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Episode 16: Mac is rushed to the ER!



Elizabeth walked past the Nurse's Station and sat down on one of the couches. This was her first appointment that Jason was attending with her. She was nervous as she hadn't really spoken to him. There was an awkwardness that existed there that wasn't there before, now that she was aware of his relationship with Alison. She picked up a magazine and idly flipped through it. She didn't notice when Patrick sat down across from her. "Hey Liz. What's going on."

Carelessly, she threw the magazine down and sighed, "Hi Patrick. I have a doctor's appointment. I am meeting Jason here, I am a little early. How are you and Robin?"

"Were doing great, all things considered. She's moving on." Patrick confided.

"I am sure you are doing a great job helping her. You must be a great support system for her." Liz said.

Patrick leaned back in his seat, "I try to be. Let me know if you ever need a friend." He glanced at his watch, "Well, Liz, I have to get going. I will see you tomorrow, right? You are working, correct?" When she nodded he left.

Elizabeth picked up the magazine again and glanced at her watch. Jason should be there shortly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Emily bearing down on her. Elizabeth didn't need another confrontation from her, but she was going to get one. "Hello Emily."

"Is it true? Is what Nikolas told me true? You are staying at Wyndamere with him until you patch things up with Lucky?" demanded Emily, hands on her hips.

"I had no place to go Emily." Elizabeth explained.

"How about your grandmother's?"

"My grandmother is still recovering from her surgery," explained Elizabeth, "I can't bring Cameron and all my stuff there. It would just worry her and I don't want to do that. I would hope that you would understand that."

Emily tapped her foot, "So you chose to move in with my fiance? Don't you realize that this will just push Lucky and Nikolas further apart? God Elizabeth, do you have a conscience?"

Jason stepped out of the elevator and walked over to the two of them. Instantly picking up on the tension he said, "Hey Em, Liz, what's going on?"

Emily whirled around at the sound of Jason's voice. "Jason I am glad you are here. I am upset that Liz lied to everyone about this baby. Why aren't you more upset Jason? She hurt you the most."

"No she didn't Emily." explained Jason, "She has given me something to look forward too. Sure she made some mistakes but everyone has. Including you Emily. You have no right to judge Elizabeth. In fact, you should have asked me how I feel before you told everyone else."

"Jason, that's not what I meant." a properly chastised Emily said.

"Emily, we have to go. We will see you later." Jason said as he guided Elizabeth down the hall, away from an open mouthed Emily.

Bobbie was at the Nurse's station in the emergency room when an ambulance came in. She rushed forward and grabbed Noah. The EMT's unloaded the stretcher, explaining to Bobbie that someone had called 911 reporting that a person was slumped over the wheel of the car. His body temperature was low and he was drunk. Bobbie looked down and realized it was Mac. "Noah! It's Mac Scorpio."

"We have to get Robin down here." Noah said, following the EMTs to a room. "She'll want to know about this. Grab someone and have her paged Bobbie.

"Emily! Page Dr Scorpio to the ER stat!" Bobbie demanded, "And get me some warm towels. We are going to need to warm him up."

Noah helped take him off the stretcher and looked into Mac's eyes. "He is unconscious and not responding to any stimuli. We need to take blood and I think we need to pump his stomach. Help me turn him on his side, in case he vomits." Bobbie helped maneuver Mac to his side as Robin came rushing in.

"Oh dear God. Uncle Mac! What happened?" asked Robin.

Bobbie took the warm towels from Emily and told her to stay and help. She explained to Robin what had happened to Mac. Mac then started to vomit all over the floor, but didn't wake up. Noah wiped his mouth out in case he vomited again. Noah also tried to wake him up but Mac wouldn't awaken. "Bobbie, we definetly have to pump his stomach."

"Ok, Dr. Drake." Bobbie responded efficiently.

"I am going to go call Robert." Robin said. She stepped out of the room as Noah and Bobbie continued working on him. She called him and explained what was going on. He arrived at the hospital a short time later. Shortly after he arrived, Noah came out. "Robert, Dr Scorpio. Mac is conscious now and no longer vomiting. We inserted an IV in him to get fluids in him. We had to pump his stomach. He is sleeping now." Noah paused and wiped his brow, "We are sending some blood down to get his blood alcohol level. I would say it was pretty high. He was vomiting a lot. I am going to level with the two of you. He needs some help. I want to admit him for observation and I am going to arrange for Dr Winters to come speak to him before I release him."

Robert nodded, "We'll do anything we can to help."

Lucky opened the door to his parents house and let himself in. "Mom! Are you home? Mom!" He walked through the living room and called up the stairs, "Mom!"

"Lucky, I will be right down!" called back Laura. She came down the stairs and embraced her son, "This is a pleasant surprise. What's up Lucky?"

Lucky threw himself into a kitchen chair and grabbed a piece of banana bread. He broke it in pieces and shoved one in his mouth. "What makes you think something is wrong?"

"Because you never come over unless there is something wrong." smiled Laura, "Am I right?"

"You're right." Lucky said, frustrated. He looked around the room and focused on the picture of he and Liz on their wedding day. "Look at that picture, we were so happy that day."

Laura patted his hand. "Lucky, tell me." she urged.

"Well, Maxie was right. Liz confessed that the baby is Jason's. Mom, she was never going to tell me. She claims she was trying to spare me, that I was just getting over the addiction and she didn't want me to relapse." Lucky spit out angrily. "I just can't get over this anger I feel. I feel that everything is a lie."

"Have you had a chance to really talk things out?"

"No I told her to get out. I was so mad I couldn't see straight. She came back and I told her to get out. Nikolas went to go find her but I imagine that she is at Jason's." Lucky sputtered.

"Let me get this straight," Laura leaned back and regarded her son, "You kicked your pregnant wife out in December without really talking to her, without giving her the benefit of the doubt? I will tell you she hasn't come here. God Lucky, I thought I raised you better than that." she reprimanded.

Lucky looked at his mother cooly, "What do you mean?"

Laura looked at him angrily, "You have no idea where she is, is that what you are telling me? You better go find her." She softened her voice, "Hear her out Lucky. I raised you better than that. She is your wife and you love her. Listen to her. Go find her."

Lucky stood up, "Thanks Mom. I knew talking to you would help. I love you."

"I love you too,"

~Next time

Lucky goes off in search of Elizabeth

Mac meets with Lainey

Lucy and Scott meet up

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Tishy still trying to catch up. I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD this episode.

I love Laura so much and loved that she put it to Lucky the way it should be. Makes me miss her even more on the show.

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