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Epiosde 15: Alexis goes after Ric!



Carly walked confidentedly into the Brownstone looking for her mother. Carly was dressed for the day in a brown suede skirt, creme colored cashmere sweater and high heeled, knee high brown boots. Bobbie was nowhere to be seen, in fact the first person she saw was Noah, "Hi Noah, have you seen Bobbie this morning?"

Noah was getting himself some coffee, "No Carly, I don't think she has gotten up yet. I haven't heard her moving around yet. Do you want to go check?" Carly shook her head and Noah asked, "Well want some coffee?" When Carly declined he asked, "How are you Morgan? Is Bobbie babysitting for you today, I know she has today off."

Carly shook her head and sat down on the couch. She got a book out for Morgan to read, "No, I just need to talk to Bobbie so I thought I would visit. I can wait until she comes down."

"Ok, see you two later." Noah left for the hospital, leaving Carly alone with Morgan. Soon after Noah left, she heard voices. "Great." she muttered.

Patrick and Robin came down the stairs, arms around each other. Robin was tickling Patrick and he was laughing. He leaned down and kissed her soundly on the lips. Neither one noticed Carly until she spoke up, "Why don't you two go back upstairs? I don't want to see you two macking on each other." Carly said sarcastically.

Robin disengaged herself from Patrick's arms and said, "And a good morning to you too Carly. What do you want?"

"I didn't realize I needed a reason to come here. This is my mother's house." Carly stated, hands on her hips.

Patrick walked up between the two of them. "Ladies, let it go. Good morning Carly. I just heard Bobbie getting up, she should be down in a few minutes," Patrick glanced at his watch, "Robin we have to get going, I have surgery in an hour."

"Yes, don't let me keep you." Carly called out to the retreating form of Robin. Since that night at the Metro Court, Carly couldn't help it. All she saw was Sonny kiss Brenda and it was driving her crazy. She needed to talk to someone about it and she couldn't talk to Jax. Every time she tried to get in touch with Jason, he was unavailable, which was also driving her crazy.

"Good morning Carly, what brings you here this early? Not that I mind, but this is unusual for you." Bobbie walked over to her daughter and kissed her cheek, "You brought my grandson too, I never see enough of Michael and Morgan."

"I just dropped Michael off at school and swung by here to see if, you know, we could talk." Carly confessed.

Bobbie sat down and picked up Morgan, "Uh oh Carly, what happened? Is everything ok with you and Jax?"

Frustrated Carly threw herself down on the couch, "Things were great with me and Jax until Brenda came home. Jax swears he is not the father.."

Bobbie interrupted, "Don't you believe him?"

"I know I should. Jax doesn't lie to me. I just get this feeling. She just gets under my skin. I can't stand it Bobbie. She had Jax first and could probably snap her fingers and he would go running back." Carly snapped her fingers and exclaimed.

"You don't know that Carly. You have to have faith in him. He trusts you, even after everything with Sonny."

"That's another thing. Sonny. Arrgghhh. Brenda is going to go after him just to prove she can. She even let him kiss her at Metro Court right in front of me the other night. It is driving me crazy."

Bobbie got up to get herself a cup of coffee and offered one to Carly, who declined, "Carly, you have to let Sonny go. You made your choice. Whoever he wants to be with is his decision. Jax and you are going to get married and he loves you. You should see the way he looks at you." Bobbie took a sip of coffee and regarded her wayward daughter, "Carly, trust in Jax. He loves you."

Carly stood up and started pacing the room, "I know, but now that Brenda is back in town, he won't even set a wedding date. I am pushing him for one and he won't commit to one. I feel like I am losing control."

Bobbie stood up and embraced Carly, "Carly, you have to stop being so insecure! Trust me when I tell you that Jax loves you and you two will get married. Probably sooner than you think. You can not let Brenda get to you. So she and Sonny kissed, so what? It doesn't matter. You have to concentrate on you and Jax and Michael and Morgan. Ok? Now, let me cook you some breakfast." Carly followed Bobbie into the kitchen, her fears temporilarily subsiding.

Dillion opened the door to Kelly's and sat down. He had a breakfast date with Georgie and he was early. She was having a hard time bouncing back from losing her mother and sister so he made it a point to see her every morning before classes at PCU. He was looking at the menu when he heard a noise and looked up, "Oh, hi Lulu."

Cautiously Lulu stood before him, "Um, hi Dillion. Are you meeting Georgie here?" She moitioned towards the door.

Dillion nodded, "Yeah. This is the first time she has been back to Kelly's since Maxie died. She's having a hard time but she wants to confront it. So we are meeting here for breakfast."

"That's nice of you."

"Oh God Lulu," Dillion took off his glasses and wiped at his eyes, "I am so sorry I hurt you."

Lulu held up her hand, "Dillion I don't want to hear it. Look, do you want some coffee?"

Dillion sighed, "Yeah I'll take a cup." Lulu poured him a cup and Georgie walked in at the same time. Georgie stopped and looked at the stairs with trepidation. She took a deep breath and sat down across from Dillion. "Hi." Georgie said.

"Hi, how are you this morning?" Dillion reached over and grabbed her hand.

Lulu smiled at Georgie and asked, "Hi Georgie, do you want some coffee?"

"I'm fine." Georgie answered automatically, "I'll take some coffee." She watched as Lulu filled her cup and walked away. "Anyway, this is so weird coming here. I keep expecting Maxie to come down the stairs."

"I know Georgie. Listen, have you thought about what I mentioned earlier? Maybe counseling with Dr Winters could help you." Dillion asked.

"I'm thinking about it." She smiled hesitantly, "God it is so hard to be here. I just can't be here anymore. Could we go? I'm sorry, let's just grab something on campus."

Dillion stood up, "Mind if I go to the bathroom? I will be back in a sec." Georgie sipped her coffee and nodded her consent. Dillion walked to the back of Kelly's and visited the restroom. When he came out, he bumped into Lulu. "Oh, sorry Lulu."

Lulu backed up, "It's ok." She moitioned to the front of the restaurant, "Are you two leaving? Georgie has her coat on."

"Yeah, it's really hard for her to be here so we are taking off." Dillion stepped closer, "God Lulu, this is so hard for me. I miss you so much. I don't want to hurt you but I have to tell you. I really miss you."

Lulu looked to the floor and then raised her head, "I miss you too." she whispered in the moment before Dillion leaned down and kissed her hungrily.

Alexis met her attorney, Scott Baldwin outside Ric's office. They were there to present him with a custody agreement. Alexis was nervous but tried not to show it. She was dressed in her finest business suit to help with her confidence. She just hoped that Scott could pull this off. She opened Ric's door. "Good morning Ric."

"Alexis, what are you doing here?" Ric looked up from his desk in surprise, "What are you doing with Baldwin here."

Scott walked up to him and extended his hand, "Morning Lansing, I am here to represent Ms. Davis in the custody suit of Molly Lansing. Don't mind if we sit down."

"What the hell? Get out of my office!" Ric half shouted.

"Well, we can either do this here on Ms Davis' terms or we file for sole custody. Trust me, you will not like what we have on you. Every single skeleton in your closet will be dragged out for everyone to see." Scott said smugly. "The choice is yours Lansing."

Alexis spoke up, "Ric I would really like to get this settled. I think you will find the terms to be more than acceptable."

Ric sat down in his seat and tossed his pen down, "Fine, show me what you got."

Scott opened up his briefcase and took out a file. He opened the file and took out several typed documents. "Lansing, Ms Davis is willing to let you have Molly every other weekend and every Wednesday night. Plus she will allow you to have Molly for two weeks in the summer."

"That's so kind of you Alexis." Ric said snidely.

"It's a hell of a lot more than I would've given you." Scott replied, "Of course, you cannot take Molly out of Port Charles without Ms. Davis' permission. If you don't agree to this, we will go to the courthouse after we leave here and file for sole custody. Trust me Lansing, you will lose."

Ric looked at them scornfully, "Like hell I will. Alexis is an unfit parent and I can prove it. She associates with scum like Sonny Corinthos and I don't want my daughter around him. No deal."

Scott lifted up one of the documents and glanced at it. He spoke sarcastically, "We will present to the court that you tried unsuccessfully to take Molly when Ms Davis was having cancer treatments. A time when Ms Davis needed Molly the most. Good job on that one Lansing." He paused and looked at Ric, "We will also prove that you committed adultry with Samantha McCall, now deceased, who was Ms Davis' daughter that she was forced to give up for adoption. Jason Morgan will testify that he saw it committed as well as my client. Busy man Lansing." Scott said sarcastically.

"Our marriage was over by then and we were both drunk. I can argue against that and you know it. Who is going to believe a thug like Morgan?" Rick spit out angrily.

Scott went on like Ric never spoke, "Carly Corinthos. You held her hostage in a panic room. Nice touch. She will be happy to tell the world everything you put her through. Jasper Jax will also testify on your treatment of Ms Davis and how she is with Kristina and Molly. Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quatermaine will corraborate Jax' testimony. Several cops, the mayor and Mac Scorpio will be character witnesses."

Ric broke in. He had broke out in a fine sheen of sweat. "You are lying."

"Try me Lansing. Just try me. Now, to top it all off, Elizabeth Spencer. Your ex wife." Scott looked up at Ric, "Trust me it was so hard for me to go to a Spencer."

Alexis spoke up, "Scott." with a warning in her voice.

Scott looked at Alexis and raised his hands in defeat, "Ok, Mrs Spencer will testify that even though the two of you were married for a year and she had a child, Cameron although he is not biologically yours, you have never made any attempt to see him voluntairily after the two of you split up. Cameron was in your care for a long period of time and you have never seen him. She will also testify that she thinks Ms Davis is a better parent." Scott looked at Ric. "If you want, I can read more to you or you can agree to sign this very good custody agreement and this weekend starting Sunday morning you will have Molly until Sunday evening at 6pm. If you don't agree to this, we will file immediately after we leave."

Ric looked coldly at Alexis, "This is Sonny's idea wasn't it?"

"No Ric, not everything has to do with Sonny." Alexis handed him a pen, "Sign it. I think you will agree I am being more than fair."

Ric sat back in his chair and contemplated Alexis. "So you are giving me no time to think about this."

Scott cooly said, "Lansing, I would sign it. If it was up to me I would have told you to go to hell and we would be seeing you in court. Alexis wants Molly to know her father and she isn't even asking for child support. Sign it."

Ric leaned forward and grabbed the pen. He scribbled his signature across the bottom of the agreement and said, "There you go. Now get the hell out of my office."

~Next time

Liz and Jason go to their first appointment together

Mac is brought to the ER

Lucky asks for advice from Laura


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Thank you, that means a lot. Scott is one of my favorite characters and I am almost afraid to write for him because I want to do justice to him. I was trying to picture the scene in my mind and his actions and even him ad libbing which he is famous for.

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I'm liking what you're doing with Scotty Tishy. Don't be afraid to tweak the character here and there. I am loving writing new shades to the characters in my fic. You've love doing it too. :)

I am looking forward to the Ric/Alexis storyline.

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Thanks Ryan and Steve, I appreciate all feedback. I am very much still in that beginning stage and still tweaking here and there. I appreciate your comments

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