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Secrets & Lies - Ep. 7 (Luke & Skye ICU)



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Secrets & Lies: Episode 7
ICU: Luke & Skye
Friday, October 20, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler

Skye walk into the den at the Quartermaine Mansion and sees Luke staring at a bottle of liquor. Skye automatically assumes that Luke has been drinking. “Starting early I see…”

"Actually Blaze, I haven’t had a single swallow,” Luke shoots back.

“My mistake” says Skye.

“Yeah, your mistake…..so how was your date with our favorite mobster?”

“It was amazing. We had such a wonderful time. We ate, we danced, and that was it,” Skye smiles as she proceeds to sit down.

“Anything you’d care to share with me?” he asks. “No, not really,” she replies.

Luke lays his arm on a pillow, “I really don’t know what you see in that guy. I mean, he’s nothing like me.”

“He’s not you…exactly. Lorenzo loves me and wants to be with me,” says Skye as she looks at Luke. “I do love you Blaze. You know that.”

Skye rolls her eyes. “Yes Luke, I know. But you aren’t in love with me. I won’t ever come first with you. I’ll always be placed behind your next adventure or quest or whatever it is that forces you to leave town so often. I need someone will put me first, who will be around for me when I need him. I need stability Luke, and you can’t give me that.”

“I can give you a lot of things” says Luke as he edges towards Skye.

“But you can’t give me stability,” she says as she gets up. “And besides, you’re married to Tracy. I asked you multiple times to choose me over her and you couldn’t. You like the sick little games that you and she play. You get off on it. You love Tracy more than you think Luke.”

“I love you,” Luke says as he stands up.

“No you don’t. You love the idea of me. I’ll never be enough for you. I don’t get into mess that’ll send you half way around the world to save me. I don’t scheme to get you pay attention to me. My life is quite boring based on your standards Luke.”

Luke walks closer to Skye as she puts more distance between them. “Come on Blaze. Look at us. We’re good together. We have fun. And you know I’ll always be there for you when you need.”

Skye tells Luke, “But I need more. What’s fun? I can’t live my life just having “fun”. You’re not good for me. I don’t want to be tempted to drink every time you take off. I don’t want to have to deal with being lonely when you leave because things are getting too intense here. I don’t want to use the energy that I have to fight with you, to beg for you to come home.”

“So you think Lorenzo will provide you with that stability?” Luke says with a condescending tone. “He risks the chance of getting shot every time he leaves his house! He could be sent to jail! You think that guy will give you stability? If you do you’re more blinded by his appeal that you should.”

Skye walks over near the door leading and looks out the window. “You’re right. Lorenzo does lead a dangerous life. But he’s here. And he leads his dangerous life here…not in Europe. Not in the Markham Islands, not in Greece, or Australia or anywhere else that you go to when you’re not here. Lorenzo has promised to be me first and not put the lives of myself or anyone else associated with me in danger.” Skye becomes more agitated as Luke continues to try and win a futile battle. “And quite frankly I don’t feel like discussing this with you anymore.”

“You’re afraid. You’re afraid to be with me. I can’t change who I am Skye. I’m not the family kind of guy. That was Laura’s project. Not mine. I’m not ‘Mr. Romantic’”. Luke’s emotions begin to get the best of him. He tries to contain it but he becomes more and more angry the more he tries to hold it in. “I’m not the guy who’ll shower you with roses and candy and all that jazz. I am who I am. You should accept me for who I am and not who you want me to be. I can’t be who you want me to be. My love should be enough for you. My love should be enough for you.”

Skye goes to leave but Luke grabs her arm and kisses her. “Look into my eyes and tell me that you felt something. Can you really look me in the face and tell me that my kiss meant nothing to you? Can you tell me what we had meant nothing?” says Luke. Skye pauses, looks at Luke and grabs his face.

“What we had….is in the past. It may have meant something to me Luke. In another time, but we are done. I cannot allow myself to fall for you again. I will not set myself up to be disappointed once more when you choose other things over me. Go to your wife Luke. Tell her how much you love her. I know the only reason why you don’t show Tracy how you feel is because you think that there is some hope for us but there isn’t. I love Lorenzo. I want to be with Lorenzo.”

Skye then kisses Luke on the cheek and wishes him well. Luke walks away in deep thought, obviously affected by what Skye said to him. He picks up the bottle of liquor on the table and takes a swig. Luke begins to reminisce about the good times they had. A tear slowly falls down his cheek as he takes a deep breath. Luke leaves shortly after. Skye watches Luke leave from her the window in her room and takes out a picture of them. She also begins to reminisce about their times together, especially the times when she was cast aside.

“I know I’ve made the right decision. Someday you will understand Luke. You’ll understand.” Skye then holds the photo of her and Luke close to her heart and cries as GH fades to black.

On the next General Hospital: Secrets & Lies –

Liz voices her displeasure with Audrey when she sees her at the hospital.
Mac calls Lucas after Bobbie is arrested
Lainey and Lorenzo discuss Skye during a session
Alan makes arrangements for a friend to return to town.


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cool episode, Chandler.

you gave more for Skye to do than they actually do on the show. that's sad, huh? Even Audrey!!!! from the previews, we may get her more here than on TV.

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Nice read Ryan! As Na'Vell said, Skye got more in that one episode then she does normally on the real GH. The Skye/Luke interraction is a very important part of GH and nice to see you capitalize on that in a massive way :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. If you see a storyline that isn't working, just let me know and I'll tweak it or trash it.

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