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Major Casting News: 10/21/06



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Major Casting News: 10/21/06

by Some One

We have received some interesting information. According to our sources at GH, we have learned that multiple roles are going to be recast over the next couple of months.

We've known this for the past three weeks, but have been unable to reveal it. We are now able to share some of that with you. The roles of Lucas Jones and Brandon Wexler (Lucas' boyfriend) are going to be recast. Some names floating around include Jean-Paul Laviosier (Rex, OLTL), Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC) and Ryan Carnes (ex-Lucas, GH). Rumor has it that the show may turn to the fans to select their new Lucas and Brandon. Nothing is set in stone at this time.

Also rumored? Three actors could be on their way out. Among those rumored is Maurice Bernard. Though Bernard recently gave an interview saying he doesn't mind his lack of screentime, sources close to the set say he's very irritated and is afraid Sonny may meet his maker soon.

We can confirm that the role of Sarah Webber, last played by Sarah Laine in 2002, will now be played by actress Erin Hershey Presley! Sarah was last seen in 2002, but never had an official exit off-screen. It was later mentioned that Sarah returned to Europe to live with her father and step-mother. There is no word yet when Erin will first air, but she is rumored to either set her eyes on Lucky, Patrick or Jason.

We can also confirm that Rachel Ames' (Audrey) recent increase in screentime is no fluke. The actress has recently been upgraded to contract status once again and will be seen off and on (for now) until the show can fit her heavily into a storyarc.

We are hearing that GH is currently creating a role specifially for Kimberlin Brown (ex-Sheila, Y&R, B&B).

With many casting changes to come, who'll be leaving? GH has an extradordinarly large cast and with the recent decision to tell storyarcs, many are finding themselves with a lot of free time. The Soap Entertainment News Network (SENN) will keep you updated as more information is provided to us.


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Flove me some Kimberlin Brown (how did I get hooked on that word....must be a bitch of a best bud that did it ;) )

Nice to see Audrey get major airtime in this story, wish I could say the same for the real mccoy.

ECK! Bruening....no comment

But I like the Sonny news, no Sonny is good for me! :) It would be weird if Brown played Sam's mother......like she played Livvie's mom on PC.

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Lol, your friend may be a genious Lee :)

I didn't think about him Amello. I liked him on DAYS. I'm going to consider casting him as Lucas or Brandon.

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