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Episode #23 - Wednesday, January 11th:



Episode #23 - Wednesday, January 11th:

- Jack reels from his orders that Stefano gave him - KILL SHAWN BRADY SR.!

- Cassie manages to convince Rex and Roman that she is not hiding anything.

- Hope is jittery when she goes to the hospital and recalls yelling at Tony while standing over his bed.

- Caroline remains vigil at Shawn Sr's side while Victor watches from afar.

- Nicole gets an invitation to a romantic rendez-vous with Austin on the roof.

- Kate tells Victor that he knows that he has never stopped loving Caroline. Kate asks Victor for his forgiveness in keeping the secret of Claire's paternity. Victor says he understands.

- Cassie finally hears of Tony's death and breaks down in Rex's and Roman's arms! She is devastated by her biological father's death! Rex and Roman, both under the impression that Roman is Cassie's father, are baffled by her reaction to Tony's murder.

- Kate urges Phillip and Belle to see the marriage therapist. She is ecstatic to hear the news that their appointment is within the hour.

- Cassie manages to cover her tracks once again, but she returns

- Hope bumps into Kate at the hospital. Kate suspects Hope is keeping a secret. She plants the seed in Hope's head that Bo and Billie are growing closer than ever.

- Nicole gets dressed to the nine's - so happy that she finally has a chance with Austin and a chance at REAL happiness.

- Bo realizes that his wedding ring is missing! Meanwhile, Abe swears that the men's ring found at Tony's murder scene looks familiar. He has it sent to a jeweler for investigation.

- Nicole makes it to the roof and bursts out onto the rooftop and is shocked to come face to face with....SAMI! Sami is throws a manilla envelope at Nicole's feet....and then she throws a video tapes....and an audio tape at her feet, as well.

- Kate enthusiastically accompanies Phillip to the office of their therapist. Phillip insists that Kate does not need to join them, but Kate remains steadfast - secretly vowing to keep Belle and Phillip together no matter what! Belle walks into the lobby of the therapist and comes face to face with Kate and Phillip. The therapist opens her door and walks into the lobby. Belle is shocked..."Oh my God!"...she shouts, happily. Kate turns...."OH MY GOD!" Kate is horrified to see LAURA HORTON standing in the doorway. "Well, hello, Kate. Imposing yourself on one of your sons, again? I see some things never change."...Laura says with a smirk. Kate yells..."NO!!!"


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