waves him over. Jax leaves and wishes them a happy dinner.] Skye: I didn’t think you’d make it. Lorenzo: I told you I’d be here didn’t I? -GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lobby- Monica: So what do you think I should do Jason? Jason: I….I think you should do what’s right for you. Monica: Don’t be passive Jason. I asked you what you think. Jason: Fine, ok. I think you should agree to do it. [Monica looks surprised. She asks Jason why, and he says that they all need to put the past behind them, and focus on being happy. Jason tells Monica that he supports Alan’s decision to go to therapy and will be there for her if she needs him. Monica gives Jason a hug and thanks him for listening. Jason says goodbye and leaves the hospital. Monica then calls Alan and tells him she’ll do it.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lounge- Tony: What’s your idea? Bobbie: How about we all have dinner at the MetroCourt? Tony: …….. Bobbie: Come on Tony. I think it’ll be nice for all of us to get together. Tony: And just who all would be coming? Bobbie: Me, you, Carly, Lucas, Dillon, Georgie, Lucky, Liz, LuLu, Luke…..and Noah. Tony: I think that’s a good idea. Why don’t you make the arrangements? I’ll be there. Bobbie: … Tony: I promise. [bobbie gives Tony pat on the shoulder, and then walks out of the lounge.] -METROCOURT- [skye and Lorenzo just finished eating their dinner and dessert is on its way.] Lorenzo: That was really good. I’m very glad you invited me to dinner. Skye: Well, a girl needs to move on with her life. A very smart woman told me that. Lorenzo: Well, you tell that woman that I am very greatful. Skye: I’ll do that. [skye grabs Lorenzo’s hand and they share a silent moment. Just then his phone rings and his facial expressions change. Lorenzo tells Skye that something unexpected came up and he has to go. But he would like to continue this date another time. Skye, disappointed but optimistic agrees and kisses Lorenzo goodbye. After he leaves, Jax goes back to the table.] Skye: Don’t start with me Jasper. Jax: I won’t. I just figured that we shouldn’t let this dessert go to waste. [skye smiles, but says she thinks she needs some alone time. She hugs Jax, then leaves the MetroCourt.] -GREYSTONE MANOR- Sonny: You don’t have any right to comment on my life Alexis. Alexis: Maybe you’re right, but hear me out. I know that you are the “all powerful” Sonny Corinthos, and you think you can have anyone you want, but you should really consider not having Emily. Sonny: Where do you get off telling me this. Alexis: Like it or not Sonny, I know you. I know how you work. It’ll be good for a while, then you and Emily will hit a rough patch, and you’ll go back to Carly. You always do. Sonny: Carly and I aren’t getting back together. Alexis: That’s what you tell yourself. You need to deal with your loss first Sonny. Sonny: Loss? What loss. Alexis: Reese. [sonny just stares into his drink as the screen goes to black.] On The Next General Hospital…. - Alexis is able to reach Sonny - Skye fantasizes about Lorenzo - Ric and Liz talk at Kelly’s - Tracy, Ned & Luke Clash over ELQ business
  22. Episode #2 [The opening scene of GH starts with Liz & Carly talking outside of Kelly’s] Liz: And why should I help you Carly? Emily is my best friend. I’m not going interfere in her life just because you don’t want her with Sonny. Carly: This isn’t about me not wanting her with Sonny because I’m jealous. This is about the fallout when Sonny does something that hurts Emily. She’s not like other people. She can’t handle Sonny’s life. She can’t handle his deep dark secrets about himself. Liz: I’ve heard this before Carly: No, you haven’t. -GENERAL HOSPITAL- Emily: You want Sonny for yourself don’t you Robin? Robin: Umm…nothing against Sonny, but eww. There will never be anything but platonic love for Sonny, well….on my side anyway. He still hasn’t gotten over the whole AJ thing. Besides, I’ve been there and done that with Jason. Emily: Well….I…you still have no right to question my relationship with Sonny. Robin: Or lack thereof— Emily: Or any other relationship that I might be involved with. Worry about yourself, or has meddling into other people’s business become a part of your job. Robin: Now you wait a minute Emily. I was only asking you because even though I hate to admit it, Carly is right. If you and Sonny hook up, it’ll be the end of Sonny & Jason’s friendship. -QUARTERMAIN LIVING ROOM- [skye is sitting in the living room drinking tea when the phone rings.] Alice: Phone for you Miss Quartermaine! [skye walks over to pick up the phone and to her surprise it’s her mother Rae. The two ladies talk about what’s been going on in their lives as of late and everything in-between. Rae urges Skye to move on with her life, and live for her. After talking with her mother, Skye decides to take her advice, and she calls Lorenzo and asks him to join her for dinner at the MetroCourt.] -QUARTERMAINE BEDROOM- Monica: I don’t think therapy is going to do us any good. Alan: It will. Trust me. This doctor is very good. And I believe he will get to the root of our problems. Monica: I already know the root of our problems Alan, it’s you Alan: Sure, I’ll take some of the blame. But we are both at fault here. [Monica and Alan talk more about the possibility of going to therapy. Though Monica is reluctant, she says she will consider going. All Alan asks of her is that she postpones the divorce for a few months.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- Emily: What are you talking about? Their friendship was just fine when Jason & Courtney got married. Robin: Oh, so now you’re considering marrying Sonny? Emily: No, what I’m saying is, their friendship was able to withstand that, even though Sonny was against it. [Robin and Emily continue to go back and forth about their personal lives when Dr. Tony Jones walks up.] Tony: Excuse me ladies, but we are in a hospital, not a coffeeshop. You have patients that need to be tended to. Emily, you’re needed in the west wing of the hospital. Robin, you need to go get a consult for the patient in room 112. [The women take their files and go about their business. An exhausted Tony, who’s been working a 14 hour shift, goes into the lounge to relax. Just as he begins to get comfortable, Dr. Noah Drake and Bobbie Spencer walk in. Bobbie sees how tired Tony looks and tells Noah she’ll catch up with him later.] Bobbie: Is everything ok Tony? Tony: No Bobbie, it’s not. -OUTSIDE KELLY’s- Carly: I know I’m not going to be able to change your mind Liz, but let me clear things up for the final time. Emily is Michael’s aunt. If Sonny and Emily get together and break up, things will always be awkward between them. Emily won’t want to come around Sonny, therefore she won’t be spending time with Michael. God forbid they split on bad terms, that then puts Jason in a situation where has to choose between his best friend and his sister. And we all know that he’s going to pick Emily. Liz: Ok…but what does that have to do with the friendship between Sony & Jason? Carly: We all know what happens when people hurt those who Jason loves. It’s over for them Liz. Now I know I can’t force you to help me, but I’m at least asking you to think about this with Jason in mind. [Carly grabs the rest of her belongings and walks way from Liz, who realizes that in Carly’s own weird way, she’s right.] -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Monica steps off of the elevator, then walks to the central hub station. She begins logging in her files into the computer when she sees Jason.] Monica: Jason! How are you? Jason: I’m doing good. Monica: Why are you here? Jason: I had to come in for a checkup on my head. Monica: You haven’t been having headaches again have you? Jason: No. Monica: Ok good. [Monica sighs with relief, but Jason picks up on her uneasiness. He asks her what’s wrong, and she tells him that Alan wants them to try couples therapy to repair their marriage. Jason looks surprised, but doesn’t say anything. Monica asks him what she should do. Jason just stares at her as the scene fades to black.] On the next General Hospital…… - Skye has dinner with Lorenzo, but is cut short when Lorenzo has to take a call. - Tony talks with Bobbie about Lucas acting out - Carly shows up at Sonny house when Alexis & Ric bring Kristina over - Nikolas has Jax arrested Jason: You don’t wanna know what I think. Monica: I do Jason.
  23. [General Hospital begins in the bedroom of Monica Quartermaine. A man slowly walks into her room and stands over her. Sensing someone is near, Monica screams.] Monica: Alan?! What are you doing in here? [Monica looks at Alan standing in her bedroom with a smile on his face.] Monica: You do know this is my room right? Alan: Yes, I know. Monica: Ok…then again I ask you, what are you doing in here? Alan: I brought you breakfast in bed. See? [Alan cuts the lights on and Monica sees the breakfast he brought for her] Monica: What is this about? [Alan tells Monica that this is one of many surprises that he has for her. He apologizes for the way he’s acted these past few months and wants to make it up to her. Monica tells him that it’s going to take a lot more than breakfast in bed to repair their relationship.] [At Kelly’s, Lucky is sitting talking with Elizabeth.] Liz: Have you seen Emily lately? Lucky: No, the last time I saw her was at the MetroCourt a few weeks ago. Is she still thinking that she has a thing for Sonny? Liz: Yup. But, I mean, it’s her life. We really shouldn’t butt in. Lucky: Well, she deserves a lot better. She needs to be careful though, Carly is none too pleased that she’s taking a liking to Sonny. Liz: Carly gets none to pleased about anyone who invades on her “territory”. Lucky: Speak of the devil….. [Liz turns around to see Carly standing behind her. The ladies share an intense glare.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- [Monica comes out of her bathroom and is buttoning her shirt. Alan again startles her.] Monica: Alan! What the hell….get out! Alan: Come on Monica, aren’t you going to talk to me? Monica: I believe that’s what I’m doing now. Look, I thanked you for breakfast. What else do we need to talk about. Alan: We need to talk about what’s been going on between us. Monica: Alan, that’s not who we are. We don’t address the problems between us. We would have to communicate for that to happen. We don’t do that. Alan: I want you to listen to what I have to say. -GENERAL HOSPITAL- [Robin steps off the elevator and sees Emily. Robin walks over and begins talking to her.] Robin: Do you have the charts on Drew Amello? Emily: Umm…no I don’t think so. Robin: That’s ok, I don’t need them at the moment. Emily: Ok. Robin: Emily…I….I wanted to ask you something. Emily: Sure…Robin, what is it? Robin: What’s the deal with you Sonny? -KELLY’s- Liz: Carly, I didn’t see you there. Carly: I know, but I heard you guys. Cousin Lucky!! Just the person I wanted to see. Excuse me Elizabeth. [Carly walks over and grabs Lucky. He looks confused but decides to go with Carly anyway. She takes him outside.] Lucky: What do you want Carly? Carly: Is that anyway to talk to you favorite cousin? Lucky: You aren’t my favorite cousin. Carly: Well…we’ll work on that. Listen, I need you to help me get Emily away from Sonny -GENERAL HOSPITAL- Emily: There is nothing going on with Sonny and I Robin. And..I don’t think this is really any of your business. Robin: It is my business because it affects Jason. Emily: Jason, is not your concern anymore. He’s with Sam. Robin: I already know that Emily. But you don’t understand what I’m saying. Emily: Yes, I do. You want Sonny for yourself don’t you? To get back at Jason & Carly? [Robin looks at Emily with utter disgust.] -QUARTERMAINE MANSION- Alan: Things between you and I have been strained for years now. And I’m pretty sure that I ruined our relationship more over the summer. But I want to put the past behind us. I want to move on. Monica: We can’t just move on Alan. Alan: I know. It’s, it’s taken me a while to realize the mistakes that I’ve made, but when I realized that I could lose our last remaining son….it put things into perspective for me. I realized that I need to change. Part of that was me reaching out to Jason. The other part is repairing our marriage. Monica: And how do you plan on doing that? Alan: Therapy. I want us to go to couples therapy. -OUTSIDE KELLY’s- Lucky: Help you with Emily? No. I’m not getting involved with that. Carly: Oh come on Lucky! I’ve helped you out before. Lucky: With that? You only show me attention when you want something. Carly: Well…that the old Carly. This is the new one. I need your help. I’ve heard that you’ve been hitting some hard times as of late, financially speaking. I’m willing to compensate you for your help. Lucky: First off, I don’t need your kind of help Carly. If I wouldn’t take help my Nikolas, my brother, what makes you think I’ll be bought by you? Secondly, if Emily wants to be with Sonny, that’s her right. Not for me to judge. [Liz walks out of Kelly’s in time to see Lucky telling Carly off. Lucky kisses Liz goodbye after he receives a page. Liz goes to leave too but Carly calls her back.] Carly: Liz, wait. Maybe you can help me. ….On The Next General Hospital: Liz: Why should I help you? Carly: Do your really want Jason to be hurt if Sonny hurts Emily? -Alexis & Ric take Kristina over to Sonny’s - Alan tells Monica about their new therapist - Skye received a surprising phone call - Tony & Bobbie interrupt Robin & Emily’s argument
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