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-Celeste tells everyone in the hospital Shawn Douglas was murdered! Jan hears it just as she walks in!

-Lilly is seen with SAM driving a car back into Salem. Sam tells Lilly her plan worked fine, and then Lilly tells her she’s going to hide her out in the Spears Mansion!

-Lexie breaks down after Abe leaves.

-Ivan finally finds Vivian in the place she hid out when she was the Mysterious Woman!!!!! Vivian is tied up, and once Ivan frees her she tells them they have a very important matter at hand!

-Hope and Bo break down once seeing Shawn’s body!

-Susan screams “No, no no no!!!!! Your mean mean mean just like Kristen!!!!!” she quickly runs away from Helena and Helena says “No!!!! That woman will ruin everything!”

-Victor enters the secret room Nikki is in, and tells her within a few days is her first appointment with her psychiatrist!

-Maggie tries to call Jeremy, but he’s out partying and doesn’t answer!

-Jan learns of Shawn’s death! She screams “NO!” and tears up. She grabs Celeste and demands she tell her who killed Shawn!

-Bo and Hope finally come out after seeing Shawn’s body, they are still crying. Caroline decides to call Victor and tell him!

-Victor receives a call from Caroline. He is shocked to hear the news…..Shawn is dead. He quickly leaves the Kiriakis Mansion and Philip follows, not knowing Shawn is dead!

-Vivian tells Ivan Forrest is trying to get the Alamain Fortune. She says they have to stop him because if he does she will have nothing!

-While at the Spears Mansion, Sam sneaks out, saying Lilly won’t stop her. She says she now has to find Kristen Blake!

-Lilly is on the phone with someone, she says “Yes Doctor the patient is living with me now. We’ll be there on time by our first appointment. Remember she’s aggressive at times though. Yes, thank you Dr.Cummings.” Then as she hangs up, the screen fades to black and then suddenly comes back and there is a small room with a large desk inside and a woman is hanging up the phone, then it is revealed that the woman is RAE CUMMINGS!

-Victor arrives at the hospital, and Kate just happens to be there as well and she hears the news. Philip hides in a corner and hears about Shawn’s death, but oddly is not moved or sad about it. Celeste breaks free of Jan’s grasp and says “This was murder…..someone wanted Shawn Douglas dead.” and then Abe says “So if this was murder, then we have half of our suspects in this room.” The camera then flashes very quickly to Belle, Jan, Victor, Kate, Philip and then the screen fades to black…..


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So now Vivian is going to do battle with her real nephew for the Alamain billions? Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

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I actually kinda felt bad for Jan when she found about Shawn Douglas. Great episode. I also love that Rae Cummings is on. You do such an excellent job mixing up the crossover characters so that they feel that they are on Days

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