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Asking For Viewer Feedback



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In an effort to better serve you, the readers, the writers at GH are asking for some help. We'd like for you to tell us your opinions on the show overall, our storylines and casting choices.

Are there certain characters or couples that you want to see more of? Less of?

Are there certain storylines that'd you'd be interested in seeing? Do you want storylines to move faster, slower or is the current pace good?

Is there anything that you dislike? Characters you think are pointless or don't see the allure of at this time? Any characters you want to return?

Do you like the current balance of the show? What do you want more or less of? Love, Romance, Violence, Scandals, Business storylines?

Do you think the current story arc is going well? If not, do you want the show to return to it's non-arc way of storytelling?

Any feedback given will be taken and your changes will be implemented. Your responses don't have to be limited to the questions asked. We don't care if it's good or bad or if you're a dedicated viewer or a casual viewer. Your opinion matters b/c without you, we wouldn't have an audience. :)


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Character: I'm just a sucker for the veteran charcters!!! I love that they are worked into your canvas a whole lot more!! I love the women and looking forward to EHP's character, never seen Sarah before on real GH so to have her here excites me. Also Monica loving the Monica storyline!!

I like stories to move faster as long as all the bases are covered, which I think you do...like that!!

1. Love

2. Romance

3. Scandals

4. Business

5. Violence

Forgot to add...I'm a huge JIZON fan!!! (Jason and Liz)

Favorite line of GH: S&L

"Liz mounts Jason, the lust pouring out of them like water as they begin tearing each other’s clothes off. “Make love to me Jason,” Elizabeth whispers in anticipation."

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Ryan, my favorite story right now is the Monica story. I just absolutely love it.

I am also loving the Liz and Jason story too.

The only character I would like to see return is Lucy. And the character I would like to see more of is Tracy.

I am like Josh I loved the lines in the Jason/Elizabeth story too. Very hot and steamy.

Keep up the good work Ryan.

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i want laura to return and try to have carlo become friends. watever happened to emily?

I originally planned to kill Emily off, but plans have changed. The last time that fans saw Emily, she was in a car accident. However, the Quartermaine's & Nikolas believe that Emily went on vacation, then moved to Hawaii to start her life over after her relationship with Sonny ended.

Carly and Lorenzo will definately become friends, especially after a tragedy hits Lolo hard. As far as Laura goes, I don't know how I'd bring her back. We could definately come up with some ideas though.

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i knoe an idea to bring back Laura. That she didn't really kill Rick and she will be back from her cantoic state. I just didn't get the thing u said about emily will we ever see her again.

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We will see Emily more than likely in 07. I'm doing to fit her into a storyline now that will explain her absence.

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