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S&L: Episode 23



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Secrets & Lies: Episode 23
Monday, November 13, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Produced by: Ryan Chandler

Opening Video

- General Hospital opens up with Noah Drake dealing with a group of residents. Noah assigns the residents their duties for the day and arranges for 2 of them to watch him perform surgery later on in the day. After what was a busy couple of hours, Noah finally gets a chance to relax. At least until Carly burst into the lounge.

“What are you doing here Carly? You’re not supposed to be in here.”

“No it’s ok, I used to work here. Listen, I know you’re like super busy and everything being the hotshot surgeon, but I need your help.”

“What is it,” says Noah taking a deep breath.

“It’s about my mother. She’s not getting any better.”

- At Jason’s, Liz let Audrey in. When asked why she’s there, Audrey says she’s there to talk some sense into her granddaughter. Audrey lays into Liz for her treatment of Lucky. How could she treat a man who has been nothing but amazing to her so horribly? Just because she’s having marital issues doesn’t give her the right to pounce on the first man who shows her some attention. Liz obviously is none to happy listening to her grandmother rip into her like this. To make matters worse, Audrey tells her that her mother and father would be ashamed of her.

“Ashamed? Ashamed? My mother would have NO right to pass judgment on me. She’s never been in my life and therefore has no right to comment. And Dad, well Dad isn’t here. I’m an adult. We all make mistakes. However I don’t appreciate being lashed out for a lapse in my judgment.”

“You were raised much better than this. I know that I instilled better morals into you child. I hope you don’t plan on living here with Cameron.”

If I choose to stay here with Jason, that’ll be my decision,” snaps Elizabeth. “Jason loves Cameron and has been nothing but nice to my son. To answer your question grandmother, no, I don’t intend on living with Jason. I intend on fixing my marriage to Lucky and putting the past behind us. Now I’d appreciate it if you left….”

Liz slams the door behind Audrey. Outside, Audrey feels a little better after telling Elizabeth how she feels. Smiling, Audrey takes out her cell phone and places a phone call to Monica.

- At the Port Charles Community Center, Diego [played by Tyler Hoechlin], tries to hang out with Lulu, Dillon and Brandon. Dillon immediately notices the hostility and asks why they can’t put the past behind him. Dillon turns to Diego, telling him that he’s a sick stalker who deserves to be in jail, but hey, since his father is a big criminal, pulled some strings to get him out. He should be rotting in prison right now for what he did to his niece. Lulu leaves, refusing to participate in Dillon’s rant on Diego. Brandon gets up, patting Diego on his back. Diego’s attitude completely changes and tells Brandon not to touch him. He’s not a queer that him and doesn’t want to be touched. Brandon prepares to leave, but before he does, he mentions that he understands now why no one wants to be around him.

- Back at GH, Lorenzo agrees that he’ll undergo therapy with Diego, as long as it helps his son get better. Lainey checks her calendar, and provided the paperwork goes through, both Diego and Lorenzo can have their first session on Wednesday.

- Alexis is stumped when her credit card is declined. She’s spent the last 2 hours getting her Christmas shopping out of the way, but can’t understand why her card won’t work. She goes over to Ric’s desk and finds their credit card statement from the previous month. After checking his records, she learns that he never sent in the payment. She shrugs it off though, knowing that everyone forgets. What catches her attention though is the $500 charge at a hotel in Madison, NJ and a $59 charge at a restaurant in that area….

- Back at GH, Noah is reluctant to help Carly. He doesn’t want to get involved in something that is so personal to his heart. Carly thinks that because he dealt with his own alcoholism, he would be a better help to Bobbie that she or her brother would. Noah flashes back to his conversation with Patrick earlier in the year, where he vowed to help Bobbie the best that he can. When it’s over, Noah tells Carly that he’ll help Bobbie, and he means it this time. However, this is going to take a lot more than just a conversation. Until Bobbie comes to terms with Lucas’ homosexuality, she’ll continue to ruin her life by turning to alcohol.

On the next GH: Secrets & Lies

- Audrey wants Monica to keep Jason away from Liz
- Patrick is angry when Robin turns down his date
- Edward tells Skye she may be chosen to succeed him
- Alcazar’s taunting of Luke may come back to hurt Skye
- Carly purchases an ELQ subsidiary to buy her other company.


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Love the Carly/Noah scenes. And am looking forward to seeing Bobbie's storyline playing out!!!

Also, love mean Audrey and I am ready to see her Monica throw down with it!!

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