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-As Hope breaks down Bonnie screams “NO!!!!” and Mimi quietly sobs. Billie is stunned and says that she can’t believe this happened.

-Lexie returns to the hospital after getting rid of Tek’s body and as she is walking back to her office she runs into Abe and nervously asks what he is doing there.

-As Celeste is walking through the Carver’s house she all of a sudden has a preminition and says to herself that danger has come to Salem.

-Lilly tells Max okay and then begins to eat her meal while she wonders why that girl wanted to talk to Max.

-At an airport, a woman (Brandi Burkhardt) climbs out of a plane and looks all around the airport and looks around, she says to herself that she is in the wrong town and says that she was not supposed to be going to…. SALEM!

-Jennifer says that she made a commitment to Frankie and she can’t break that but she also loves Jack very much and Kayla tells her that Frankie may be her brother but if Jennifer doesn’t want to be with him he and Kayla will understand.

-Bo asks Larry how he is alive and Larry says that that is for him to know and Bo to never find out, meanwhile Nicole walks into the hospital and shrieks when she sees Larry.

-After Sami finishes making copies of the tapes she goes to her car and stores them in there, after that as she is getting in to go to the hospital again she hears something across the parking lot of the apartment so she runs over there and sees someone with black gloves on running to the fire escape and she wonders who it is.

-As Samantha is leaving Marlen’a office she bumps into Roman Brady and then he calls her “Doc” and she asks him who is he and what is he talking about.

-Shawn holds Mimi in his arms as she cries and she says that she just got Patrick back a few years ago, then Rex walks over and tells Mimi that he is sorry about Patrick so Shawn raises and eyebrow as does Cassie while Belle who is across the waiting room with Philip silently wonders what would happen if Mimi went back to Rex.

-Celeste quickly grabs her keys and leaves the Caver household, saying that she must follow the trail that this danger is leaving and as she gets into her car she thinks that she must go to the Dimera Mansion.

-Lilly asks Max how his life was like and he says that like hers, it was hard, he says that he and his brother Frankie luckily escaped from an abusive father and then were taken in by Steve and Kyala Brady, soon after that they were adopted by Shawn Sr. and Caroline Brady and Lilly says that he was so lucky to find parents that would love him and then she all of a sudden realizes that the last name of Jan’s ex boyfreind was Brady! Lilly asks Max if he is related to Shawn Brady and then he says yes that Shawn is his nephew and Lilly is shocked.

-The woman at Salem airport asks the desk clerk when the next plane to Europe will be here and he says not until tomorrow night so she sighs and looks around, she walks over to a man and woman with a baby in her arms and she asks where she can find a good hotel around here, the man replies that the Salem Inn is an excellent place to stay and he asks who she is and she says her name is Erin Jade and then the man and woman say that they are…. BRADY BLACK AND CHLOE LANE!!!!!!!!!

-Abe tells Lexie that he is here to take a very much alive Larry Welch into custody and he asks why is she so nervous and she says that it was nothing and that she needs to talk to him about the custody situation with Theo but Abe says that he does not want to here a word she has to say about that and that he is taking Theo away from her whether she likes it or not.

-Before Jennifer can respond Abby walks in and Jennifer immediately runs over to her and tells her about what happened with Jack and Abby is overjoyed that he is going to live and Jennifer says that things are not certain, but that it looks like Jack might make it so Abby says that she has to see him and Jennifer says she will be up there in a minute. After Abby is up the stairs Jennifer turns back to Kayla and says that she made a commitment to Frankie and she has to honor that but Kayla says that what matters is who she loves.

-Larry laughs at Nicole and says that he is back and he didn’t die in that car accident like she thought and she asks how he escaped and he replies that she has to search thouroughly before she declares someone is dead and he finally admits that he lived through the accident and managed to escape the car before it was destroyed.

-Roman says that she knows who he is and that he is Roman Brady, the father of two of her children and she says that he must be Marlen’s ex husband and she says that she is Marlena’s twin sister and Roman is stunned.

- Sami follows the person with the gloves and leather jacket on up the firescape and says to herself that the person is headed to Carrie’s window so she quickly begins to watch the person as they climb up to where Carrie’s room is!

- A nurse comes out into the waiting room and gives Hope the paternity test once Hope has calmed down and she says to everyone in the room that this is it and she begins to open the cover!!!

-Celeste opens the door to the Dimera mansion and it is surprisingly unlocked when she tries to open the door, once she is inside she sees a light on in the study so she quietly walks in and sees someone sitting at a desk and he lifts his head up from something he is reading and says “Well hello Celeste” and she screams “NO STEFANO DIMERA!!!!!!!”


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I've been skimming your blog, but I want to really take the time to READ IT READ IT this weekend. I will. :)

Very interesting about Brandi!

Also, if it makes you feel better, I am still a few episodes behind so STefano didn't return on the same day. lol!

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