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I've gotten a few questions on whether the same portrayers are playing returning characters, as well, as a few other roles. So, I figured, why not! For the hell of it, why not mock up a press release! So, here it is!


- Peyton List (Ex-Lucy, ATWT) has been tapped to play the role of "Paige" - a young girl who is shrouded in mystery and will play heavily into the lives of some of Salem's heaviest hitters (John, Marlena, Stefano, Bo...to name a few.) The role is long-term. She will first "air" in February.


- Alexis Thorpe is back in the role of Cassie. The role is long-term. Fans can expect Cassie to be involved in quite a few front-burner storylines.

- Heather Lindell has also returned to the role of Jan Spears. The role is long-term as Jan will return for revenge on people from her past, but will soon be making some new connections in Salem!

- Eric Winter (Rex) has also returned. The role is long-term.

- The character of Stefano Dimera has returned, but he is still in the form of Wayne Northop. It was revealed in December that Stefano has been masquerading around as Alex North!

- Jamie Lynn Bauer returns to the role of Laura Horton on Wednesday, January 11th. She will be involved in some big February events, but the role is recurring.


- Arianne Zuker (Nicole) will be leaving Salem, also, due to storyline-dictated purposes. She will last "air" Friday, January 13th, 2006.

- Billy Warlock (Frankie Brady) will also be leaving Salem, but he will be back! Frankie is being written out for a short six-week period...in time for his character to return and head in a new direction.

- Thaao Penghlis' character of Tony Dimera has been written out of the show in an intense murder mystery storyline. He last "aired" on December 30.

The following have all been let go from this alternate version of 'DAYS' due to storyline-dictated purposes. All last aired in late December as their characters met their makers:

- Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson)

- Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart)

- Sung Hi (Sophie)

- Brock Kelly (Josh)

- Paul Logan (Glen Reiber)

- Tamara Clatterbuck (Barb Reiber)


- The "show" is currently casting the role of a 40-something year old male who will figure heavily into the lives of Bo, Hope, and Billie. (Suggestions please! :lol:.)

- Rumor has it that two more contract characters will be gone come springtime. And one can be gone as early as March....


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O M G ! !


Peyton List! Peyton List! Peyton List! Peyton List! Peyton List! Peyton List!OMG! OMG! OMG!

*Starts to faint but utters out one more single phrase...*

Hunt Block......40 year old....OMG! Peyton.......Yay!......You......rock!

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Jon Hensley, Jon Lindstrom and Bradley Cole are my choices for the 40something male.

This Days fiction is really cool! Keep up the good work!

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